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Couple on Their Way Home with Newly-Adopted Baby Hear Their Names during Attendant's Announcement

Stephen Thompson
Mar 19, 2022
06:40 A.M.
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Dustin and Caren were going home with their adopted daughter for the first time when two flight attendants heard their story. The flight attendants subsequently decided to celebrate the pair and their baby in an unexpected way. 


California couple Dustin and Caren Moore had wanted to be parents for more than nine years, but their attempts proved futile because Caren sadly suffered multiple miscarriages. 

Finally, they decided adoption was the way to go, and the couple was afforded the opportunity to adopt a baby girl in the nearby state of Colorado. 

[Left] Picture of couple Dustin and Caren Moore with their newly adopted daughter; [Right] Messages written by passengers on the flight to Dustin and Caren | Source: facebook.com/YahooCanada || twitter.com/theamericanrd


On November 9, 2019, Dustin and Caren fulfilled their longtime wish of being parents after they successfully adopted a newly-born baby girl, and they could finally take her home with them. 

Bringing their eight-day-old daughter home marked the end of a long, emotional journey, and the couple booked their trip back home on the Southwest Airlines flight to California. However, the pair could not have predicted the heartwarming surprise that awaited them on the trip. 



Midway through the trip back home, their new daughter soiled her diaper and needed to have it changed. The couple subsequently asked a flight attendant called Jenny for a space where they could change the diaper.

Jenny created a space at the back of the plane, and when they were done, she and a passenger complimented their beautiful daughter and asked why they were taking the young child on a flight. 


Dustin explained to the pair that they had just adopted, and both Jenny and the passenger congratulated the new parents. Ten minutes later, another flight attendant named Bobby approached the couple to ask about their baby. The new parents repeated their adoption story, and Bobby also congratulated them and left. 

Surprisingly, the intercom came on, and the couple heard Bobby announcing their baby as a special guest on the flight who had just been adopted and was going home with her parents for the first time. 


Afterward, the whole plane erupted in cheers. Furthermore, Bobby explained they would be passing pens and napkins to passengers who wanted to offer encouragement or advice for the new parents.

Dustin and Caren were pleasantly surprised as the atmosphere on the plane turned to that of a baby shower. Passengers wrote sweet messages and advice, which were read over the intercom.

One of the messages read: "I was adopted 64 years ago. Thank you for giving this child a loving family to be part of. Us adopted kids need a little extra love. Congratulations." The flight crew also gave their new baby her own set of pilot wings. 



The couple's experience and the beautiful gestures by both flight attendants and passengers, garnered many positive reviews after Dustin shared the story on his Twitter page in 2020. 

The new father had gone through a difficult day at work and decided to uplift the negative atmosphere on Twitter by sharing their flight story. Dustin explained that the outpouring of love that he and Caren received in the flight meant so much to them than anyone could imagine.


He also praised Jenny and Bobby for initiating the gestures and explained that the pair were also married. They had experienced something similar on their honeymoon, so they did the same for the Moores. 

Dustin concluded that he wanted people to read their story and realize that a lot more is going on in the world than one might consider, and instead of looking for what is wrong, people should start looking for the positives in life.