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Little Girl's Mom Approaches Cop, Calls the Officer Her Daughter's Angel

Dayna Remus
Mar 15, 2022
02:00 A.M.
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We all love Disney. We all want to go to Disneyland. You don't have to admit it, but it's true. One little girl got to go because of an angel on earth. But, what exactly did this angel do to earn her wings?


All of us have or desire to find purpose in our lives. We search for it through family, helping others, creating art, and more. 

If we are lucky enough, our profession and purpose are one and the same. Sherry Rego from Florida claims to have found this combination through her work.

Sherry Rego and a little girl. | Source: facebook.com/colliersheriff


In 2020, the police officer was reminded of her passion for her job. This recollection occurred at a filling station, where she was pumping gas. 

The Collier County Sheriff's Office took to their official Facebook page. There they shared their colleague Rego's original post about the beautiful moment. 

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In the social media post, she wrote about a mother, her son, and her 5-year-old daughter who approached her at the station.

Rego promptly became teary-eyed as she recognized the little girl. She saved her life three years ago by giving her CPR.

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The mom turned to her daughter. She asked her if she knew who the lady in uniform was. She then referred to Rego as her little girl's angel. Rego penned

"Today, God reminded me why I do what I do!"

The post quickly became viral. It garnered admiration from thousands of fellow netizens. It has accrued 220,000 reactions and 9900 shares.



On top of this, there are 1500 comments, all of which are full of positivity and admiration for Rego. One individual in the comment section echoed the mother's sentiments, expressing

"Wow, it kinda looks like an angel in the clouds behind her. Amazing!!"

Many shared their gratitude for the police force and thanked them for their community service. Several people commented that the post made them cry.  

Individuals’ comments on Facebook post by the Collier County Sheriff's Office. | Source: facebook.com/colliersheriff



Rego then wrote that the little girl was taking a trip to Disney Land -- something that may not have been possible if the cop had not been there to save her three years ago. Rego stated

"This was such a blessed reminder [of] why I do the job I do, and beyond grateful to the amazing agency I work for."

This officer may feel blessed to do what she does. But, the older the little girl gets, the more she will realize the magnitude of what Rego did for her. She will then feel even more blessed than her hero. 



Some, like the mother whose daughter Rego saved, truly appreciate cops. On the other hand, some people are suspicious of police officers -- 3-year-old Camille Fortin may grow up to be one of them. 

Instead of saving her life, a police officer gave Fortin a calm yet stern talking to about being safe. This interaction occurred after Fortin's mother became so frustrated that her daughter would not put her seatbelt on no matter what she tried. 

A police officer talking to Camille Fortin. | Source: youtube.com/ABC News

So, the mother called Scottsdale law enforcement via their non-emergency number. Dressed in his official attire, an officer came over to talk to the little girl as she stood in her mom's vehicle.

Of course, controversy surrounded this mother's disciplinary decision. What do you think of her choice? Good? Bad? Or a little bit of both?