Dad Tells 12-Year-Old Daughter They Have a Problem and Can't Have a Relationship until She's Older

Lois Oladejo
Feb 19, 2022
09:40 P.M.

A little girl had her life turned upside down when her father, whom she idolized, suddenly abandoned her at age 12. Sadly, it compounded the trauma she had from a previous event. Find out what happened.


Emma Jane Taylor’s woes began in 1981 when a restaurant owner took advantage of her while overseas on holiday with her family. Then nine, she suppressed the painful memories that would resurface many years later.

In 2020, Taylor, 48 at the time, opened up about her difficult years — and how she finally managed to find happiness in recent times — to help others. Here is the woman’s traumatic childhood story, including how her dad abandoned her.

Emma Jane Taylor and her dad holding hands in a cute picture. | Source: Shutterstock

Emma Jane Taylor and her dad holding hands in a cute picture. | Source: Shutterstock


Taylor’s childhood was already tainted, no thanks to the predatory restaurant owner who sexually abused her. But her happy relationship with her dad seemed to overpower the effects of that experience.


While her parents had separated when she was three years old, Taylor always shared a close bond with her biological father.

Every weekend, they would do fun things like visiting the candy shop and watching TV shows on Saturday night.



Taylor adored her father. She loved him dearly and considered the man her hero. However, when she was 12 years old, Taylor revealed that her dad suddenly abandoned her, leaving her traumatized and confused.

According to Taylor, her dad said there was a problem in their relationship, and they could not have a relationship until she got older. The revelation left Taylor in a dark spot. She had lost the man she described as her hero, and the pain was unbearable.

Eventually, Taylor’s father leaving brought back the tragic memory of what transpired during that holiday. In the years that followed, she struggled to keep normal relationships. Her life practically went downhill as well.


Taylor recalls being a wreck after her father exited her life. She developed an intense fear of rejection and, for the longest time, would watch father-daughter reunion shows in hopes of being reunited with hers someday.

That did not happen, but her emotional turmoil got worse, and she became the well-known juvenile delinquent at school. Alcohol addiction soon followed, then drugs, laxatives, and bulimia.


Taylor also became drawn to abusive relationships, having lost her sense of worth and battling low self-esteem. No one could help — not even her concerned family or teachers — and it seemed she was drowning fast.

Fortunately, she eventually picked herself up, moved to Spain for work at 19 and 24, then started therapy.

In due time, Taylor revisited the most painful memories and forgave everyone, including herself. She has remained open about her story, hoping to inspire many women facing difficult situations.



In a similar story, Paul Fronczak was abandoned as a baby in a freezing New Jersey car park in 1965. Luckily, he was discovered by the police and returned to his biological parents, Dora and Chester.

One year prior, the parents saw their newborn kidnapped by a woman from the Michael Reese Hospital. So, having their kidnapped son found and returned was a dream come true.

However, Dora and Chester failed to realize that the child they thought was Fronczak was another baby named Jack Rosenthal.

So, Jack Rosenthal, who was believed to be Paul Fronczak, grew up with the family and was unaware of his identity until 2015, when he was 50. After discovering that his biological parents did not raise him, the man was stunned and sought out his true identity.

Fronczak also found that his biological twin sister, Jill, was missing. He did everything possible to see her, but all efforts proved abortive. However, Fronczak is convinced that his sister is alive and is determined to find her.

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