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Man Secretly Kicks Sister-In-Law with Little Kid Out on the Streets While Wife Is Out of Town

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 24, 2022
06:00 A.M.
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When a woman came home and couldn't find her sister, she asked her husband about it. He said she left the house on her own and handed her a letter. She was suspicious but trusted her husband until she received a call from an unknown number.


The woman had asked her sister to move in with her since she had nowhere to go. Her husband agreed, so they welcomed the sister with her 5-month-old son.

However, things took an unexpected turn two weeks later. Her husband had started complaining about the crying baby, saying he felt stressed after hearing the noises.

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Redditor DalewareThrow65 had asked her husband if her sister could move in with them because she gave birth to a baby a few months ago and was battling depression. 

Once her husband agreed, she invited her sister to live with them. She was happy to help her during a difficult time and assumed her husband felt the same. 

OP (Original Poster) didn't have any problems with her sister since she also helped her with the house chores. However, her husband had started complaining two weeks after she moved in. He was annoyed every time the child cried.

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OP tried explaining that babies are supposed to cry, but the nighttime wailing disturbed him. She suggested he wear earbuds, implying she couldn't do anything about it. He didn't complain about the baby's noises after that.

"She left this letter for you," her husband said as he gave the piece of paper to her.

One day, OP had to go to a friend's funeral in another town. When she asked her husband if he would join her, he opted to stay home to look after her sister. 

Her husband couldn't tolerate the baby's cries. | Source: Unsplash


When she returned a day later, she couldn't find her sister or her nephew in the house. Her bags were also missing, so she asked her husband about them. 

He told her that her sister had left the house earlier that day because she was moving to a friend's place in another town. Then he reached for the side table and pulled out a paper from the drawer.

OP's sister was not in her room. | Source: Unsplash


"She left this letter for you," her husband said as he gave the piece of paper to her. She read the letter with her eyes wide open, wondering where her sister went.

After reading the letter, she picked up her phone and dialed her sister's number, but she didn't pick up. She tried multiple times, but her sister never answered. 

When she told her husband about it, he said he found her phone in her room. It seemed like her sister had forgotten to take the phone with her. 

OP read her sister's letter wondering where she went. | Source: Pexels


OP didn't know any of her sister's friends who lived in another town, so she called her relatives, thinking she might have gone there. After a couple of phone calls, she realized her sister didn't contact any of their relatives. 

A week later, she received a phone call from an unknown number. She was shocked to hear her sister's voice on the other end. "Where are you?" OP asked.

Her sister told her that she was at a shelter and didn't have money. It turns out that OP's husband kicked her out of the house after she left for the funeral. 

She received a call from her sister. | Source: Pexels


After hanging up, OP waited for her husband to return home from work. She sat on the living room couch with her arms folded, tapping her feet on the ground.

She stood up when he entered the house and confronted him immediately. He admitted he had taken her sister's phone and written a fake letter. He argued that it was his house, so he had the right to decide who lived in it. 

OP told him she would bring her back tomorrow, but her husband insisted she didn't. He threatened to change the locks to ban her from entering the house. 

OP's husband had kicked her sister out. | Source: Unsplash


OP refused to argue with him anymore and decided to spend the night at a hotel. Meanwhile, she also kept in touch with her sister to meet with her and discuss what happened that day. 

When the woman narrated the incident on Reddit, other users flooded the comments section under her post. "He targeted a victim of an abusive relationship for further abuse," Redditor yet_another_sock replied

The Redditor declared OP's husband was a "threat" to her and her sister, highlighting how cleverly he planned his move to kick her out and ensured that OP had no means of contacting her sister. 

OP decided to spend the night at a hotel. | Source: Unsplash


"He is a dangerous man," Redditor Impossible-Pause3788 stated. "He threw a woman and her newborn onto the street." The Redditor said OP needed to divorce her husband. 

AccousticMotorboat thought OP should kick her husband out of the house and call the police if he locked her out. They would help get her things out.

Most Redditors asked OP not to trust her husband again. They felt she needed to get rid of him because his behavior was concerning. 

OP's husband had threatened to change the locks. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think it would be better if her husband voiced his concerns instead of taking action?

Instead of talking to OP, the man decided to kick her sister out behind her back. Perhaps, If he tried talking to OP and her sister, he wouldn't be in a bad position. He could have told his sister that he felt annoyed when the baby cried. Do you think that would have worked?

Do you think OP should leave her husband?

How OP's husband planned his move reflects his mentality. Many Redditors felt OP needed to get rid of him because he kicked a homeless woman with an infant out of their house. It meant he could hurt OP if things didn't go his way. However, some people might disagree, saying he wouldn't hurt his wife. Should she part ways with her husband?

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