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Man Suspects Wife of Infidelity, Installs GPS Tracker on Her Car and Follows Her

Rita Kumar
Mar 23, 2022
06:00 A.M.
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The husband never paid attention when his wife said she hated working with an anonymous male colleague. But one day, he found a sticky note with directions to his house in her bag.


When you love someone with all your heart and soul, you might find it difficult not to trust them even when your gut feeling warns you of something sketchy. But what if your instincts are proven right?

35-year-old Redditor BourbonBlessed found himself sinking in a puddle of doubts when he sensed something about his wife's behavior was not right, especially after he found her packing an extremely revealing bathing suit for a business trip.

Day by day, OP grew suspicious of his wife's behavior, so he installed a GPS tracker on her car to find out. | Source: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) was a private investigator while his wife, 33, landed a successful career a couple of years ago. While everything seemed perfect, OP soon had a rough ride when he noticed the awkwardness in his wife's behavior.

She was always preoccupied with her phone and was too busy at work, particularly at night and on weekends. Lately, he caught her lying about a revealing bathing suit she claimed to have bought online. She told him it was inappropriate for her business trip to Florida but still slipped it into her luggage.

The wife's cold attitude didn't add up to OP. So, after she left, he rummaged through her belongings, something he hadn't done before. He scoured her workbag and found a weird caricature of her sketched on a paper from a hotel. He then found a sticky note with driving directions to a male co-worker's address in her handwriting.


OP noticed his wife spent more time on the phone & always kept it private. | Source: Unsplash

OP's mind brewed with infinite doubts that prompted him to dig further. He checked their bank statements and found out she'd been at different restaurants when she claimed to be at work. The private investigator he was, OP devised a plan to find out the truth himself.


Meanwhile, the more time he gave her to confess the truth, the cloudier it became, so he hid a voice recorder in his house.

The Sunday after she returned, OP's wife drove to a coffee shop to work from there. He tracked her movement through the hidden GPS he'd put in her car. Although her vehicle never crossed a mile near Chipotle, she came home with a Chipotle cup, claiming to have eaten there.

She constantly lied to OP about her whereabouts, but the final straw came at OP's niece's tennis match they attended together. She told OP she was going to the coffee shop to work. OP wished her a good day and checked the GPS that tracked the car pulling up at a motel.


The wife often told OP she was working at the coffee shop. | Source: Pexels

OP immediately got there, called his wife from the lobby, and asked about the coffee shop. When she said it was good and asked him, "why?" OP told her to come down, much to her horror.


She tried to calm OP, saying there was "nothing" between her and her co-worker, and they just always worked in hotel rooms. Unmoved by everything she claimed, OP rushed home fuming and moved out with his dog.

A month later, OP's wife professed she was "tapering down" her social communication with her co-worker when OP asked her if she was still seeing him. Heartbroken and confused, OP took his dilemma to Reddit's "Surviving Infidelity" forum, where readers gave him the cues that his wife cheated.

OP checked the GPS & drove to the motel. | Source: Unsplash


"Run, bro. There are many signs that prove she is cheating...To me, it's a red flag," Redditor Selegus123 stated. User DianaPhyre asserted that OP wasn't at fault because he trusted his wife blindly. The person further added:

"They sure do make us look like the fools, but the only foolishness we're guilty of is that we loved innocently and fully."

"Completely correct. I thought I caught it early because I busted her about a week after I started to see red flags," OP said when people wondered about how his wife gained the courage to cheat on a detective like him.

Meanwhile, the more time he gave her to confess the truth, the cloudier it became, so he hid a voice recorder in his house. He later found out she'd talked to the guy for over an hour on the phone.


After confronting her over this, OP went no contact with her, and two weeks later, got a text from her requesting to talk. But OP refused until she confessed everything, and that's when she dropped the bomb on him by revealing the painful truth. 

OP was devastated after he listened to the voice recordings. | Source: Pexels


The breaking point came when OP's wife confessed to having an intimate relationship with her co-worker for six months. She told OP she'd broken up with the guy and looked forward to mending her marriage.

Although OP decided to take the rough ride to see if his marriage stood this test of time, he could no longer trust his wife. "We got divorced. I took my time in making that decision. I wish I wouldn't have taken that time but who cares," he painfully asserted and recounted cutting contact with his ex.

"There were some really dark days after DDay, but after the initial heartache, it has been the best time of my life," he also revealed, adding he was peaceful and genuinely happy after the dust settled. 


OP divorced his wife & never looked back. | Source: Pexels

Questions to Ponder:

Would you give your relationship a final standing chance after catching your partner cheating on you?


When OP realized his wife had been cheating on him, he tried his best to move away from her. But his wife insisted on making their marriage work, but it ended bitterly for her as OP was determined to put a period to their relationship. They divorced, and OP claimed he was happy after that tumultuous period in his marriage. Would you approach the divorce court in a similar plight, or would you give your partner a final chance to prove their loyalty?

Would you trust your partner despite knowing they're constantly lying to you?

Day by day, OP sensed his wife was lying to him about almost every other detail he wanted to know from her regarding her work, office dinners, and whereabouts. After a point, he couldn't muster himself to trust her anymore and tracked her to find out what she'd been doing behind his back. Would you stalk your partner to learn the truth about their infidelity, or would you blindly trust them despite realizing they're keeping you in the dark?

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