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Old Lady Accuses 10-Year-Old Great-Granddaughter of Being Pregnant, Calls Her Mother ’Terrible'

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 11, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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When the elderly lady learned about the pregnancy, she immediately called her granddaughter, telling her how she was a "terrible mother" for allowing her 10-year-old daughter to get pregnant.


The granddaughter tried explaining that her daughter wasn't pregnant, but the elderly lady believed she was right because her son told her about it. 

Since she was convinced the 10-year-old girl was pregnant, she asked her granddaughter to buy a pregnancy kit and do the test in front of her.

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When OP (Original Poster) was 14, her 25-year-old cousin found out she was pregnant with her first baby. Excited, she made her pregnancy announcement on Facebook through a detailed post. 

OP's grandmother didn't have a Facebook account, so her son informed her about her granddaughter's pregnancy. However, he had no idea that the elderly lady would be appalled to hear the news.

The old lady immediately picked up her phone to call and humiliate her granddaughter. Confused, her granddaughter asked her why she was calling her names. 

OP's cousin announced her pregnancy on Facebook. | Source: Pexels


It all started to make sense when her grandmother accused her 10-year-old daughter of getting pregnant. The woman tried telling her grandmother that she was wrong, but the woman wasn't ready to listen. 

She asked her to buy a pregnancy testing kit for her daughter and bring it to her house so they could do the test in front of her. 

It turned out that OP's grandmother had misunderstood who was pregnant. OP shared that her pregnant cousin's name sounded similar to her other cousin's 10-year-old daughter, so her grandmother must have heard the wrong name when her son told her about the pregnancy. 

OP's grandmother heard the wrong name. | Source: Unsplash


After days of complications and confusion, OP's pregnant cousin visited her grandmother to clear the misunderstanding. However, OP revealed:

"Grandma didn't believe her."

Even after looking at her granddaughter who was actually pregnant, the elderly lady was convinced her 10-year-old great-granddaughter was pregnant. Then an idea struck her, and she called her other granddaughter. 

OP's cousin told her grandmother she was the one who was pregnant. | Source: Pexels


She asked her to buy a pregnancy testing kit for her daughter and bring it to her house so they could do the test in front of her. 

OP's cousin felt disgusted after hearing the idea, so she immediately refused. No one in the family could understand why their grandmother would accuse the innocent 10-year-old girl of being pregnant. 

After nine months of believing the little girl was pregnant, OP's grandmother forgot about it once she saw her granddaughter with her newborn baby. 

OP's grandmother forgot about it after OP's cousin gave birth. | Source: Unsplash


To date, no one could understand why she firmly believed the minor girl was pregnant and how she suddenly forgot about it. OP confessed no one talked about that incident the day after her cousin gave birth.

The internet was also stunned after reading OP's strange story. ahhhscreamapillar confessed the story reminded her of something similar. She recalled:

"Right before I started middle school, my grandmother, in her thick German accent and finger pointing at me told me: DON'T YOU GET PREGNANT"

No one understood why OP's granddaughter wrongly accused the little girl. | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, fave_no_more wondered why OP's grandmother assumed a 10-year-old girl was pregnant when she had the option of thinking it was a 25-year-old woman, to which OP replied:

"That's because you're a perfectly normal person.."

Another Redditor said they couldn't understand OP's grandmother's unwillingness to accept that she was wrong despite her family telling her about the misunderstanding. 

OP's grandmother didn't want to accept she was wrong. | Source: Unsplash


"That's basically Grandma in a nutshell," replied OP. She felt her grandmother was "physically incapable of being wrong," adding:

"Grandma would fight LONG AND HARD to 'prove' she wasn't wrong."

Most Redditors agreed that OP's grandmother was wrong because she accused a 10-year-old girl of being pregnant and didn't accept her mistake when others told her about it. 

OP responded to the comments under her post. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

If you were OP's cousin, would you do the pregnancy test on your 10-year-old daughter?

OP's cousin refused to do the test and dignify her grandmother's absurd accusation. However, had she let her daughter take the test, it would have cleared the misunderstanding there and then. What do you think?

Do you think OP or her cousin should remind their grandmother of the time she accused the 10-year-old girl of being pregnant?

A Redditor suggested reminding OP's grandmother about it jokingly to see her reaction. Doing so might clarify why her grandmother forgot about her accusations after her granddaughter gave birth. Do you agree?

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