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After Pregnant Woman’s Death, Roommate Receives Note Concerning Her Surviving Newborn Daughter

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 25, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A woman shared a strange incident from the past that had completely changed her life. She opened up about it in a detailed Reddit post. 


It all started when the woman was in college. She talked about her organized roommate and felt she was lucky to be paired with her. 

However, the woman's opinion about her roommate changed after spending two years in the dorm room with her. She had to cover up for her roommate after discovering what she had done. 

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The woman shared that all of her friends complained about their roommates in college, but she was the only one who had no issues with hers. She explained:

"She was very clean and organized and I thanked the heavens for it"

Her roommate was often away and didn't talk much. One day, she came up to Original Poster (OP), told her she was pregnant, and asked for her help. 

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When OP inquired about the father, the roommate said it was some random guy. OP confessed that the girl had started behaving strangely after that day. She noticed that the girl had developed a strange pattern. She would leave the room early and return late at night.

One day, the girl came to OP, asking her to take her to the hospital because she was in pain.

She had also asked OP to help her out a few times during the pregnancy. One such instance was when she wanted to know the baby's gender and asked OP to accompany her because the hospital was far from the dorm. 

The girl discovered she was pregnant | Source: Unsplash


Even after OP helped her during the pregnancy, she never opened up about her life to OP. All she told her was that her family was dead, and she had spent her entire life moving from one foster home to another. 

The girl was always busy, and OP believed she needed to slow down as she was entering her last trimester. OP also believed this may have "played a huge part in how things ended."

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One day, the girl came to OP, asking her to take her to the hospital because she was in pain. During their car ride, she kept asking OP to care for her baby. She also requested OP not to tell her child anything about her. OP recalled:

"At this point I was freaking out, this wasn't supposed to happen, so I was just agreeing to whatever she was saying."

When the doctors examined the pregnant girl in the emergency room, they decided to take her in for a C-section. The tests revealed a detached placenta, so the doctors had to take immediate action. 

They took her for a C-section. | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, OP was panicking. The experience was very new for her, and she couldn't stop thinking about the conversation she had with her roommate in the car. She recollected:

"The doctors gave me some medicine because my blood pressure was very high and I was having a panic attack."

After some time, the doctors emerged out of the operation room and informed OP that her roommate had passed away. However, they found a note from her belongings stating that OP was responsible for taking care of the child. She also expressed that she didn't want her daughter to live with strangers as she did. 

OP had to look after the child. | Source: Unsplash


Confused, OP didn't know what to do next. She wasn't ready to raise a baby at such a young age, but it seemed like the hospital management didn't care about that. They immediately contacted child services and asked OP to file for adoption. She explained:

"They just gave me a baby and didn't think twice about it because apparently the note that the roomate had left was a big thing and should be taken into account."

Curious, OP decided to investigate more about the girl with her friends. Since they were just college students with limited resources, the only thing she found out was the woman was a sex worker. 

OP and her friends found out more about the girl. | Source: Unsplash


With OP still in college, she knew it would be challenging for her to look after the child. Her friends suggested that she make up a story and ask her parents to take care of the baby, which she did. But OP confessed:

"I'm not sure my parents ever bought the whole story but they did love the kid and accepted to care for her."

She told her parents that she got pregnant accidentally and was ashamed to tell them about it. And nineteen years after that incident, the woman shared her story on Reddit. 

The woman shared her story on Reddit. | Source: Unsplash


Apart from her adopted daughter, OP now had two children of her own. The woman shared that she loved all her children equally, but she wanted to tell her daughter about her biological mother. Looking at the girl made her feel sad because she resembled her roommate a lot. 

OP wrote a Reddit post in the "confession" community, sharing how she felt raising her roommate's daughter. Eloquence224 lauded OP for doing a commendable job of raising her roommate's child as her own. She wrote:

"I don't think anything you did is something that you should feel the need to hide."

Other Redditors praised OP for raising the child like her own. | Source: Unsplash


The Redditor shared that her mother gave her half-brother up for adoption before she was born. However, she felt something was missing while growing up. She confessed it was difficult to accept that she had a sibling out there. 

She also said that if she were in OP's daughter's place, she would love to know her mother. OP replied, saying her problem was that her family also didn't know the truth about her daughter, which meant she couldn't open up about it in front of everyone. But another Redditor named ruralife insisted:

"She needs to know for health reasons."

The woman couldn't share the truth with her parents. | Source: Unsplash


The Redditor pointed out that her daughter would assume her genetic predispositions were similar to OP's, which could harm her if she gets seriously ill in the future. 

Most Redditors agreed that OP did an excellent job by adopting her roommate's daughter and raising her like her own child. But they also advised her to tell the girl the truth.

OP couldn't tell her daughter about the truth. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP should tell her parents the truth? 

OP lied to her parents about the pregnancy on her friends' advice. The lie temporarily made things easy for her, but she's now trapped in that same lie as she contemplates telling her daughter the real story about her own mother.  Do you think OP should finally tell her parents the truth?

Do you think she should tell her daughter the truth?

Most Redditors advised OP to tell her daughter the truth, especially for health purposes. OP thinks she owes it to her daughter too. Do you think her daughter deserves to know the truth?

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