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Rich Inventor Abandons Devoted Wife Who Saves Him from a Thief Later — Story of the Day

Monica Otayza
Mar 02, 2022
03:40 P.M.
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A man was blinded by his newfound riches and decided to leave his devoted wife for another woman. A while later, she saves him from a thief who planned to take away his riches.


James refused to settle for the ordinary by getting a regular nine-to-five job. He had big plans and wanted to be an inventor. 

Through it all, it was his wife Mia who stood by his side and helped him stay afloat. While he struggled with his inventions for years, his wife took on multiple jobs so they would have enough for every day. 

Year after year, when James and Mia would attend reunions, people would look down on James for still working on what they'd call his "childhood dream" despite it not taking off for years. 

James made a fortune after finally selling his invention, and his treatment of his wife changed afterward. | Source: Imagebb


"I'm starting to believe them. Maybe I'm just not cut out for this," James said one day as they got home. 

Mia, being the supportive wife that she is, made sure to reassure her husband that it wasn't the right time to lose faith. "Don't be discouraged, sweetheart. Your time will come and it's getting closer, I just know it. Don't stop now. I believe in you!"

True enough, a couple of months later, he decided to sell his invention to a large IT company. They wanted both the licenses and patents of the invention, which made it sell for a whopping twenty million dollars. 

Overnight, James and Mia's fates changed. They were now a wealthy couple that could afford to buy luxurious items and eat in the most expensive restaurants. 


"I'm so happy for you, sweetheart! I told you this day would come!" Mia told James one day as she embraced him.

James and Mia finally got a taste of the good life. | Source: Pexels


"Thanks, Mia. Finally. I was starting to get impatient. I've worked so hard for this day to come," James replied, passively. 

Mia somehow expected him to thank her for her support and her sacrifices through the years, but that "thank you" never came. She brushed her feelings aside and continued to stand by her husband's side. 

Since then, James became the IT company's leading inventor. More projects started piling up, which meant being invited to more of the company's events. 

Mia would always tag along, but she always felt like an outcast. James would be busy talking to his co-workers, and she would be left sipping cocktails on the side. 


"Why don't you sit down with me for a while?" Mia asked him one time as she was feeling uncomfortable sitting alone.

Mia would always accompany James to company parties. | Source: Pexels


"Sitting down with you won't make me any more money. I need to broaden my network," James responded. However, Mia would see him talking to different women, which made her feel even more uncomfortable. 

One day, they were invited to the company's year-end ball, which was their biggest party of the year. When Mia showed James what she wanted to wear, he scoffed.

"Come on, you can't possibly wear that cheap-looking thing to the ball?"  he asked her. She was wearing a plain black cowl dress and matching black heels. "Let's pass by a designer shop before going to the party. We can get you something to wear there."

Mia was hurt, but she didn't want to ruin her husband's night. Instead, she agreed to go to the designer shop to get something to wear. She came out of the dressing room in a beautiful gold halter dress, which she paired with gold strappy heels and a clutch bag.


Mia felt insulted with what James was saying. | Source: Pexels

"You look old," James said, disappointed. "I guess it's because you are getting old. We can't do anything about that. Let's go," he said as he handed the sales lady some cash to pay for Mia's outfit.


Mia's eyes were in tears. She felt as if nothing she ever did pleased her husband anymore. Ever since his inventions took off, it was either she was shrugged to the side, or made to feel bad about herself.

That night, Mia was back in her favorite spot at her husband's company parties: the back of the room. She was sipping on a glass of wine, when she overheard two of her husband's colleagues talking about him. 

"That new guy James is such a handsome man," one woman said. Mia shot her a look, but the woman did not notice. 

"Tell me about it, huh? It's too bad he chose Allison as his mistress," the other woman in the conversation said. 


Mia couldn't believe what she heard. A mistress? she thought to herself. As she heard it, she felt her stomach turn, and her knees weaken. 

Mia could not believe what she was hearing at the party. | Source: Pexels


Instead of causing a scene, she finished her glass and wiped the tears suddenly falling from her eyes. She looked across the room to find her husband, and there he was, talking to a woman yet again.

That must be Allison then, Mia thought to herself. Only now did she notice that her husband would be talking to the same woman every single event. "You are such a fool, Mia," she whispered to herself before rushing to the bathroom.

There, she locked herself in one of the cubicles and cried her eyes out. Everything flashed before her very eyes – how she stood by her husband through the years, how she made sacrifices for their relationship through the years, and how suddenly, she was no longer the woman her husband needed. 


Mia waited until they got home to confront James. "How's Allison?" she suddenly asked him. 

Mia decided to confront James about Allison. | Source: Pexels

"What now, Mia?" James asked, ready to pick a fight.


"How's Allison?" she repeated. 

"How did you find out?" James then responded, looking at her with his arms crossed on his chest. 

"So it's true. You didn't even try to deny it. How could you do this to me? After everything I've done for us, really?" Mia said, sobbing. 

"I've wanted to leave this relationship for a while now. It's just that I don't want to divorce you because then I'd have to give you half of what I have now. I don't want to argue with you, so let's just end this now," James said. "We're done." 

Mia was stunned. She couldn't believe that her husband was only staying with her because he didn't want her to get his money. She had so many things she wanted to say – how she held down the fort for years when he had nothing, and how she continued to support him through his success even when his treatment of her suddenly changed. 


However, she decided to leave it at that. She knew there was no arguing with him, especially since he was set on leaving her. He left her that night without a second glance. Meanwhile, she cried herself to sleep, and woke up still crying. 

Mia cried herself to sleep that night. | Source: Pexels


One day, she saw James and Allison at the mall. She was walking outside when she spotted them inside a designer boutique, where Allison was splurging on the brand's latest leather collection. 

Mia simply took a deep breath and walked away. That was James' problem now, and she wanted nothing to do with it. She was trying to move on, and dwelling on what she saw wouldn't help her recovery. 

Little did Mia know, the worst was yet to come for James. At that time, Allison was already slowly stealing one of his latest ideas and claiming it as hers. 

He finally caught her one night, and they argued wildly. In the middle of their fight, James suddenly fainted. The other woman walked away without calling 911, with his latest blueprints in her bag. 

Hours later, James wakes up in the hospital, and was surprised to see Mia by his bedside. "Mia? What are you doing here?" he asked, slowly. 


James fainted and found himself in the hospital hours later. | Source: Pexels

"I promised you for better and for worse, so here I am. I'm still your wife after all," she replied. 


"Your butler called me. He said he saw you lying unconscious in your new apartment. I came here right away as he said he was rushing you here," Mia continued to explain. 

James couldn't help but cry. He felt so guilty for what he did to Mia, when all she ever did was love him with her whole heart. "I'm so sorry, Mia. I really am," he sobbed. 

"I was so blinded by the money and all the attention I was getting, that I neglected the only woman who paid attention to me for years, even when I had nothing. I had everything I needed right here, and yet, I messed it up. I'm so sorry," James cried. 

Mia admitted that it would take long for her to heal from what had happened, but she was willing to give James a second chance. She also revealed that she had each of his ideas registered before their separation, so even though Allison tried to claim it as her own, Mia had proof that the idea was from James. 


In the end, James changed his ways and stayed loyal and faithful to his wife. Instead of seeking more riches, he spent his time enjoying what he and Mia worked hard on through making memories that'd last forever such as going on dates and luxurious trips around the world. 

What can we learn from this story?

  • The one who loves you the most will stay with you through thick or thin. Mia stayed by James' side from day one. In the end, James realized that it was only Mia who loved him genuinely and with pure intentions.
  • Second chances could lead to beautiful new beginnings. Mia decided to give her husband a second chance after his infidelity, and it led to an even stronger relationship between them. 

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