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Seeing Her College Money Stolen, Girl Screams 'We Got Robbed!' to Her Mother Who Was the Thief

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 09, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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A girl had been saving money in a shoebox placed in her cupboard. When she opened the box to put her paycheck in it, she noticed nine envelopes missing from it. She broke down in tears after realizing someone had stolen her hard-earned money.


After the doctors diagnosed her twin brother with cancer as a child, the girl made it a habit to save as much as possible. She had dreamt of getting into Harvard and graduating with zero student debt.

However, she felt her dreams were shattered when she opened the shoebox in her closet. Someone had taken nine out of the ten envelopes she had kept in the box. 

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The internet felt sorry for HeyItsMeLook after reading her post on Reddit and discovering who stole her savings. The girl confessed what made her develop the habit of saving money at such a young age:

"When I was a kid after my twin brother got diagnosed with cancer I became obsessed with saving money for my future."

She'd spend every holiday trying her best to save as much money as possible. She mowed lawns, tutored children, and babysat them when she was old enough. Her motivation was to graduate from Harvard with zero student debt and build an impeccable career.

OP tutored children during her holidays. | Source: Unsplash


In time, OP (Original Poster) managed to save $10,000, but she wasn't allowed to have a bank account because she was underage. She also didn't have a joint account because no one in her family wanted to share an account with her.

Things took a different turn at the time of her little sister's birthday party. 

Since she had no other option, she decided to keep her savings in a shoebox in her closet. OP had no idea that someone would start stealing money from that box very soon. 

OP kept her savings in a shoebox. | Source: Unsplash


Before revealing details of how she discovered someone had stolen her savings, she shared that her mother gave birth to a premature girl when OP was 14 and had to frequently take her to the hospital during her first year. She explained:

"So my mom has dedicated her life to making my sister's life the best it can be."

Since OP's parents had spent a lot of money on her little sister's hospital bills, they didn't have enough funds to pay the rent. That's when OP's mother asked her to lend her $500 to pay the rent. 

She wanted to give her daughter the best life | Source: Unsplash


OP agreed but made her mother promise to pay her back. She asked her mother to put the money back in the box whenever she was ready to return it. 

Two months later, OP checked her shoebox and was relieved to find the money there. However, things took a different turn at the time of her little sister's birthday party. 

Since her sister was born weeks before her due date, her mother felt they should have a grand celebration for her first birthday because it was a significant milestone. OP explained how far the preparations went:

"She got my sister a custom made dress that looked like ariels pink one from the movie, huge cake from the best local bakery, tower of presents the whole nine yards."


OP's mother threw a grand birthday party. | Source: Unsplash

Despite not being wealthy, OP's mother had managed to throw a grand party for her daughter's birthday and OP assumed her stepfather's parents must have sponsored it. 


When the party was almost about to end, OP's mother announced that she had opened a high-interest savings account for OP's sister, using money from OP's savings.

After the celebration, OP settled back into her hectic routine. She got a permit from her school to work part-time to ensure she had enough money to graduate from college debt-free. 

OP studied in school while working part-time. | Source: Unsplash


When she got her hands on her first paycheck, she was delighted and rushed to her closet to add it to her shoebox savings. However, she was in for a surprise when she opened the box. She recalled:

"I had noticed it only had one envelope in it vs the 10 I had. I opened it up expecting to count $1000 but it was only $374"

Shocked, OP fell to the ground and felt she couldn't breathe from crying and screaming. After hearing her cry, her brother rushed to her room and called their mother because he didn't know what to do. 

She was delighted to receive her salary | Source: Unsplash


OP's mother sat on the ground next to her and hugged her, trying to calm her down. Then she asked her what happened once she could speak properly. OP cried:

“I only have 300 dollars!”

As she said this, OP noticed her mother's expression change and her tone become less comforting. She asked OP's brother if he had taken her money, but he said no. 

"I'm sure you lost it. No 15-year-old NEEDS $10k anyways," said OP's mother trying to comfort her. She added that they would help her open a bank account to avoid losing her money again.

OP started crying after discovering her savings gone. | Source: Unsplash


OP insisted that she didn't lose her money, but someone had stolen it. That's when something struck her. She realized that her mother must have taken money from her savings for her sister's birthday party. So OP begged:

"Mom... please please tell me that you didn’t take it for sister's birthday?"

Her mother got defensive after hearing her words and denied taking any money from her shoebox. She added that OP should feel lucky if her money helped her sister in any way because her sister had a difficult life. 

OP believed her mother stole the money for the party. | Source: Pexels


Meanwhile, OP's twin brother who heard everything declared their mother a thief, angering their mother even more. She asked her son to leave the room and let her talk to OP alone. 

After OP's brother left, her mother justified her actions explaining that OP's siblings needed help, and she could help them, so she shouldn't feel bad about it. Her mother also added that OP was smart enough to live a perfect life. 

OP remembered her mother kept talking to her while she was on the ground in a fetal position. The next thing she recalled was waking up the following day with her comforter on her while her brother was sleeping on the bed. 


The girl slept on the floor that night. | Source: Unsplash

The girl shared that she didn't get her money back, but she managed to buy a safe from her next paycheck. She also worked two jobs when she was 16 and saved almost $5000 after buying a car for herself. After reading her post, cycad77 replied:


"One day she's going to come to you wanting help, wanting to get money from you or live with you or have you take care of her."

The Redditor asked OP to remind her mother of the party she threw for her one-year-old daughter, who would barely remember anything after growing up. The Redditor believed she threw the party for herself and not her daughter. 

Many Redditors felt sorry for OP. | Source: Unsplash


JuiceEdawg agreed, saying he threw elaborate first birthdays for his kids with his wife, only so they could enjoy themselves with their friends. Meanwhile, 1WhoHatesCustmerSrvs replied:

"While it is true that you would do anything for your kids, you don't take from one something so valuable just to make the other feel more special."

Most Redditors felt bad for OP because her mother stole money to celebrate her sister's first birthday. Some Redditors also asked her to refuse if her mother asked for money in the future.

Another Redditor admitted throwing parties for his kids' birthdays because he wanted to have a good time. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP would have lent her mother the money for the party if the mother asked her instead? 

OP clearly felt betrayed by her own mother for stealing her money. It may have been a different story if her mother asked her for the money instead of stealing it. Do you think OP would have given her the money for the party if her mother had kindly asked her for it?

Do you think celebrating her daughter's first birthday was mandatory for OP's mother?

OP's mother threw a grand party for her daughter's first birthday. However, some Redditors thought spending so much money on the party was unnecessary if she couldn't afford it. What do you think?

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