Poor Boy Returns Wallet Containing Money to a Family, They Locate Him Later

Ayesha Muhammad
Feb 23, 2022
07:40 A.M.

A father and son duo were out for a walk one day when they found a wallet containing money and returned it to the rightful owner. The grateful family was moved by their act of kindness and decided to pay it forward.


In a world full of uncertainty, fear, and disarray, staying true to yourself can be daunting. Often, people who go through challenging circumstances resort to behaviors they might not have exhibited otherwise.

However, some folks never let trials and tribulations get the best of them and continue to spread light and positivity around them. The story we're sharing today embodies a similar theme and will reinforce your hope and faith in humanity.

Vince shows up at the Dahlke residence to return the wallet. | Source: facebook.com/michelle.w.dahlke

Vince shows up at the Dahlke residence to return the wallet. | Source: facebook.com/michelle.w.dahlke


In 2020, 17-year-old Chase Dahlke from De Pere, Wisconsin, planned a fishing trip with his friend. He was about to return home when he noticed something strange and upsetting — his wallet was missing.


Chase ran home in a frenzy and checked all the drawers, but his wallet was nowhere to be found. The teenager thought his wallet and everything inside it were gone, and a part of him made peace with it until something unexpected happened.

Later that day, a stranger showed up at his front door. Chase and his family were across the street enjoying a barbecue when they noticed their watches and phones buzzing.


When Chase's stepmother, Michelle Dahlke, checked the Ring app, she saw a young boy standing at the door. Chase's father, Jason Dahlke, conversed with the boy through the doorbell and was surprised to discover the reason behind his visit.


The young boy held a wallet in his hand and had come all the way to return it. Jason was deeply moved by the boy's kind gesture and gave him the cash in the wallet, $2.

Vince waiting outside the Dahlke residence to return the wallet. | Source: YouTube.com/GMA

Vince waiting outside the Dahlke residence to return the wallet. | Source: YouTube.com/GMA


The Dahlke family wished to do more for the boy who returned the wallet, but they didn't know who he was and had no way of contacting him. After some thought, Michelle decided to share images of the boy from the Ring app on Facebook.

Michelle made the Facebook post public, urging netizens to help her locate the boy and his family so that they could return the favor. Within a short time, the Dahlke family was able to identify the young boy and his father.


The boy in the images was 11-year-old Vince, who had found the wallet while taking a walk at the Voyageur park with his father, Lorenzo. They saw Chase's address on his driver's license, and Lorenzo sent Vince to return the wallet to the Dahlke family.

The Dahlke family presents Lorenzo and Vince with donations. | Source: YouTube.com/GoFundMe Campaign Update

The Dahlke family presents Lorenzo and Vince with donations. | Source: YouTube.com/GoFundMe Campaign Update


As more people recognized Vince from Michelle's Facebook post, the Dahlkes discovered that his family was going through a tough time. Lorenzo had lost his job after suffering from COVID-19 and struggled with providing for his family.

Michelle's Facebook post read:

"This family still gave the wallet back even though they have nothing! This family could use some love and support from us."


To help ease their troubles, the Dahlkes set up a GoFundMe fundraiser, but that wasn't all they did. Michelle did a live video session where she shared that the Dahlke family wished to present Lorenzo and Vince with donations and presents.


She revealed that her family wanted every penny and cent from the GoFundMe fundraiser and the personal donations they received to go to the incredible father-son duo.

Other than cash, the presents included Nike clothing for Vince and goodies courtesy of Walmart and Domino's. Michelle and her family welcomed Vince and Lorenzo and presented them with the donations, and their reaction was genuinely heartwarming.

While Lorenzo and Vince had good reasons to keep the wallet, they acted in good faith and thought it best to return it to its owner. Please share this story with your family and friends if it touched your heart.


Here's another story that follows a similar theme, and it's about a homeless man who found a bag containing $3,300 and didn't think twice before returning it to where it belonged. You can read the complete story here.

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