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Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Brad Hall Are Still Going Strong after 34 Years of Marriage & Are Proud Parents of 2

Monica Otayza
Mar 20, 2022
03:20 A.M.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall have a lot to be proud of, but their greatest achievement remains to be their decades-long marriage and their two children.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall's love story continues and gets stronger by the day as they draw closer to the 35th year of their marriage. It was love at first sight for the actress, knowing right away that Hall was the one for her – and she was right.

Dreyfus and Hall first met at Northwestern University before working for "Saturday Night Live" in the 1980s. The actress ended up falling in love, and the feeling was mutual for Hall, who, up until today, is a doting husband to his gorgeous wife.

ulia Louis-Dreyfus poses with her husband Brad Hall and sons Henry Hall and Charles Hall at her induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame on May 4, 2010 in Hollywood, California. | Source: Getty Images

ulia Louis-Dreyfus poses with her husband Brad Hall and sons Henry Hall and Charles Hall at her induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame on May 4, 2010 in Hollywood, California. | Source: Getty Images

Dreyfus is best known for starring as Elaine on the sitcom "Seinfeld." She was a cast member of "Saturday Night Live" in 1982 and launched her movie career four years later. Since then, she's starred on the likes of "Watching Ellie," "The New Adventures of Old Christine," and "Veep."


Meanwhile, Hall is best known for his appearance on "Saturday Night Live" as the news anchor for "Saturday Night News." He is a writer and producer, known for "A Bug's Life," "Brooklyn Bridge," the TV series "The Single Guy," and "Watching Ellie," which starred his wife.



The couple met at Northwestern University during the Carter era. At the time, Hall was in a comedy troupe called "The Practical Theater," which Dreyfus joined as well. The skits parodied the era's problems, including oil and environmental issues.

By the time Dreyfus joined the troupe, Hall was a senior with a big beard and long hair. Dreyfus was 19 and had fallen absolutely head-over-heels in love with him.


From the beginning, Dreyfus knew that Hall was the man for him. However, she kept her secret crush to herself, as she was afraid of what other people would say. Talking about it, she once said:

"He looked like Björn Borg or something. I remember thinking early on that this was the guy for me, but I didn’t dare tell anyone."


Hall and Dreyfus ended up getting together and have not let each other go since. Since meeting in university, Hall was impressed by the aspiring actress toughness. One day, he was surprised when Dreyfus stopped the rehearsals because she called out those teasing her.

"That's over. We're not doing that anymore," Dreyfus told everybody. Everyone was taken aback by her, and since then, nobody dared to tease her.

In the end, the couple got married on June 25, 1987. Their wedding was nothing short of a fairytale, with Dreyfus wearing a floor-length puff-sleeved white gown and Hall wearing an oversized black suit and printed tie.



In 2017, Dreyfus was diagnosed with breast cancer. In a statement, she announced that the good news about her diagnosis was that she had a good support system in her family and friends and insurance coverage from her union.

Dreyfus noticed a lump on her breast on the Friday before the Emmy Awards, so she saw a radiologist. After a biopsy, she was told to prepare for some bad news.

Two days after the biopsy, she won her sixth Emmy for her appearance on "Veep." She set a record for most wins by an actor for a single role. The following day, she found out she had cancer.


The actress started undergoing chemotherapy, having her friends and family with her in the treatment room to give her a boost of moral support. Her husband stuck by her and gave her all the help she needed through it all.

Ultimately, Dreyfus beat cancer, but the incident caused her and Hall to reflect on their lives. Her diagnosis was a wake-up call for their family, and it made them appreciate life more. He said:

"Definitely, you go 'This isn't a permanent condition, life.' So, you do sort of take stock."



Through their interviews, one thing clearly evident is how comfortable Dreyfus and Hall are with one another. At one point, when discussing their marriage, Hall said: "The lucky thing is that Julia's never been interested in..."

Before he could finish, Dreyfus chimed in and completed it for him. "Other men?" she laughed.

"In other men," he agreed. "She's cheated so little... I mean, comparatively," Hall added.


Their marriage was built to last, as Dreyfus was never interested in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and everything that came with it. Although she accepted the Mark Twain award for humor, it's something she would have passed on as she preferred to keep private.

To Dreyfus, it's more than just her ability to shut out the temptations of Hollywood. To her, you have to be with the right man. Although it's basic, it was crucial for her to know that she and Hall had the same goals and sensibilities.


Dreyfus also felt comfortable knowing she and her husband were on the same page when raising their children and what they liked to do as a couple and as a family. Sharing more about it, she said:

"We're always trying new things together — having adventures is a great way to be with your partner."

Since first falling in love with Hall when they were in college, Dreyfus stays in love with him. When they celebrated their 34th anniversary in 2021, she wrote a touching caption for him, saying: "34 years in, keeping our head above water. Love and love to the love of my life."



Dreyfus never expected to have two boys when it came to raising children, as she had four sisters. Through it all, she assumed she'd be raising girls as well, admitting:

"I just assumed I'd have girls. It didn't even occur to me that I might have a boy, let alone two."


Despite not expecting to have sons, Dreyfus loves being a mother. In fact, she always proudly posts about her two children whenever she can, regardless of the occasion.

She and Hall share sons Henry and Charlie, who were born in 1992 and 1997, respectively. Dreyfus juggled being a mother while continuing to work on her career, sometimes bringing her kids on the set of "Seinfeld."

Admittedly, Dreyfus thought it was great, but it also split her focus. She had a nursery set up backstage so she could nurse, and then she'd rush back to do a scene.

Although it was hard to pull off, Dreyfus wouldn't change anything. Her children are all grown up now, and she and Hall couldn't be prouder of the kind gentlemen they raised.

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