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After Death of Old School Teacher, Young Lady Steals Her Expensive Jewelry & Engagement Ring

Rita Kumar
Mar 25, 2022
06:00 A.M.
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The woman deemed her late grandma's engagement ring to be highly sentimental. To her horror, she never predicted it would be stolen along with $40K worth of expensive jewelry.


Everyone's grieving process is different, especially when it involves a beloved one. For a woman who was still grieving the loss of her late grandma, that meant keeping few personal belongings, including her grandma's highly sentimental engagement ring. So, losing it meant some irreparable emotional damage.

This was the worry plaguing Redditor Hellplum when she turned to Reddit's "Entitled Family" forum with her story after discovering her late grandma's $40K worth of jewels, including her precious engagement ring, were stolen.

OP's family was barely out of their grandma's loss when all her jewels were stolen. | Source: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) had lost her 92-year-old grandma and recalled it to be the most tragic and painful episode. However, she was a bit comforted knowing her grandma lived her life to the fullest. OP's grandma was a school teacher who worked very hard to provide for her children.

The woman stole all the ornaments, including her grandma's engagement ring, and pawned them.

Although grieving her grandma was meant to be sentimental, it got complicated when one of OP's cousins arrived late and complained about being excluded by the family. 

While the grandma's funeral was an emotional event, things took a different turn when OP's cousin arrived. | Source: Pexels


After seeing the coffin was lifted, the woman sparked a drama and blamed everyone for starting the ceremony without her. She also complained about nobody being there for her when her mom died, which was not true.

OP was stunned at her cousin's lack of respect. She felt her cousin was being overly entitled since she instantly made it to their grandparents' will after her mom's passing.

Before her death, the cousin's mom willed out her share to her daughter, and she was stipulated to receive it after her grandparents passed away. But since only their grandma died, OP's cousin devised a way to claim her inheritance sooner.


The cousin was stipulated to receive an enormous legacy after her grandparents' passing. | Source: Unsplash

While the grandpa was depressed and trying to recover from his wife's loss, OP's cousin unexpectedly started visiting with her baby.


It seemed unusual since she never showed up when the grandma was alive, unlike OP and her siblings, who were there until their grandma's last breath. 

Amid all this, OP's cousin was overly confident about the hefty fortune she was set to receive. However, her way of handling things took a different direction when she desired to possess her late grandma's jewelry.

OP's cousin was hell-bent on possessing their late grandma's expensive jewelry. | Source: Pexels


The woman stole all the ornaments, including her grandma's engagement ring, and pawned them. Eventually, the family was divided due to the aftermath of her deeds.

OP's family decided to cut ties with the cousin and refrain from helping her anymore. They wished the best for her out of her estate, although most of them knew she didn't deserve to inherit anything after what she did.

OP's cousin stole her grandma's jewelry, as well as her engagement ring. | Source: Unsplash


After reading OP's story, Redditor CoffeeBeanQueen615 anonymously shared a similar plight involving an aunt who felt entitled to their late grandmother's belongings. The person stated:

"I know how you feel. My mum's youngest sister did the same when my grandma passed away."

The Redditor's aunt stole 90% of the grandma's jewelry and all the money from the safe while everyone in the family grieved at the memorial. "It's so sad what some people will sink to when money's involved," the person lamented.

A person on Reddit reminisced about an aunt who stole their grandma's precious jewelry after her death. | Source: Pexels


OP clarified that none of them wanted a dime from her cousin's inheritance. "...we all have well-paying jobs and are very happy with what we have been given and what we are achieving. We are independent women who work hard," she revealed.

Although OP felt her cousin was acting entitled, she hoped the woman would live a good life with her money but should be wary of karma getting back at her for what she did.

OP hoped her cousin would live a good life with her inheritance. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Would you try getting an entitled family member cut off from the will after discovering they've stolen your late loved one's valuables?

Even when OP's family found out her cousin had robbed all of her late grandma's jewelry and pawned them, they decided to keep her in the will. The decision was mutually made since OP's grandpa loved her cousin dearly and hadn't recovered from his wife's passing. Would you allow your family member to remain in the will or cut them off in a similar plight?

What will you do if someone in your family steals a late beloved one's belonging that's of high sentimental value to you?


Although OP's family let her cousin keep her inheritance, they decided to cut ties with her and give her the cold shoulder whenever she needed help. Would you do the same if your relative stole your late loved one's precious valuables? 

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