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Woman’s Gold Bracelet Goes Missing, Unemployed Husband Buys a Gaming Console Days Later

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 06, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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Days after a woman's gold bracelet went missing, her unemployed husband bought a new gaming console. He said he borrowed money from his friend, but the woman felt something was fishy. 


The woman shared that her husband was unemployed, and she was the family's sole breadwinner. She confessed she didn't have enough money left at the end of the month.

Despite having a low-paying job, the woman managed to pay the house rent and utility bills. She even paid for the groceries while her husband stayed at home.

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The 33-year-old shared that she married her 30-year-old husband two years ago. Everything was going well until she lost her precious gold bracelet. 

She inherited the bracelet from her mother two months ago when she passed away. Her father and his new wife took the rest of her wealth. 

OP (Original Poster) shared that she kept her bracelet in a secret place only she and her husband knew before it went missing. 

The woman had inherited a gold bracelet from her mother | Source: Pexels


She confessed her bracelet went missing "out of the blue one day." She spent hours looking for it but couldn't find it anywhere in the house.

[OP's husband] replied that he borrowed money from a friend to buy the console.

She cried her eyes out as it was the only thing she had inherited from her mom and the bracelet was a constant reminder of her.

Wearing the bracelet reminded OP of her mother | Source: Unsplash


When all attempts of finding the bracelet proved futile, she finally gave up and promised not to dwell on it and move on. But that didn't last long.

Two days later, she had just returned home from work when she saw her husband with a new gaming console. Since he didn't have a job, she asked him where he got the money to purchase his new toy. He replied that he borrowed money from a friend to buy the console.

OP's husband bought an expensive gaming console | Source: Unsplash


His answer didn't sit well with the woman because she knew her husband had only two friends, and both had stopped lending him money since he never pays them back. She recounted:

"When I reminded him of that he just gave me a look and asked if I was hinting that he took my bracelet, pawned it, then bought the console."

So OP asked him if he didn't find it weird that the bracelet just disappeared one day, and two days later, he bought an expensive gaming console.

OP's husband was angry | Source: Unsplash


Her words made him lose his temper.  He called her "delusional" for hinting that he stole her bracelet and accused her of being upset because she couldn't manage her finances as well as he did.

"We kept arguing til he took the console and left the apartment with it," OP recalled. He also asked her to prepare an apology and have it ready by the time he returned home.

Though her husband never admitted it, OP still believes it wasn't a coincidence that her husband bought a new gaming console two days after her bracelet went missing. 

She couldn't understand how all of this was a coincidence | Source: Unsplash


She wrote a Reddit post asking other users if she did the right thing by revealing her suspicions to her husband. turningviolet313 replied:

"NTA. Maybe your mother’s gift to you isn’t the gold bracelet—it’s getting rid of your husband."

Another Redditor named inkdmermaid suggested to check nearby pawn shops to see if her bracelet was there.  Borgteddy also pointed out that OP's husband talked about pawning the bracelet before the incident, so there was a high chance she would find her bracelet in one of the nearby shops. 

OP appreciated the idea but said she didn't have enough money to repurchase it. 


OP posted her story on Reddit | Source: Unsplash

Meanwhile, Unlikely_Seaweed_550 suggested that OP ask the police for help because her husband stole the bracelet. lucifersnana, a former property crimes detective, replied:


"The police will get it, however they will not release it to you until the suspect has been charged and sentenced."

Most Redditors felt that OP was not at fault and suspicions were high that her bracelet was in a nearby pawn shop.

Many Redditors asked OP to check nearby pawn shops | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

If OP decides to look for her bracelet in pawnshops finds it, confirming her suspicions that her husband pawned it, what do you think should happen next?

Most Redditors asked OP to look for her bracelet in nearby pawnshops. Should she find it there and learn that it was really her husband who pawned it, what do you think she should do? 

What other advice would you give OP concerning her husband and lost bracelet moving forward?

OP seemed to have given up on finding her bracelet and proving her husband not innocent. She also seems to question giving an apology to her husband who requested one. What would you advise OP moving forward, considering the incident about her bracelet and her husband's response?  

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