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'He Wants Me, Not My House': 82-Year-Old Grandma Marries 36-Year-Old Lover, Defends Their Love

Lois Oladejo
Feb 27, 2022
12:20 A.M.

An 82-year-old pensioner and her 36-year-old Egyptian lover have had to defend their love story to people who question the genuineness of their love.


The big age difference between lovers has long become normal in relationships and marriages since love conquers all and age, as they say, is just a number.

But when an 82-year-old grandma Iris Jones revealed she was getting married to a 36-year-old Egyptian engineer she met on Facebook, the relationship raised a couple of eyebrows.

Iris Jones smiling in a photo [left] Iris Jones and her Egyptian lover, Mohamed Ibriham out relaxing [right]. | Source: facebook.com/iris.jones.520   facebook.com/K24Turkce

Iris Jones smiling in a photo [left] Iris Jones and her Egyptian lover, Mohamed Ibriham out relaxing [right]. | Source: facebook.com/iris.jones.520 facebook.com/K24Turkce

It all started in 2019 when Jones, from Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, was given a laptop by her eldest son Stephen who also assisted her in opening a Facebook account.

She subsequently joined a group for atheists where she met 36-year-old Egyptian engineer Mohamed Ibriham. The pair started chatting, and after a while, Ibriham confessed his love for her.


Jones asked what he wanted with an old lady like her since he had never met, touched, or looked into her eyes. The Egyptian said she was such a charming lady and he loved her.

Afterward, he sent her a picture of himself and she also started feeling the same way. Five months after they connected online, the 82-year-old flew from London to Cairo to meet her Egyptian lover for the first time.



After Jones and Ibriham met in Cairo, they visited restaurants, the pyramids and took camel and boat rides. She also met her lover's mother, who is ten years younger than her, and they quickly became friends.

Four days after, the pair decided to get married at the British Embassy in Cairo, but they could not because they did not have the proper documents. However, Jones's decision to marry Ibriham quickly and their age gap was questioned as she faced opposition from her family.



After she faced questions doubting the intentions of her Egyptian lover, Jones explained that, if Ibriham were marrying her for her fortune, he would be sadly disappointed because she lives on a £200-a-week pension and disability benefit.

She disclosed that her 36-year-old lover only wanted her and not her house and has even agreed to sign a prenup to prove his love for her. Jones said:

"I've spent years making other people happy, and now I just want to marry the man I love before I die."


Jones, a mother to two sons, Stephen and Darren, who are in their 50s, explained her kids have found it difficult to come to terms with her new love but believes they would eventually accept Ibriham as their stepdad.

On his part, Ibriham insisted he was not with Jones because of money and that money is not everything. He explained:

"Love has no age and knows no limits. Iris and I found we understood each other well and felt the tenderness. I do not care about anyone's opinion – only what feels good to me."



Jones and Ibriham got married in November 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to wait for about ten months for the latter to get a visa to England.

During this time, Jones admitted she missed her lover, and the heartache was so profound because they were not sure what would happen next. She explained Ibriham not getting a visa would feel like the end of the world.

The mother of two also revealed that the Home Office asked for evidence of their relationship, finances, and command of the English language, explaining that he had to pass the required English test.


However, if all this fails and his application is denied, Jones admitted that she was prepared to move to Egypt and that nothing would keep them apart. Thankfully, Ibriham was granted a three-year visa after meeting the English language requirements and proving he could move in with Jones.

Afterward, the couple appeared on the Today Morning Show to talk about their reunion and reiterate their love for one another. The 82-year-old disclosed:

''Love conquers all. We're going through problems now because Mohamed is adjusting to life in the west, and I'm adjusting to having a man around the place."

She also insisted the magic in their relationship will never go away, and when people ask how she found love, she would tell them that one doesn't look for love; Instead, love finds you.

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