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Pregnant Mom Rushed to Hospital on Her Intuition and without Symptoms Saves Unborn Child

Lois Oladejo
Mar 11, 2022
11:00 A.M.
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A mom who was expecting a baby suddenly felt convinced something had gone wrong with her infant. And thanks to her intuition, the baby's life was saved.


Jemma Austin, 43, and her partner, Paul Jordan, 31, had been trying for a baby for several years, but every attempt had been unsuccessful. The couple suffered two miscarriages and a stillbirth. They also went through two rounds of IVF. 

The couple's fertility struggles continued, dashing their hopes and sometimes depleting their funds. Their first round of IVF in the UK cost them around £6,000 and it still turned out unsuccessful.

Jemma Austin and her husband sitting on a couch with baby Axel on his father's laps | Source: facebook.com/carolinabulletin2.0


Doctors advised the couple to use a donor egg to give them the best chance of having a baby. Although Austin was sad that the baby would not be hers biologically, she felt comforted knowing she would still be a mom.

In September 2020, Austin and Jordan traveled to Brno, Czech Republic, to try IVF with a donor egg because it was less expensive. To their astonishment, the treatment worked, and they became pregnant.

Baby Axel with his parents. | Source: facebook.com/carolinabulletin2.0



Austin was thrilled when she realized she was expecting a baby. Things seemed to be going smoothly until she felt something was wrong with the baby.

She was 22 weeks pregnant when she had a gut feeling that she needed to see her doctor. The hairstylist had previously lost a baby at 23 weeks and was worried about experiencing the same loss.

Although no warning signs showed her baby was in danger, doctors at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Worcester, West Midlands, discovered that her cervix was open – Austin had lost her last baby to a cervix infection. 


Baby Axel smiling while his mom carries him up in her hands. | Source: facebook.com/carolinabulletin2.0


She was kept at the hospital for two weeks and gave birth to her son at 24 weeks, 14 weeks earlier. He weighed a tiny 1lb 70z and had a series of health concerns at his birth. 


The baby, Axel, suffered from seizures and sepsis. He also had to learn to breathe independently and needed to be closely monitored by the doctors.

Austin was glad she did not lose the newborn like the other pregnancies. According to her, her newfound success was all thanks to a mother's instinct at work. The 43-year-old had been walking her dog when she had the gut feeling.


Austin said she could only hold her baby for a few minutes before being taken away. But she felt a joy she had never felt before, knowing she had finally pulled through.


She described her baby as a fighter and a happy baby, noting that they had since gone on to forge a strong bond. Axel's arrival meant the world to his parents, who had been together for a decade. After more than a hundred days in the hospital, Axel returned home with his parents in 2021.

The proud couple said they looked forward to marking his first birthday and hoped their story would inspire other parents who had lost their little ones or struggled to start a family. 


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