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Man Takes DNA Test That Reveals He Isn’t His Son’s Dad, Learns His Wife Isn’t His Mom as Well — Story of the Day

Comfort Omovre
Mar 02, 2022
11:40 P.M.
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A man's world is turned upside down when he realizes that his child's DNA does not match his and what's more? Even his wife's DNA didn't match the child's. How did they get to the bottom of this dilemma?


Mary Fulham heard the front door slam, and she was startled in the kitchen where she had been preparing dinner for her family. 

The door had made such a loud noise because her husband, a towering giant at 6'7, had slammed it, and he looked furious as he walked into the kitchen. 

Chris and Mary found out that they were not the biological parents of their son | Source: Shutterstock


It was quite the sight for Mary, who had rarely ever seen her husband Chris this angry. In fact, she could count with her two hands how many times she had seen him go off. 

He was the most kind-hearted person she had ever known, so his fury unsettled her. She immediately stood up and went to him.  "What's wrong?" she asked, but he just handed her a letter rather than an answer.

"Read this!" he growled furiously before pushing past her to take the seat she vacated. He looked funny in the small chair, but Mary dared not laugh. 

Instead, she turned her attention to the letter, and when she opened it, she saw the results of a DNA test. Chris had always complained about how his friends joked about how different their child looked from him. 


Mary had never seen Chris that angry before | Source: Pexels

The results were proof that Chris was not the father of their boy Edward. He couldn't believe his wife had been cheating on him and making him raise another man's child. 


"I must have really looked the fool to you," he said suddenly, his eyes fixed on her. "I've been catering to a family that was never mine." 

"CHRIS!" she yelled. "How could you say such a thing?" 

"Tell me it's not true then!" he thundered. "Tell me it's some sort of mistake, that you never laid with another man and then passed his ilk off as mine! Tell me!" 

An angry Chris showed the DNA test result to Mary for her to read. | Source: Pexels


"Please believe me Chris," Mary sobbed. "I could never love another man, much less lay with one, there has to be some sort of mistake. I just ask that you trust me." 

"You want trust? How about the 100 percent trust doctors and everyone else in the world put in DNA tests?" Chris asked. "It says Ed ain't mine, but you, who have never even invented anything in your life, think there's a fault somewhere." 

"You're not Mary, Mary! You just didn't get a bun in the oven thanks to some higher being somewhere, and you clearly didn't get him from me. My question is, who was it?" 

"Chris, how can you say this?" Mary sobbed, hurt beyond words. 


Chris started to question Mary over the result of the DNA test | Source: Pexels

"Is it Kelvin from your gym? Mr. Woods at the vet's shop?" Chris asked, his voice rising an octave with each question. 


The argument increased in volume until their poor 5-year-old son woke up. Wondering what was causing the racket, he wandered towards the kitchen, but as he neared, he heard his father say he had not fathered him then heard him walk out on his crying mom. 

He could not understand what was happening, but he knew two things; his mom was unhappy, and his father had just denied him. 

The following day, Mary made a trip to the hospital out of righteous anger and took a DNA test. To her shock, the results also proved she wasn't Edward's mom! This baffled her. This was not the result she was expecting.

The argument between Chris and Mary increased in volume until it woke their son up | Source: Pexels


She was certain Chris was Edward's father and now she just learned she's not his mother. How could none of their DNAs turn up in a search?

She called Chris and revealed the news as she left the hospital. She also sent him a copy of her test results, and it shocked him. 

The best thing they could do was return to the maternity hospital where they welcomed their baby five years before. They met the nurse who helped during the delivery, but the woman tried to avoid the topic. 

"Listen here woman, we've had a pretty noisy row about this and we have DNA evidence that says neither of us had anything to do with making Edward. If you don't come clean now, I'll reveal the truth," Chris growled.


Cowed by his intimidating figure, the nurse gave them directions to the family who had ended up with their biological son. 

The nurse at the maternity hospital confessed to them that there had been a mix-up with the newborns that was covered up | Source: Shutterstock


"I'm sorry but someone mixed up the newborns and it was too late when we discovered it so there was a cover-up. I would have reached out but it would have cost me my job. I'm sorry!" the woman cried. 

Chris had no sympathy to offer, so he turned and walked away; however, Mary spared the woman a reassuring smile before she followed. They traced the address, but Mary got cold feet when the time came to meet the family. 

"Do you really think we should be doing this?" she asked as they sat in the car. 

"Of course, we have a right to know at the very least," Chris replied. "Why don't we just take things slowly and knock first?" 


Mary knocked after a few minutes, and a strange lady opened the door. Behind her, holding on to her skirt, was the child Mary and her husband had come for. He looked exactly like Chris, and the mother noticed immediately.

"How is this possible?" she asked. 

Chris and Mary decided to track down the family who was raising their real son | Source: Pexels


"Why don't we explain over tea?" Mary suggested, and the woman, who introduced herself as Martha, agreed. 

When Chris and Mary revealed everything to Martha and her husband Joe, they told them to go away. "If you ever want to get in touch, you can reach us here," Chris said as he left his business card. 

They didn't expect a call, but the very next day, Martha called Mary and told her she wanted to meet. At their meeting, Martha explained that kids were not furniture that could just be exchanged or moved like one. They couldn't just switch kids even if they had been raising one they didn't conceive themselves.

Chris saw sense in her words, so both couples decided to keep raising the child fate brought to them while remaining friends and keeping in close contact so they could also witness their biological children growing up.


Chris apologized to his wife for blaming her unjustly for cheating. He loved hearing Edward call him daddy, and he thought his wife was the best in the world.

Chris loved to hear his son call him daddy, and he thought his wife was the best in the world | Source: Pexels


What did we gain from this story?

  • Kids deserve better. No child deserves to be abandoned just because the DNA doesn't match because parental love shouldn't be reserved only for biological kids.
  • Be tactical even if there is supposedly concrete evidence. Chris thought he had evidence his wife had been unfaithful, and he did, but it turns out he was wrong, and there had been some other mix-up. Thankfully he apologized after realizing his mistake, and they were able to move past it. 

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