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Day by Day, Man Notices His Son Doesn’t Look Like Him — Takes a Paternity Test 6 Years Later

Rita Kumar
Mar 27, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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The man was constantly hounded by the feeling that his son might not be his due to the visible differences in their features. However, his gut feeling kicked in when he saw his newborn daughter.


Getting over infidelity is something a partner needs to determine for themselves. But once they decide to make that decision, the emotional scars don't always automatically heal.

This was the complex situation Redditor OkOrganization7964 found himself in after discovering his wife's infidelity when he was supposed to be rejoicing the birth of their baby girl.

After his suspicions about his son's uncanny appearance build day by day, OP headed for a paternity test. | Source: Flickr


The Original Poster (OP) turned to Reddit's "True Off My Chest" forum after his decision to walk out from his children's lives backfired and left his family divided.

He admitted that he could no longer see his son the same way again.

OP had married his best friend, and the couple welcomed their son six years ago. He was the happiest at the time but started suspecting if the boy was genuinely his as he got older. The more the child grew, the more he looked different, and this fueled OP's doubts.

As the boy grew older, OP noticed he didn't resemble him. | Source: Unsplash


Although OP let it slide, the weirdness in his wife's behavior escalated his speculations. She often admitted to being a manipulative liar, but he still had doubts when he found huge holes in her schedule with no credible explanation.

He frequently caught her lying about her whereabouts, and if that weren't enough, she never allowed him to interact with her colleagues. While such instances gradually increased OP's suspicions day by day, the news of her pregnancy cooled him off a bit.

But when the baby was born, OP's worst fears jolted him. The baby was of mixed race and obviously not his. He refused to sign the birth certificate and demanded a paternity test for his children to prove his speculations.


OP cracked his wife's infidelity after realizing their newborn baby was of mixed race. | Source: Unsplash

The results eventually revealed that both children weren't his. The same day he got the results, he filed for a divorce and walked away from the family he raised. He admitted that he could no longer see his son the same way again.


Although OP's wife tried to guilt-trip him into getting back with her and constantly made her son call him and beg for "his daddy" to come back, OP refused.

His plight divided his family, with his parents siding with him and his siblings branding him "despicable" for abandoning the boy.

"I know that the man he called his father for his entire life just walked away, but why am I expected to "man up?" OP painfully asserted.

Fellow Redditors helped OP discern his spot by offering some insight into his plight.

OP was devastated & moved away from the family he raised. | Source: Unsplash


In the post's top-voted comment, Redditor Advanced-Extent-420 sympathized with OP and told him there would be no happy ending if he forgave his wife for what she did. She affirmed:

"My gut reaction as a mother was to tell you it's not the child's fault...What has me not telling you to not try and daddy those kids is your ex's reactions. She clearly had every intention of using those kids against you."

Meanwhile, many people anonymously advised OP to get a lawyer. Among the crowd of avid supporters, Redditor Disastrous_Reality_4 warned about how OP's signature on the baby's birth certificate could complicate things.


"He will be responsible for child support if he signed the birth certificate, regardless of the paternity test, unfortunately," the person explained.

People on Reddit advised OP to get a lawyer. | Source: Pexels


While most people agreed that OP was the victim in this situation, some felt sorry for the little boy and asserted OP could've informed him why he was leaving.

"Her son knows the truth of why I left. I sat down and told him that I am not his father and that his mother lied to me and cheated on me," OP clarified, stating the boy was not "his problem" anymore even though it wasn't his fault.

OP clarified that the boy knew why he left. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

What would you do if you find the child you parented for years isn't yours?

When the paternity tests declared OP wasn't the father of the two kids, he filed for divorce the same day the results arrived. He claimed he still loved the boy but couldn't bring himself to father him after his wife's infidelity came to light. How would you react to a similar situation? Would you give up your parenthood if you find the child you raised isn't biologically yours?

Would you pay child support and alimony to your spouse after divorcing them over their infidelity?


OP hired a lawyer and said he wouldn't pay any child support or alimony. However, some people on Reddit told him he'd have to pay child support if he wanted to stay in his son's life even after knowing he wasn't his. What would you do if your ex-spouse demands alimony/child support from you despite the child not being biologically yours?

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