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Rich Man Renewed His Will So That None of His Family Would Inherit His $20 Million Fortune

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 16, 2022
12:00 A.M.
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A 27-year-old man sought advice from the internet after his father excluded him from his will and gave his estate worth millions to his boyfriend instead. 


The man shared that his mother filed for divorce from his 55-year-old father four years ago after discovering he slept with multiple men behind her back.

After going through multiple traumatic events, the man under the username Firm_Bag vented on Reddit, sharing his feelings, including how he felt about his father dating a 24-year-old guy.

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After his parents couldn't accept his sexual orientation, the Original Poster's (OP's) father felt pressured to marry the girl of their choice. They chose OP's mother, and the two tied the knot in the presence of their loved ones. 

They had a child soon after their marriage because the man's mother pressured him. His wife had no idea that he was not interested in women.

Meanwhile, he slept with other men behind her back until the day she discovered the truth. That day, she asked him for divorce and agreed to take nothing else except the family house. 

OP's mother asked his father for a divorce the day she discovered the truth. | Source: Pexels


OP believed his mother should have asked for more because his father had a $20 million net worth. However, he let it go because he was already frustrated with everything that was happening at the time.

Feeling resentful towards his father, OP expressed his feelings to him, hoping he would do something about it.

After the divorce, OP's father changed his will, which came as a shock to OP. His father decided to give everything to his 24-year-old boyfriend. 

OP's father changed his will after the divorce. | Source: Unsplash


OP was in disbelief because he always expected to inherit some portion of his father's wealth. He also felt his father's boyfriend was a "gold-digger," waiting for him to die so he could get all the wealth. OP revealed the boyfriend wasn't a permanent resident before their relationship, explaining:

"My dad bought him a house, and did a bunch of other things to make him seem like a functioning member of society."

What was more concerning for OP was that he and his mother had helped his father grow his business without asking for anything in return. They worked for it unpaid because it was their family business, and he assumed he would eventually take over.


OP's father bought a house for his boyfriend. | Source: Unsplash

Feeling resentful towards his father, OP expressed his feelings to him, hoping he would do something about it. Instead, his father blamed him and his mother for "ruining his life" and told him to ask his mother for money. 


OP was also bothered that his father blamed his mother for destroying his life by marrying him. He believed his father should blame his grandparents instead. 

Before concluding his Reddit post, OP shared that he felt uncomfortable whenever he saw two men together, attributing it as most likely due to his father's situation. 

The man thought his wife ruined his life by marrying him. | Source: Unsplash


"You aren't entitled to his property, but it's perfectly reasonable for you to feel salty, angry, bitter, weirded out, etc.," Redditor sami_shakur assured OP.

Meanwhile, Augustbaby20 stated that OP's father shouldn't have given everything to his boyfriend because it made it seem like he doesn't care about his son's future. 

The Redditor advised OP to stop expecting his father to support him financially and think about building a life for himself. On the other hand, Nitta66 believed OP was entitled to his inheritance. She asked him to talk to his father to make him realize that he needed to provide for his son. 

OP opened up about his feelings on Reddit. | Source: Unsplash


The Redditor also believed OP's father was punishing him for how his life turned out to be. "Unfortunately, that is nobody's fault but his own. He should have rebelled against his parents and lived his life on his own terms," Nitta66 stated. Furthermore, she advised OP to talk to a lawyer and see if he could contest his father's will.

Another Redditor under the username whatimhereforis suggested OP seek counseling for his newfound resentment towards men dating the same gender.

Most Redditors felt terrible for OP, but they also told him what limited options he had to solve his problem. They thought he couldn't do much about it. 


A Redditor suggested OP consult a lawyer. | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Should OP's father reconsider his will?


Since his father was a rich man, he could have given his only son a portion of his wealth. It seemed like the resentment in his heart against his wife made him disinherit his son. However, he still has time to rewrite his will and give his son a part of his estate. Do you think he would reconsider his will?

Do you think OP should contest his father's will?

A Redditor suggested OP contest his father's will considering he had the right to inheritance and it might increase his chances of inheriting something from his father's estate. On the other hand, some people might think his father may take offense and refuse to give him anything. What do you think?

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