Dog Is Found Abandoned in the Middle of a Landfill, Afraid to Even Look at People

Ayesha Muhammad
Feb 20, 2022
12:20 P.M.

After enduring a vicious cycle of neglect, betrayal, and abandonment, a sweet dog was left second-guessing his life. Unaware of what he'd done wrong to deserve such treatment, he waited with eyes full of longing and confusion.


We're all familiar with the phrase, "Treat others like you would want to be treated yourself." But only a chosen few go the extra mile and practice what they preach. Being kind, accepting, and respectful to one another is easier said than done.

Sadly, in a world where expecting empathy from humans seems like a far-fetched notion, applying the same principle to animals seems next to impossible. And, when this happens, we all tend to lose a little faith in humanity.

Alex was found lying in a cardboard box in a landfill near the woods. | Source: facebook.com/Animaloversnews

Alex was found lying in a cardboard box in a landfill near the woods. | Source: facebook.com/Animaloversnews


Often, we encounter painful situations that leave us at a loss for words. But the pain intensifies even more when such heartbreaking incidents befall animals. And today, we'll be shedding light on one such tragic story.


Alex was an adorable dog who loved his family and had a beautiful home. Nothing was missing in his life until, one day, his entire world came crashing down. Ironically, he was clueless about what he did wrong to end up in such a mess.

He made no peep and decided to writhe in pain alone, hiding from the world. One could imagine the trauma Alex was experiencing within, and clearly, he had no strength left to share his pain with anyone.



One day, a few people found Alex lying in a cardboard box surrounded by a landfill. They looked around, hoping that perhaps somebody would know something about the poor canine.

Little AJ was captured looking distraught and crying tears of sorrow as he sat inside a dog shelter.

Sadly, there was not a single soul in plain sight. Alex was left stranded in a rubbish dump in the woods, and there was no sign of his former owners. Tragically, there was no way to find out who had abandoned the four-legged animal.



Alex was shaken from the experience and seemed fearful, fragile, and confused. His insurmountable pain was evident in his eyes, and even though he didn't ask for food, he looked hungry. One of the people who found Alex shared:

“When we saw him in the woods, we went after him. He ran away and went to hide in the cardboard box. He was very weak and coughed a lot."

The poor dog was not only battling emotional trauma but was also struggling physically, as he had gone days without having food or water and looked severely malnourished.



Luckily, the people who found Alex wished him well and belonged to Sohayko, a Turkish Animal rescue organization. Eventually, the same facility rescued Alex in November 2020 and gave him medical treatment and around-the-clock love and care.

The adorable pup started recovering within a few weeks and was not lonely anymore. The animal shelter tried its best to find Alex a new home and loving owners who cherished him.

Soon afterward, the lovely pooch was taken in by a new family, and his adoption enabled him to recover fully and become his old, happy self. His amazing rescue story was shared on social media in September 2021.



Like Alex, a sweet dog called AJ and his bonded brother, Toby, were abandoned by their former owners because they couldn't afford to care for them. Little AJ was captured looking distraught and crying tears of sorrow as he sat inside a dog shelter.

The heartbroken dog looked severely ill and had symptoms of a cold. AJ also missed his brother, Toby, because they were separated during the rescue.

The dog shelter, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, shared AJ's tearful clip on social media and included a plea alongside the post, hoping their efforts would help him find a new home.

In a follow-up video, the shelter shared the good news of AJ's release from the shelter. Thanks to Sohayko and Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, Alex and AJ had hopes of a bright future. Please share these stories with your loved ones.

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