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Money of Old Marine Gets Stolen While Undergoing Surgery – He Survives and Discovers the Thieves

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 22, 2022
03:20 A.M.
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Someone snuck into the man's home while he was lying unconscious on a hospital bed. The intruder took all his cash and important documents, expecting him not to wake up after the surgery. 


After examining the 91-year-old man, the doctors declared he needed to go through three surgeries. His family thought he wouldn't survive because he was already weak. 

His daughters took him for dinner on the weekend and gave him gifts to express their love. They thought he wouldn't make it but were shocked when he woke up angry after the final surgery. 

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The man had three daughters — Emma, Ginny, and Lily. Only Ginny took care of him when he became too weak to look after himself. The other two daughters only brought gifts for him when they visited him. 

Redditor Toppercitos felt Emma and Lily avoided visiting their father. The Redditor also shared that Ginny and Lily weren't on good terms because their mother had always made them compete as children. The competitiveness grew into resentment with time.

When OP's (Original Poster's) great-grandfather turned 91, the doctors said he needed to undergo three different surgeries because of his health complications. 

The 91-year-old man had to undergo three surgeries. | Source: Unsplash


Money was not a problem for him because he was an ex-marine. However, his weakness made his family members think he wouldn't survive. 

She saw marks on the door indicating someone had forcefully entered. 

On the weekend before the surgery, Emma and Lily took him for dinner and brought him gifts. They were sure their father wouldn't make it, so they assumed this was the last time they would have a good time together.

His daughters took him to dinner. | Source: Unsplash


On the day of the operation, Ginny was present in the hospital with OP's mother. Suddenly, Lily appeared and ridiculed her sister. Their argument turned into a physical fight within seconds. 

The marines present on the floor quickly pulled the women to separate them as everyone in the hospital stared at them in silence. 

A few moments later, Lily left, and Emma appeared. She asked OP's mother about her father's condition. OP shared that her mother felt Emma and Lily's behavior was quite strange.

Ginny and OP's mother waited for the man outside his room. | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, Ginny headed for the exit because no one was there to look after her father's house. OP's mother assured her that she would take care of her father so that Ginny wouldn't worry about anything. 

However, when Ginny reached her father's house, she noticed something was not right. She saw marks on the door indicating someone had forcefully entered. 

Worried about her father's belongings, she checked the side table drawers in his bedroom. To her horror, they were empty. Someone had stolen his money and documents.

While undergoing surgery, the old man's house was robbed. | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, OP's mother sat on the couch beside the unconscious man after the surgery with her eyes wide open, wondering if he would wake up.

Suddenly, she saw the man rise from the bed. He angrily pulled out his IV and tried to get off the bed.  Surprised, OP's mother quickly called for help, and four male nurses rushed in to restrain the fragile man. 

He was discharged from the hospital a week later after the doctors declared he had no medical complications. As he was about to enter the house, Ginny told him about the robbery. 

The man was discharged a week later. | Source: Unsplash


His eyes widened, but he told everyone he knew who the culprit was. He immediately called for his two daughters and asked them to return his belongings. 

It turns out that Emma and Lily stole his money and papers from his house because they had expected him to pass away. They returned some of the belongings after their father caught them. 

A few days later, the man called his lawyer and redrafted his will, leaving everything to Ginny. Emma and Lily threw a fit when they realized he had excluded them.

The man called his lawyer to redraft his will. | Source: Unsplash


The man passed away a year after the incident. "My mother and I believe that he would have lived longer if it wasn't for his daughters' betrayal," OP stated

After OP posted the story in the EntitledPeople sub, many Redditors shared similar incidents that happened in their family.

Redditor wispofthewest's aunt did something similar with her mother. She spent a lot of time with the Redditor's grandmother and stole most of her belongings. She conveniently blamed the nurses and other hospital staff when everyone in the family found out her possessions were missing.

The man died a year later. | Source: Unsplash


"I bet that Lily would've tried to steal the heirlooms too if Ginny had some left," OP replied. Ginny and Lily had already made a deal that Lily would pay for Ginny's sons' tuition fee in exchange for the heirlooms. 

Most Redditors felt happy that Lily and Emma didn't get anything. Other Redditors shared similar stories, and OP felt sad knowing how common this kind of theft was.

OP suspected Lily would have tried stealing the heirlooms too. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Why did Lily and Emma steal their father's belongings?

Lily and Emma already had a share in the inheritance, but their father excluded them after knowing they robbed him. It's unclear why they stole his money and papers. It might be because they assumed their father would give everything to Ginny since she took care of him. Do you agree their insecurity led them to steal his belongings?

Do you think the man would have lived longer if his daughters didn't betray him?

OP and his mother agreed his great-grandfather would have lived longer if his daughters hadn't betrayed him. His health deteriorated after he discovered Lily and Emma had robbed him. However, some people might disagree, saying the incident didn't contribute to the deterioration of the man's health. What's your take on this?

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