Mom Cannot Hold Her Emotions When She Hears Her 8-Week-Old Baby's 'First Words'

Ayesha Muhammad
Mar 09, 2022
01:40 P.M.
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An endearing moment a mother heard her baby's 'first words' has captured the hearts of netizens far and wide. The super ecstatic mom was positive she discerned the message correctly, involving adorable facial expressions and sweet gestures. 


Parenthood is an incredible journey, filled with countless heart-melting instances. Parents never forget their children's first moments and always cherish them by revisiting photographs, videos, or relating memorable stories from the past. 

One of these monumental experiences is hearing your kid speak their very first words. Many parents vouch for their little angels speaking fully-formed words very early on, and they might even have proof to support their claims.

A mother captured her baby girl's adorable facial expressions in a video clip. | Source: Viral



Generally, babies start talking in meaningful and audible words between ten and fourteen months. However, some babies start picking up words right after their birth, which has got a lot to do with their surroundings. 

Some parents might talk to their kids from an early age, including reading stories and poems. When babies watch and listen to their parents speak clear, fully-formed words, they try to model the same behavior. 

Often, we might expect to hear common and familiar words from our babies like "mama," "papa," or "dada;" however, babies might opt for different names to address their parents, siblings, or other family members. 


The baby smiles back at her mom. | Source: Viral


Another interesting notion is how parents can identify their bundle of joy's mere babbles, gestures, and facial expressions. Some of these actions hold universal meanings, such as babies crying when they're hungry or irritated. 


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Surprisingly, a mother claimed her newborn baby not only conversed with her but also expressed her love at only eight weeks old. For a baby to comprehend her mom's words and reply in the affirmative might sound a little shocking, but this mom insisted she heard it right.

The mother pictured caressing her daughter's cheeks. | Source: Viral



The mother's sweet conversation with her little angel was captured in a video clip shared on YouTube and other social media platforms. The viral clip racked up over 53 million views on YouTube, with many netizens echoing the mother's claim. 

The woman could be heard talking to her little princess about Christmas in the video, asking her if it went well and if she got everything she wanted. The baby girl smiled and stared intently at her mother, making a lot of adorable sounds.

The pair bonded, and the mother told her daughter how much she loved her amidst their conversation. At first, the little one cooed back, but what she babbled next had her mother convinced she was talking. 



"Did you say 'I love you?'" exclaimed the delighted mother. Her daughter responded with an alarmed reaction, and the mom couldn't help caress her cheek. Some YouTubers debated whether or not the baby uttered, "I love you." A YouTuber wrote:


"Parent hears: 'I love you'. Other mum or dad hears: 'A wubyoo'. Single person, no kids, hears; 'Ahwwwaoo'."

Others were glad to receive an overdose of cuteness and showered love for the sweet baby. A user chimed: "There's nothing more precious than a sweet baby girl! You are blessed beyond measure!"

[Left] The baby cries as his hearing device is activated. [Right] The baby is "all smiles" after hearing his parents' voice for the first time. | Source:



If you also have your doubts, be sure to watch the video, and let us know what you heard the little one say. No matter how long or how little time it takes a baby to say their first words, what truly matters is how precious they are. 

We hope this short video clip helps brighten up your day and offers a positive streak to anyone going through hard times. Please share this adorable story with your family and friends.

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