Harrison Humphries and Officer Rolf Seiferheld | Source: Facebook.com/Duluth Police Department
Harrison Humphries and Officer Rolf Seiferheld | Source: Facebook.com/Duluth Police Department

Brave Boy without Arms Dreams of Being a Cop, So Police Officer Trains Him as a 'Partner'

Ayesha Muhammad
Mar 04, 2022
03:00 A.M.

What started as a chance encounter between a little boy and a police officer sparked an unusual partnership and a special friendship, garnering praise and melting millions of hearts.


Often, we stumble upon inspirational stories of people who defied the odds through their willpower and courage. Such heart-touching accounts serve as beacons of light when hope seems like a far-fetched call.

The story we're sharing today is about a kid with big dreams and high self-determination who found a mentor and friend who changed his life for the better.



Harrison Humphries was not your average six-year-old boy. Like other kids his age, he had an affinity for toys and playing games, but he also had other aspirations. Despite being born without arms, he was optimistic about his future path.

The little boy was born without leg bones, hips, fibulas, and femurs. When he was born, the doctors told his mother, Tara, that he would never walk, feed himself, or do anything that children of his age did.


However, Humphries beat all odds and proved everyone wrong through his strong spirit. He used his feet to do everything his hands would do, including brushing his teeth, combing his hair, picking up things, and getting dressed.


Like Officer Seiferheld, another police officer went out of his way to comfort a one-year-old boy while responding to a 911 call.

There was no stopping this little champion because he overcame all the obstacles with a warm smile on his face. Everyone, including his mother, Tara, was proud of him for being so energetic and full of light.


One day in 2021, while playing with his toy trucks, Humphries met Officer Rolf Seiferheld from the Duluth Police Department in Downtown Duluth, Georgia. The local police officer was out on patrol and sat down to converse with the little boy.


A heartwarming picture of their sweet encounter was shared on the Duluth Police Department's Facebook page, attracting sheer love and appreciation from people worldwide.

Humphries shared his dream of becoming a detective or the head police with Officer Seiferheld, and the two spent some time chatting. Tara noticed how the Duluth cop treated her son with kindness and answered all his questions.

"Not many people will take the time, or sometimes they're scared," stated Tara, appreciating Officer Seiferheld's empathetic attitude toward Humphries.



Soon afterward, Officer Seiferheld and Humphries began meeting every Friday and forged an unlikely friendship and a sweet partnership. Both of them looked forward to seeing each other every week, with the Duluth cop calling it the highlight of his week.

Humphries enjoyed accompanying his mentor on patrol and even sat behind the steering wheel of Officer Seiferheld's patrol car. The little boy also helped the officer keep his tools in good shape.


Officer Seiferheld enjoyed training Humphries as a partner and was moved by his conviction to become an investigator and a cop. Surprisingly, the friends cum partners shared a similar policing philosophy.

Humphries wanted to "help people get better," while Officer Seiferheld wished to "be kind, and treat people how you want to be treated. Show them the respect they deserve."



With Officer Seiferheld as his mentor and companion, Tara is optimistic her son will grow up to become an exemplary cop. She particular lauded the Duluth cop for showing respect, kindness, and love to little Humphries.

"I think this is a relationship that can continue to grow, a partnership, which is what a community should be," expressed Tara.


We are in awe of the unusual friendship and partnership between Humphries and Officer Seiferheld. Please share this beautiful story with your friends and family and show some love and encouragement to little Humphries.

Like Officer Seiferheld, another police officer went out of his way to comfort a one-year-old boy while responding to a 911 call. You can click here to read the whole story.

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