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Girl Given Up as a Baby by Grandma to Avoid 'Shame' Finally Meets Her Mom 48 Years Later

Ayesha Muhammad
Mar 26, 2022
02:00 A.M.
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A woman grew up suspecting her family was not hers, given the subtle differences in their physical features. But when she turned 20, she discovered an unimaginably dark secret that tugged at her heartstrings. 


Imagine spending a large part of your life not knowing life-altering details about yourself, only to be ambushed by them most unexpectedly. Indeed, it sounds heartbreaking, and ironically, a woman went through similar circumstances. 

She lived a life she thought was meant for her for nearly two decades, not knowing that she was missing essential pieces in her life's puzzle. 

[Left] Ana Paula pictured as a little girl; [Right] Ana Paula with her birth mom, Devora Safigueora. | Source: facebook.com/marcela.elias.92. | instagram.com/anapaulatolosa



Ana Paula Tolosa Safigueroa was raised in a loving and supportive family. Growing up, she had always suspected her family wasn't her biological one, provided the differences in their physical features. 

But when she turned 24, her adoptive parents told her something that completely shook her and confirmed her suspicions — they had bought her from another family. 

As was expected, the young woman was shattered and deeply hurt. Ana Paula's sense of self was shaken, but a part of her yearned to explore more information about who she was and where her biological family was. 



The troubled woman embarked on a long quest to find her birth parents. For years, she kept searching to find something but failed miserably. Time went by, and eventually, the world became a global village, thanks to the internet and social media.

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A heartbroken Ana Paula shared a post on Facebook about her search for her birth mom alongside a picture of herself. She hoped that social media would help reunite her with her long-lost family or provide some form of comfort to ease her pain. 



Surprisingly, she was contacted by a biological cousin on Facebook, who had seen her photo in the post and noticed the uncanny resemblance. The same family member reached out to her other cousins and notified them about Ana Paula. 

In August 2020, a DNA test confirmed with 99.9 percent certainty that Ana Paula was Devora Safigueroa's daughter. At the time, Ana Paula lived in Bragado, while Devora was in La Plata, Argentina. The two cities were at a distance of three hours' drive. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the long-lost mother-daughter duo couldn't meet in person for some time and conversed through phone and video calls. During this time, Ana Paula also discovered pertinent details about her life. 



Devora admitted that she gave birth to Ana Paula when she was only 13 years old. But to avoid shame and social condemnation, Devora's mom and Ana Paula's grandma sold the baby to another family. 

Sadly, baby Ana Paula was taken away from Devora against her will to avoid the scandal that would have likely fallen on the family in the 1970s Argentinian society. 

A heartbroken Ana Paula revealed that the midwife told her mom that she was a boy and they had given her to some family in Magdalena when she was born. The woman added that it was a fabricated story to keep Devora from finding her daughter. 



Ana Paula lived only 20 blocks away from her biological parents' house during her childhood, but neither knew about it. Years of pain and unresolved grief had separated the mother and daughter, and they finally hugged each other 48 years later. 

Ana Paula's happiness multiplied when she reunited with her biological father sometime after meeting her mother. She was also delighted to meet other family members, including her sisters. Regarding the emotional reunion, Ana Paula expressed: 

"It's a dream I didn't want to wake up from."



For 48 years, Ana Paula lived a life that someone else chose for her, wondering where her family was. On the other hand, Devora spent 62 years longing for a daughter who was forcefully taken away from her. 

After enduring years of pain, trauma, longing, and grief, Ana Paula and Devora were finally together, and we hope the pair can find solace in knowing they were destined to meet. Please share this story with your loved ones. 

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