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Man Visits Wife on Her Deathbed, during Their Conversation She Reveals One of Their Kids Is Not His

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 22, 2022
12:00 A.M.
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Lying on her deathbed, a woman confessed that her daughter resulted from her extramarital affair, not knowing how it would affect the girl's life after.


The woman confessed because she wanted her husband and sons to love her daughter regardless of her biological father's identity. But after her death, her husband sent their daughter away. 

Years later, the girl discovered the truth and understood why everyone mistreated her. She badly wanted to fit into the family to the extent that she was ready to share her $650,000 inheritance with them.

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Not wanting to reveal her identity, the 16-year-old girl wrote a Reddit post under the username Thrownaway-Namiii in the relationship_advice community. She shared that her mother cheated on her husband two years before her death. 

As a result, OP was born, but her mother didn't tell anyone that she was not biologically related to her brothers and father. However, she confessed the truth on her deathbed. 

She expected her husband and sons to continue to love OP like she was part of their family, but they didn't. Soon after her death, they sent her to OP's maternal grandparents' house until further notice. 

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The little girl had no idea why she wasn't living with her father and brothers, but after spending a year with her grandparents, her father took her back.

"I guess I was almost like a foster kid and not really part of the family," she explained. 

OP always felt neglected because her father never paid attention to her. He never asked her about her grades or school and never inquired about her boyfriends. 

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"No one showed up to my teachers' conferences, and my birthdays were often just my dad ordering pizza for us," OP recalled. Her paternal aunts and uncles even neglected her and didn't send her presents at Christmas. 

Meanwhile, her brothers were always her father's center of attention and the little girl assumed she was treated differently by everyone because of her gender. 

It was when she was 12 that OP finally discovered the truth about her paternity. It started when her brother called her "mom's mistake," so she complained to her father about it and asked him why he said that.

She felt everyone mistreated her because she was a girl. | Source: Unsplash


Her father sat her down and gently explained that he was not her biological father. He told her that her biological father refused to own her, so he took her in and cared for her because he had promised her mother.

OP confessed her father had provided her with everything, but he wasn't interested in her life. "I guess I was almost like a foster kid and not really part of the family," she explained

On the other hand, her maternal grandmother showered her with love and affection that she craved from her paternal family. She always celebrated OP's birthday whenever she visited and told her brothers to treat her nicely. 


OP's grandmother always celebrated her birthdays. | Source: Unsplash

Unfortunately, the lady passed away, but she left something for her beloved granddaughter — her entire estate worth $650,000. She left nothing for OP's brothers because she knew they would have their father's support, unlike OP.


She also asked OP not to share the inheritance unless she thought her brothers needed it. Currently, her uncle was holding the money in trust, and she would receive a fixed amount every year after turning 18. 

Meanwhile, her father had incurred a massive loss in his business, so her brothers had to take loans for their tuition fees. She felt terrible watching them struggle for money and thought she should tell them about her inherited money, expecting them to "forgive her" in return for the money.

The girl inherited $650,000 from her grandmother. | Source: Unsplash


On the other hand, she felt they might never trust her again if they knew about the money. Her uncle also advised her not to talk about the money because it was her "safety net." He told her to move out once she turned 18. 

Feeling confused, OP turned to the internet to find out if she should share her inheritance money with her brothers.

"I think you should go with your uncle's advice," a Redditor replied, explaining that OP's family wouldn't appreciate her for her generosity. Instead, they would tell her it was her obligation to share the money with them. 

OP's father had suffered a huge loss. | Source: Pexels


"Nope, I wouldn't. Your grandmother left it to you for a reason. Think of it as her dying wish," Redditor Bucky2015 also stated and asked her to use the money to pay for her tuition and live her life to the fullest. 

Meanwhile, Redditor ezagreb assured OP she was blameless and advised her not to make any decision until she turned 25.

She asked other Redditors if she should share her inheritance. | Source: Unsplash


Moreover, Kurtz1 replied, "I’d keep the money secret and not help them." The Redditor also asked OP if her father would pay her tuition fee, given his business was not going well.

"Probably not," OP answered. She added that her father did provide her with school supplies. 

Most Redditors agreed that OP shouldn't tell her father and brothers about the money. They suspected her family would take everything from her.

Most Redditors told her not to share the money. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Would you share the money with your family if you were OP?

OP wanted to share the money with her family, hoping they would accept her and treat her as part of the family, and also because she felt terrible watching them struggle financially. However, she knew that the money would come in handy to her in the event that she got kicked out of the house after two years. Would you share the money with your brothers if you were OP?

Do you think OP's grandmother should have told everyone about her will?

OP's grandmother didn't tell anyone about her will except OP's uncle because she feared OP's family would ask her for the money. Some people might think things would have been easy for OP if her family already knew about the money because she wouldn't have to keep it a secret. Do you agree?

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