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Man in the Middle of Nowhere Sees Stranger near His Tent at Night – 2 Days Later He Sees Him Again

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 09, 2022
02:20 A.M.
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A man set up his camp in a dense forest, assuming he wouldn't meet anyone there. He woke up after hearing strange noises in the middle of the night and was stunned to see an unknown man sitting outside his tent.


After a tiring day, the man looked forward to sleeping peacefully and dozed off in his camp. However, he woke up to a strange noise outside his tent.

An unknown man looked at him with eyes wide open when he opened his tent. The man had no idea why the stranger was sitting outside his tent in the middle of the night. 

A man saw a stranger outside his tent in the middle of a forest | Source: Shutterstock


OP (Original Poster) noticed that the unknown man had no backpack or belongings. When he opened his tent, the stranger immediately ran away like he had seen a ghost. OP explained:

"It shook me up pretty badly but over the next day I managed to put it out of my mind fairly well"

However, two days later, OP experienced something unusual. He had set up his tent almost 15 miles away from his last location, believing no one could follow him there. 

He set up his tent at a new location | Source: Unsplash


Eerie noises caught his attention when he was sitting by the fire in the middle of the night. He assumed it was a person, so he asked who was there. 

After fifteen minutes of answering the stranger's random questions, OP felt the voice had gotten closer to him.

"Do you know how to get to Bells Canyon?" asked the unknown person. OP looked around, but he couldn't spot anyone. It was dark, and all he could hear was the other person's voice. 

The man heard a strange noise while sitting in front of the fire | Source: Unsplash


"No," answered OP in a stern voice. The unknown person continued the conversation with OP, but he felt weird because he couldn't see the stranger. He switched on his flashlight and aimed it in the direction of the stranger's voice. 

"Aim that away!" yelled the stranger. OP immediately put his flashlight down because he didn't want to annoy the "potentially crazy person." He was afraid the person might harm him if he refused to listen to him.

After fifteen minutes of answering the stranger's random questions, OP felt the voice had gotten closer to him. He quickly grasped his flashlight and aimed it in the same direction. It was the same person sitting outside his tent two nights ago. 


It was the same man he saw two days ago | Source: Unsplash

OP was horrified to see the same man standing in front of him. He assumed the stranger must have followed him for two days because there was no other way he could have bumped into him in the middle of a thick forest. 


As soon as OP's flashlight exposed the man, he ran away. OP tried to chase him but stopped midway because he was afraid of getting lost in the woods. 

The following day, OP decided to head back home. While hiking back, he constantly looked behind to see if the man was following him. He took breaks and hid behind the trees, waiting for the stranger to show up. 

OP decided to head back home | Source: Unsplash


While camping at night, the man felt someone was circling his tent, but no one was there when he peeked outside. The next night, he heard animal noises outside his tent, which started sounding like a human was making those noises. OP confessed what it felt like hiking back to his car:

"I really can't describe how terrifying it was to feel like I was being hunted through the woods, and to actually have to brainstorm on things I could do to best avoid potentially being murdered."

After three days of hiking, the man finally reached his car. He almost cried out of relief because the experience had terrified him. He confessed that he still didn't know who the guy was and what he was thinking. 


The man finally reached his car | Source: Unsplash

Aztecprincess94 asked OP if signboards helped him reach back to his car. She felt it was scary to hike in dense forests. OP replied:


"So long as you are somewhere with a decent number of landmarks you can do pretty well with a compass and map."

A stream ran through the forest, which helped OP navigate and reach his car. the_art_hoe_ asked OP if he had any weapons on him at that time. OP replied he had a knife and a hatchet, but he didn't keep them for protection.

The stream helped him navigate through the dense forest | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, LauKet pointed out that it was creepy the stranger survived for three days without any supplies. OP replied that he also found it strange because the man had no backpack, and it was difficult to stay in the woods without supplies. He added:

"Also, it was dark out there, and I really have no idea how he managed to get around as effectively as he did without a light."

The internet was glad OP safely made it to his car. After reading the story, most Redditors felt terrified and admitted they wouldn't go to the woods alone. 

OP was surprised to know that the man survived without any supplies | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP should report the incident to the police?

Reporting the incident to the police might help in keeping other citizens safe. The police might catch the stranger and ask him what he was up to. Do you think reporting the incident to the police would help? 

Do you think the stranger wanted to hurt OP?

It isn't clear if the unknown man wanted to hurt OP, but some people might think he wanted to hurt OP. However, others might disagree because the man got enough chances to hurt OP if he wanted to. Do you think he came to the woods to hurt OP?

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