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Mother of Two Makes Ends Meet for Years – Her Father Disinherits Her in Favor of Another Heir

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 03, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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When the woman decided to resume work after her children grew up, her parents told her to stay home. Years later, she discovered her father had cut her out of his will, and she was left with no money to support her family. 


Her parents promised to take care of all her financial needs when they asked her not to resume work and look after her children instead.

The sudden change in her father's will came as a massive shock to her. She had spent all her life fulfilling his wishes, but he chose someone else over his daughter despite knowing she urgently needed financial help. 

The woman looked after her children for years | Source: Shutterstock


After reading Jealous_Cheesecake's Reddit post about her father, the internet had a divided opinion. She confessed feeling obliged to agree to fulfill her parents' wishes because they had paid for her education. 

She felt they were very nosy, but she couldn't do anything about it because they supported her day-to-day expenses. They even had a say in the men she chose to date. 

When they discovered she was dating their closest friend's son, they were delighted. Seeing their reaction, the woman decided to go ahead with her relationship and marry the guy.

The woman married the son of her parents' friends. | Source: Unsplash


After having kids with her husband, she decided to stay home and look after them. However, she had planned to go back to work once they grew up.

Disgusted by her husband's choices, the woman filed for divorce.

When her children turned 4 and 2, she decided to join the workforce, but her husband had other things in mind. Since he was running his business, he would often stay in the office late, so he wanted his wife to stay home and take care of the children. 

She wanted to work again. | Source: Unsplash


OP (Original Poster) explained to her husband that no one in the industry would hire her if she had a considerable gap in her resume. She insisted on going back to work, but her parents intervened and sided with her husband. She recalled:

"They (parents) vowed to take care of me and told me not to worry."

After some time, the woman discovered that her husband wasn't exactly running the business. She caught him recklessly spending money on his girlfriends to the extent that their savings were almost depleted.

OP's husband was spending money on his girlfriends. | Source: Unsplash


Disgusted by her husband's choices, the woman filed for divorce. Since her husband wasn't earning anything, the child support she received was inadequate. After some investigation, OP concluded that her husband hid money in secret accounts.

Furious, she decided to hire a lawyer to recover her money from her husband, but her parents stopped her. They felt doing so would strain their relationship with their close friends, so they promised to provide for her financially and told her not to worry about anything. 

After a lot of struggle, the woman finally managed to get a job, but the salary wasn't good enough. Her employer had appointed her on minimum wage because she didn't have relevant work experience. 


The woman got a job but it didn't pay her well. | Source: Unsplash

When things were getting back on track for OP, she received another shock in the form of her mother's sudden death. She suffered a stroke and died immediately. The woman recalled what happened next:


"My dad almost immediately re-married to a woman decades his junior."

A week earlier, her father announced that he would rewrite his will, leaving OP out of it. He planned on giving everything to his new wife to ensure she would have enough financial support after his death. 

Her father married a woman who was much younger than him. | Source: Pexels


OP was stunned after hearing her father's plans. She never expected him to cut her out of his will because he had asked her "not to worry" about anything, implying he would take care of her finances. 

Since she had directed her life to please him, she felt even more furious at his move. She wrote a Reddit post, asking other Redditors if she was at fault for being mad at her father. But tessislurking replied:

"Your father's betrayal rings similarly to your ex husband's. You are justified in your anger."

A Redditor assured OP her anger was justified. | Source: Pexels


EverydayEverynight01 affirmed OP's parents were at fault for not taking her side when she caught her husband cheating on her and for forcing her not to return to work after her children grew up. 

"YTA for living your entire life to appease your parents," replied Alien_octopus, suggesting to get a lawyer and file a case and urging her to live her life on her terms.

Though most Redditors blamed OP for living her life according to her parents' wishes, they agreed her father was unfair to abandon her at the last moment and urged her not to lose hope and start living her life independently. 

Other Redditors believed OP's parents should have allowed her to return to the workforce. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP made the right decision by living her life according to her parents' wishes?

The woman felt she owed it to her parents to bow to their wishes because they helped her with her education and daily expenses. She did everything to please them without thinking twice, which ultimately negatively affected her life. Some people might argue that she did the right thing, but her father betrayed her at the last moment. Do you think she's to blame for what happened?

If you were OP, how would you react after your only surviving parent cuts you out of the will in favor of a new spouse? 


OP was furious after learning about her father's revised will after hanging on to her parents' promise to take care of her. If you were OP, what steps would you take following this life-altering move her father did? 

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