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After Baby’s Birth, Man Refuses to Look at His Daughter and Demands a Paternity Test

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 26, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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After the birth of her daughter, a woman noticed that her husband had started behaving strangely. She was surprised to know what was going on in his mind. 


The woman shared that she had known her husband for four years before tying the knot with him. She gave birth to their daughter three years after their wedding. 

However, things took a different turn when their child was born. The woman noticed that her husband had refused to look at the little girl. 

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The 32-year-old woman wrote a detailed Reddit post explaining how she noticed her husband's strange behavior. She revealed that he was very supportive throughout the pregnancy, but his behavior changed after she gave birth to their daughter. He distanced himself and refused to help her take care of their child. She explained:

"I expected this since I knew Matt was very independent and expected him to come back."

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OP (Original Poster) shared that she had started going out on biweekly dates with her husband. However, she noticed he had become hostile. 

After she confronted him, he stormed out of the house and moved to his sister's place.

After noticing that her husband hadn't looked at their daughter for a week, the woman sat him down to ask him what was wrong. 

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She assumed he was stressed because of work or was suffering from post-partum depression, but she was wrong. He started yelling at the woman and accused her of lying to him. 

He called their daughter degrading names and accused his wife of cheating on him. Then he demanded a paternity test and refused to care for the little girl unless he was sure she was his daughter. OP shared her reaction:

"I 100% grant him the paternity test, I have not cheated on him, or acted unfaithful or suspicious in our relationship or marriage."

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OP confessed that she was hurt to know that her husband had doubted her loyalty and insulted their daughter. After she confronted him, he stormed out of the house and moved to his sister's place.

Later that day, OP sent a detailed message to her husband, explaining her feelings. She allowed him to take the paternity test, writing:

"I have not cheated on you, or made you suspicious at any moment in our marriage, but if this will calm you and let you take an active part in raising our daughter, then I will support you wanting the test."

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However, she asked him to pay for the test and organize everything himself. She also told him she would make an appointment for marriage counseling to understand why he doubted her loyalty and insulted their daughter. 

She asked him to come back home soon so they could discuss when to schedule the test and he returned a few hours after reading the text message. She explained:

"He seemed shocked that I would agree to the test, and was reluctant to pay for it 100%"

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OP's husband believed she should also pay for the test and asked if they could go for the counseling later. After realizing that OP would not change her decision, he agreed to do what she said. 

A few days later, they sent the samples for the paternity test with the payment. However, OP's husband said he wouldn't open the test results because he had started trusting her again. 

Thinking that he won't go for counseling, OP reminded him about it, but that didn't sit well with him. He got angry and told OP that he "still wanted those results."

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"I'm at a loss of what to do," wrote the woman. Her husband felt that her demand to ask for marriage counseling in response to the paternity test was unfair, while she thought otherwise. She explained:

"If he says he doesn’t trust me, then I would feel better going to counselling to find out how he can trust me again."

She asked other Redditors if she was being unfair to her husband. Ruval felt that OP's husband had introduced distrust into their relationship, and he was lucky that OP was taking him to a marriage counselor instead of a divorce attorney.

OP posted her story on Reddit | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, RealTalk_IDK advised OP not to cancel the counseling appointment at any cost and insist on him paying for the test and splitting the counseling fee with her.   "Do you know of any reason why he would suddenly doubt that he's the father?" asked the Redditor. 

nueroticunicorn shared that something similar happened to her when she was pregnant with her second child. Her ex believed she had cheated on him, but it turned out that he was the cheating partner in their relationship. Another Redditor felt sorry for her, to which nueroticunicorn replied that her ex did a favor on her.

Most Redditors felt OP wasn't at fault. However, they did think that there was something wrong with her husband. They asked her to go for counseling to discover what was going on in his mind.


Other Redditors shared their opinions in the comments section | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP should have asked her husband what made him think about doing a paternity test?


OP never asked her husband what made him think about doing a paternity test. She only felt terrible that he had doubted her loyalty. Things might have been different if she had figured out what made the man think the child was not his. What do you think?

Do you think going for marriage counseling would help OP and her husband?

Many people suggested that OP not cancel the counseling appointment, despite her husband's hesitation, because they thought it would help rebuild trust in their relationship. What do you think?

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