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Grumpy Old Lady Sees Boy outside House at 3 A.M. — Granddaughter Asks Her to Call 911

Rita Kumar
Mar 01, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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A grandmother rushed to protect her teenage granddaughter when she realized the guy she'd spoken to minutes ago at her doorstep might not be who she thought he was.


A grandmother braved going outside of her house way after midnight to tell off a stranger who she vaguely assumed was her teen granddaughter's boyfriend. However, little did she know how this guy would turn their night into a dreadful nightmare.

In a post that shook Reddit's "Let's Not Meet" sub of yet another incident of an eerie encounter, Redditor ligamentary described how a stranger's arrival at her doorstep at 3 a.m. still sent chills down her spine.

After reading her story, the internet realized why it's important to remain behind closed doors and not dare open them to unknown persons, especially with young women in the house.


The grandma spotted a strange boy outside her house at 3 a.m. | Source: Unsplash

The Original Poster (OP)'s daughter and son-in-law were out of town at the time. She was tasked to look after her grandchildren and focused more on her teen granddaughter, Alyssa (name changed for obvious reasons.)


On the night of the incident, OP and the others were fast asleep. But at around 3 a.m., the woman was woken by a weird rustling sound outside. She was alarmed and wanted to find out where the sound was coming from, so she looked out the window.

She saw a young boy emerge from the bushes near the house. She wavered her eyes and spotted a bike hurled on the lawn and realized it wasn't theirs.

OP spotted a stranger lurking outside her house at 3 a.m. | Source: Pexels


In her mind, OP thought the guy could be a burglar observing houses, but considering he was a young biker, she thought to just scare him away instead of calling the cops and ruining a young man's life. She made her way to the porch and turned on the lights and in a gruff voice, asked, "Can I help you?"

She turned pale and asked her grandma if she was sure he was the guy who'd been asking about her.

She could make out he was alarmed and nervous. Upon a closer view, she also noticed he was wearing a letterman jacket but looked older than she'd assumed. The grandma was perplexed, and that's when he snapped her to reality by asking about her granddaughter, Alyssa.


The grandma observed the strange man who looked older than her granddaughter | Source: Pexels

"Yah… I'm looking for Alyssa," he said. OP was stunned and grimly stared at him, assuming it would be enough to make him realize he'd come looking for a teenage girl at the wrong time of the night.


She doubted if Alyssa had called her secret boyfriend to come over, knowing her parents would be out of town and not fathoming her grandma would be staying over. OP felt awkward and decided to ask more questions. "I'm sorry…Who?" 

The man hurriedly told OP that he wanted to speak to Alyssa [Lastname] without missing a beat. That's when OP suspected something was amiss because he'd gotten the girl's surname wrong.

The guy told OP that he wanted to meet her granddaughter, Alyssa. | Source: Pexels


With every passing second, the guy tried inching closer to OP, who was petrified and clueless. "FREEZE…You stay right there," she shouted and rushed to Alyssa's room for an explanation.

OP's granddaughter was asleep in the room near the spot where the stranger had emerged from the bushes. She woke up to her grandma's stern voice and was clueless about what she was talking about.

When OP instructed her to tell her friend to go home, she looked puzzled, and that's when OP looked sterner than before and said, "There's a guy outside asking for you."

Alyssa was still confused and went to the window to look for herself. She turned pale and asked her grandma if she was sure he was the guy who'd been asking about her. When OP said yes, Alyssa told her to immediately call the cops because she'd never seen him before.


Alyssa checked the guy through the window & freaked out | Source: Pexels

But before they could take the next step to scare him away, Alyssa shrieked and tugged onto OP, screaming, "He's coming up…." The grandma then proceeded to the door and slightly opened it up, and told the guy she'd asked her husband about "Alyssa [Lastname]," and nobody knew her.


"Leave my property, or I'm calling 911," she shouted, but she had already call with the cops by that time, and soon, sirens were blaring outside. As soon as the guy heard them, he stopped yelling, fled towards a car with no headlights or number plate, and jumped into the passenger seat.

When the guy managed to escape, the cops advised Alyssa to remove her details on social media and issued a search warrant for him based on similar incidents in the area.

Meanwhile, OP's post amassed over 8K upvotes and inquiries from random strangers online who were concerned if the cops could trace the stalker.

The guy fled the spot after seeing the cops nearing OP's house | Source: Unsplash


"Did she end up figuring out who it was? Like a social media follower or maybe a fellow classmate????" Redditor angel_mills asked in the thread. Meanwhile, users like productivebro found the ordeal spine-chilling, saying:

"Dude, this is creepy as hell. Glad everyone is safe, but I'm seconding everyone else in the thread saying that you should still keep an eye out for this guy, even though it was months ago."

"People will do anything to get what they want. Go to all types of lengths and cross any boundaries. It's actually pretty terrifying," Redditor Cecee25 recounted.

Meanwhile, OP stated the cops were still looking for the guy but never found him. She claimed that the encounter wasn't limited to her as a handful of families with teenage daughters around town reported a stranger coming around at an odd hour at night asking to meet their children.


"I got a heavy-duty lock, and she slept in my room for the remainder of my visit," she revealed.

The guy who people in OP's locality claimed to have stalked their daughters at night was never found | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:


Would you be as brave as the grandmother in the story and confront a stranger in your home at 3 a.m.?

Considering the stranger's potential threat, OP still decided to confront him at an odd hour of the morning. It was a risky move, but luckily, OP and her grandchildren escaped from the threat unharmed. If you were in OP's shoes and saw a strange fellow lurking around your home at 3 a.m, what would you do?

What would you advise others to do to prevent home invasions and stalkers lurking in your home?

One commenter advised OP to immediately lookout for an affordable security camera to enhance the safety of the children and family. Although OP said she got a heavy-duty lock for the front door, she hadn't updated whether the family had opted for an upgraded security system yet. The police also advised the granddaughter to remove private details from her social media. Apart from installing security cameras and alarm systems and limiting information in social media, what would you advise for added safety in a house with children?


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