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Grieving Mom Hands Card with Money inside to a Strange Woman She Met on the Street

Brittany Chalmers
Feb 16, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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When a woman picked her cousin up from school, she never imagined a stranger would put money and a card in her hands. The message made her emotional and encouraged her to cherish the people she holds dear. 


Tammi Bennett of Barry, Wales, experienced a moment she will never forget at the start of the year. She was having a bad day when she decided to pick her cousin up from school—little did she know who she was about to meet.

Bennett was surprised when an unfamiliar woman handed her an envelope and told her to have a great day before she quickly walked away. The young woman was curious about what she had in her hands, so she opened it up immediately. 

The card and money handed to Tammi Bennett by a stranger [left] The cake that Bennett bought [right] | Source: facebook.com/tammi.bennettnew



To Bennett's surprise, it was a handwritten card along with £10 (about $14). As she read the words, Bennett became emotional and sympathized with the stranger she had just encountered.

The note revealed that the woman was a grieving mother who lost her son, Jason, to SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death In Epilepsy). She stated it would have been his 28th birthday, and she had one request for Bennett. 



The woman asked: "Please buy a cake and enjoy it with your family, a cake is good any day of the year, not just on a birthday." She also encouraged Bennett to cherish her loved ones and spend time with her family as much as possible.

The experience touched Bennett, who stated: "[It] made me realize not everyone knows how lucky they are to have family who they can spend time with." She revealed that she followed the woman's instructions and wished Jason a happy birthday.



Bennett also commended the woman's actions and called it a "selfless deed" that made her day. She said: "It's amazing what this lady is doing" The story, which was shared thousands of times, touched the online community. 

One user wrote: "Aww, this is lovely and sad all at the same time. I feel like I want to buy Jason's [mom] a cake too." Another added: "How heartbreaking, but lovely of the mother to keep her son's memory alive!"



People sometimes feel like the pain of losing a loved one will never end, but others who have experienced similar feelings can offer them some encouragement and advice.

Whether it is a handwritten card urging them to spend time with family or a few posts online, it can be helpful. When Clare Mackintosh lost her son in 2006, she never thought her life would get better, but it did.


In a series of tweets posted in 2020, Mackintosh gave grieving netizens a few promises to hold onto. One post said: "I promise this will not always be the first thing you think about in the morning."

The post went viral, and many revealed that it helped them immensely. Similar to how Jason's mother used her grief for something positive, Mackintosh used hers to encourage others that it does get better in time. 


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