Mom Told She's Having a Miscarriage Doesn't Believe Doctors, Gives Birth to Beautiful Twins

Brittany Chalmers
Feb 24, 2022
07:40 A.M.

A woman who desperately wanted to be a mother finally fell pregnant last year. At the 22-week mark, she experienced a premature rupture. No one believed the twins would survive, but the mom-to-be did.


Jade and Steve Crane spent years trying to conceive via IVF, and they were thrilled when they found out they were going to be parents. However, just after the halfway mark of the pregnancy, something went wrong.

The mother felt pains during her 22nd week, but she knew it was too early to give birth. She visited their hospital in London, where doctors confirmed her fetal membranes ruptured, indicating the onset of labor. The situation looked hopeless.

Jade Crane who gave birth to premature twins [left]; Harley and Harry who were born at 22 weeks [right] | Source: facebook.com/jade.nurse.5

Jade Crane who gave birth to premature twins [left]; Harley and Harry who were born at 22 weeks [right] | Source: facebook.com/jade.nurse.5


The couple was told their babies would not make it, and doctors stated she was having a miscarriage. However, Jade disputed this because of something only she could feel. The mother said:


"The doctor kept saying it was a miscarriage but I said it couldn't be because I could feel the babies moving."


The infants were given a zero percent chance of survival and were born at around 22 weeks. Babies born at this mark are not viewed as legally viable, but the medical staff at Queens Medical Hospital in Nottingham did everything in their power to help.

The staff saw signs of life and chose to intervene when many other facilities would not have. The tiny human beings entered the world and instantly broke records. They were the United Kingdom's most premature twins.



Harley and Harry, who are 14 weeks old, have stunned medical staff and are developing well in the newborn intensive care unit. Their mother expressed: "I'm so proud of my babies - they're little fighters." She added:

"I remember getting wheeled round to NICU and the first thing I asked was if they were still here, because I didn't know if they'd still be there, but they were."



Their survival was a miracle and the mother, whose due date was set for February 24, hoped to have them home as soon as possible. Her twins have a long road of development ahead of them.

Due to their premature birth, they faced health issues such as chronic lung disease and necrotizing enterocolitis. However, they were fighting well, and talks about going home in the foreseeable future were on the cards.



The parents spent as much time as possible at the hospital to feed them and change their nappies. Doctors had no evidence to make too many predictions about their progress because they had never had 22-weekers before.

However, the family and the medical staff are hopeful. Jade expressed: "They'll go down in medical history—I'm pretty sure they'll be having one of the wards named after them because everyone is just amazed by them!"



Babies may look fragile, but they can be powerful fighters. A mom in Canada also went into labor at the 22-week mark, and doctors stated her twins would not survive. However, Kayla Marie Ibarra refused to believe the news she received in 2016.

She revealed that prayer saved her twins and helped them survive. Today, the youngsters are doing well, and their mother has started advocating for other premature infants.

Thanks to modern medical technology, both sets of twins defied the odds and developed well in their incubators. Their miracle stories prove that nothing is impossible!

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