Struggling Mom Wins Lottery, Decides to Give the Money to a Police Officer Instead of Using It

Dayna Remus
Mar 11, 2022
03:00 P.M.
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Without a job and barely standing on her own two feet, a single mother came upon money that could have made her life a little easier. But, she gave it away. The reason why? A mystery we are about to unravel. 


In October 2012, a family, including Rakiya Edmonson and her mother, Shetara Sims, faced a tragedy no family should have to go through. 

Sims lost her daughter, who was also Edmonson's older sister. She was murdered in Kansas, but luckily they didn't have to walk this dark road alone. 

[Left] Rakiya Edmonson crying; [Right] Shetara Sims and a police officer hugging. | Source:



The mother said that during this horrific time, police detectives assigned to their case went beyond the call of duty, recollecting:

"They did things they didn't have to do...They came to see my kids. They did a lot. They were fathers, therapists. They were everything."

Shetara Sims’ late daughter and Rakiya Edmonson’s late older sister. | Source:


Sadly, even with all the support in the world, life continues, and terrible things still happen. In 2020, because of the COVD-19 pandemic, the family faced another hardship when Sims lost her job. 

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Shetara Sims. | Source:



But, while there are lows in life, the road also contains highs. Sims came across a $1.00 note in a parking lot by some unknown luck. She used it to buy a scratch-off ticket and miraculously won $100.00!

But, even though Sims was in desperate need of this money, she chose to give it away. She made this unexpected decision because her daughter, 12 years old at the time, suggested using the cash to help an injured police officer.

Shetara Sims giving her daughter Rakiya Edmonson a kiss on her temple. | Source:


This gesture was an expression of gratitude on the part of Sims and Edmonson. The daughter proposed donating the $100.00 so that the police's relatives could visit him.

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Rakiya Edmonson. | Source:



The Kansas City, Missouri police force was deeply thankful for the heartfelt gesture, with police Sergeant Jake Becchina expressing

"It's really impactful to us, and it's really touching to us."

Neither the mom nor daughter left any contact details or identification to link them to the donation. But of course, as detectives, they found out who they were, eager to repay them for their kindness. 

Police Sergeant Jake Becchina. | Source:


The force was so thankful that they set up a GoFundMe account for Sims and Edmonson. By July 2020, the amount stood at over $12,000. 

While we all face terrible moments and incidents, it's those who stay by our side that leave marks on our hearts forever. 



While Sims and Edmonson received a massive amount of money for their kindness, one teen store employee was punished for the very same thing. 

Out of admiration, 18-year-old Zack, while working at Great American Cookies at Katy Mills Mall, chose to pay for a police officer's cookie.

Unexpectedly, a couple in the line were intensely vocal about their disapproval towards this young man's gesture. They said Zack was being racist and threatened him with violence. Luckily, co-workers managed to calm the situation down.

Zack Randolph.│Source: 2 Click2Houston



Everyone saw the teenager as a dedicated worker. He had a stellar reputation. Despite this fact, the store suspended him following the incident.

However, after social media got wind of the story and attacked the store, the franchise apologized publicly and revoked the suspension.

As they say, no good deed goes unpunished, but in both cases, the family and the teenager got rewarded in the end. But, money and praise for charitable acts should not motivate altruists. Still, they are certainly perks. 

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