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Rich Man Decides to Leave All His Estate to Only One Person & Nothing to His 4 Children

Rita Kumar
Feb 18, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A wealthy man devised a plan to determine who among his family deserved to be the successor of his fortune, and his announcement left the family in pieces.


A 77-year-old man with extremely high expectations of his children devised a perfect plan to announce who in his family was the most deserving heir of his hard-earned wealth. He surprised them with the incredible revelation.

29-year-old Redditor Niutjfkumoynvlyvmlie brought an interesting dilemma to Reddit’s “relationships” sub, explaining how his grandpa’s dream of growing his riches led to a horrible inheritance war in his family.

Rich man left his fortune to only one person & nothing to his children | Photo: Flickr/Paul Sableman


The Original Poster (OP)’s grandfather had always looked up to his ancestors to build an affluent business. The man followed their footsteps to expand the legacy, thus prompting him “not to settle” for just an average beneficiary from his line of heirs—four children and grandchildren.

The grandpa only wanted the best and most deserving of his bloodline to inherit his riches but had a significant problem here—none of his four children, including OP’s dad, uncle, and aunts, lived up to his expectations.

All this had OP’s grandpa conclude that nobody in his family was a worthy successor, but the question of what would happen to all his wealth hounded him. As a result, he was compelled to devise a plan to determine his rightful heir among his four grandchildren.


The grandpa was compelled to determine who would inherit his riches | Photo: Unsplash

At the time, OP had just graduated from college when his grandpa offered him and his three cousins an entry-level job in his business. Since the four of them were more or less of the same age, the grandfather thought they needed a little bit of keying to understand their business better.


The grandson was shocked as was everyone else around when his grandfather stressed nobody else would be getting a dime.

However, he made it very clear how they wouldn’t get any special “grandchild” treatment at the workplace and would have to work hard to earn their promotions. But even two years later, the four of them saw no rise in their salaries, and there was no promotion.

OP & his cousins got an entry-level job in their grandpa's business | Photo: Pexels


Two of OP’s cousins quit their jobs to work somewhere else, while the third was fired for demanding his grandfather a better salary and promotion. In contrast, OP continued to work without dreaming about upgrading his position and better compensation, much to his grandpa’s surprise.

A year later, the grandpa gradually promoted OP after being impressed by how he showed his diligence to work hard. He then revealed to OP that he’d successfully passed the three years of his test period and would soon take over his business.

That weekend, the grandpa invited everyone over to discuss the inheritance and announced he’d be leaving everything only to OP. As was everyone else around, the grandson was shocked when his grandfather stressed nobody else would be getting a dime. Soon after the incident, things took an ugly turn in OP’s life.


The grandfather decided to make OP his sole legal heir | Photo: Pexels

His parents and sister gave him the cold shoulder. If that weren’t enough, his uncle rang him up and accused him of emotionally convincing his grandpa to cut off the others from his estate. OP’s cousins removed him from their social media accounts and remained hostile towards him.


Shaken by the fear of losing his family and their love for him, OP asked the internet to help him sort the issue and reunite with them.

However, the post’s most top-voted comment suggested his grandfather made him the heir for a reason and that he needed to stop counting on the money alone but look beyond that.

Things took an ugly turn in OP's life after his grandfather's announcement | Photo: Pexels


“You worked for this. Your family members knew Grampa as well as you. They all wanted the quick buck more than to work hard, learn, and earn a piece of the business. That’s not your fault,” Redditor teresajs assured, adding:

“As for the inheritance, my bet is that the bulk of Grampa’s wealth is in his business. The best way for him to ensure that the business he built continues to flourish is to leave it all to one person.”

In contrast, another person said they would never think of working in the grandpa’s business, considering his extremely high expectations and disappointments. 

Some people online stated they would never work for the grandpa, considering his high expectations | Photo: Unsplash


“The grandfather comes off as an [expletive] so, I’m sure he put constant pressure on his kids and probably wasn’t nice about it either. If I was in that environment, I would never think of working for him,” Redditor Aurum_MrBangs explained.

“Honestly, if my grandfather died and we all would have realized in his will that he left everything to me, I would have shared the wealth…But right now, I feel much less compelled to share anything with the people who’ve been treating me like this,” OP stated.

OP claimed that he was now less compelled to share the money with his family | Photo: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Was it OP’s fault that his grandpa decided to make him the sole inheritor of the estate?

Many people thought it was unfair to OP that his parents and family shut him out without any questions or discussions after the grandpa announced him as his rightful heir. OP stated he didn’t expect his grandpa would do this, but his justifications didn’t stop his family from accusing him of playing a mind game with his grandpa.

Would you advise OP to share his inheritance with his family to help him reconcile with them?

In one of the comments, OP stated that he would’ve shared his inheritance had the will been announced after his grandpa’s passing. However, since his grandfather was still alive and healthy, OP claimed he felt less obligated to share anything with the family considering their accusations against him.

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