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Boy Claims to Have Seen Housekeeper Stealing Mother’s Jewelry and Tells Her about It

Rita Kumar
Mar 06, 2022
12:20 A.M.
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A prankster teenage boy framed a poor housekeeper for theft and acted innocent. His friend ratted him out and disclosed his wicked intention as an unexpected twist. 


Some parents might not want to take the pleasure of scolding or punishing their children. But bad behavior has negative consequences, and one teenage prankster had to taste his bitter medicine after he pulled a prank that had gone way too far.

When Redditor number64745834’s husband thought she'd been mean and distrustful towards her son, she turned to Reddit's "AITA" sub with her ordeal, hoping to find out if she'd genuinely messed up while telling off her son for his prank-gone-wrong involving their maid. 

The teenage boy played incredible pranks on everyone, including his housemaid | Source: Shutterstock


Before elaborating on her dilemma, the Original Poster (OP) filled readers in on her situation, and the incredible antics her son Jeremy, 16, pulled around everyone in the house…including their housekeeper.

Since OP and her husband were often busy with work, they had hired a housemaid to keep things orderly and well-groomed. While OP's youngest child Raya, 14, never annoyed anyone, it was Jeremy who always took the credit for staging his pranks, frequently on their domestic help.

He'd hide her wallet, throw her purse, and try everything he could to test her patience. Having had enough of his troublesome antics, the housekeeper almost quit but stayed on OP's insistence. However, the real problem started when Jeremy pretended to heed his mother's warning to stop the pranks while still poised to pull another one. 


Jeremy often pretended to listen to his parents' warnings about his pranks, but always had new wicked tricks in mind | Source: Pexels

Onto the plight, OP said she got a call from Jeremy while he was busy having friends over at home. He told her he'd seen the housemaid sneak a piece of jewelry into her purse and asked his mom to come home immediately.


The dad insisted that Jeremy's friend could've lied to get him in trouble or would've been paid by the maid to support her.

OP was startled and rushed home to find out the credibility of what Jeremy said. Without further thought, she confronted the maid, who swore as much as she could that she didn't have the jewelry. But to OP's horror, she found the missing ornament in the woman's purse and demanded an explanation.

OP found her jewelry in the housemaid's purse | Source: Pexels


The maid freaked out as she had no idea how it got there. She anxiously swore on her children, and after weighing her reaction, OP knew it could only be one of Jeremy's nasty pranks, considering his history.

So OP switched her focus on her son and asked him to elaborate on the incident. But just as Jeremy started explaining, his friend ratted him out and said he framed the maid for theft to get her fired.

Jeremy was staggered and exploded at the boy in disbelief, prompting OP to ask his friends to leave. She apologized to the maid but eventually had to deal with her furious husband. When he learned about what happened, he appeared to have sided with his son.


The dad insisted that Jeremy's friend could've lied to get him in trouble or would've been paid by the maid to support her. He condemned OP choosing to believe the word of the maid over her son's.

The mom reprimanded Jeremy in front of his friends | Source: Pexels


Confused, the mom asked the moral judges on the internet if she had wronged Jeremy. But in the post's most top-voted comment with over 57K upvotes and counting, Redditor mel122676 sided with her, saying: "Your son doesn't pull pranks. He is a mean bully."

User FoolMe1nceShameOnU severely condemned Jeremy's prank too, adding it wasn't entertainment of any kind to put a hardworking woman's breadwinning job at stake. The person vented:

"That housekeeper relies on this job to put food on her table and keep a roof over her head, and he is being taught that he can invade her privacy, mess with her personal belongings, and even threaten her freedom (by accusing her of false crimes) just to entertain himself."


As for OP, she stood her ground and supported the housekeeper. Although she hasn't given an update on how things progressed after the incident, people online predicted how another prank would likely result in the maid quitting.

People online sympathized with the maid & predicted she would quit if Jeremy tricked her again | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think Jeremy would straighten his ways and not stage a horrible prank again after this?

OP said she immediately called out her son after finding out he'd intentionally tried framing the housemaid for theft. Although OP aimed at siding with the truth, her husband condemned her for not trusting their son and giving up on him to seek justice for their housemaid. Considering how Jeremy still had his father's support, it's guesswork if he would mend his ways and stop tricking anyone again.

What would you advise OP to do to keep her son's pranks in check?


OP claimed she knew her son Jeremy was a profound jokester. However, he went too far with the maid, threatening her source of livelihood. Commenters advised OP to immediately address Jeremy's behavior to avoid any potential problems he may bring home in the future. What advice can you give OP to control her son's behavior? 

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