Man Finds His Mother's Love Letters, Learns Who His Real Father Is

Brittany Chalmers
Mar 26, 2022
08:40 A.M.

A couple fell in love during World War 2, and their bond had ramifications that would be felt decades later. Last year a man discovered his mother's old love letters, which changed his life forever.


Raimund Schmalbeins always had a strange feeling about his father. He wondered if they were genuinely related but kept his suspicions to himself for most of his life. However, everything he thought he knew changed when he read a few old letters.

The German man read his mother's love letters six years after she passed away. He quickly discovered she had a relationship with a young British World War 2 soldier named Jim Miller.

A woman and her husband who was stunned after reading his mom's old love letters. | Source: twitter.com/LivEchoLive

A woman and her husband who was stunned after reading his mom's old love letters. | Source: twitter.com/LivEchoLive


The letters were given to him by his grandmother, and they contained photos and writings that indicated the romantic nature of their bond. As Schmalbeins read, he found out that his mom met Miller in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


In one of the letters dated February 1, 1946, he said: "My Darling, I hope you, Mama and Papa are keeping very well ... I would better be a soldier and back in Kettwig with you, Darling."


The communication eventually stopped because Miller's friend, Fred, did not pass his letters on as planned. Consequently, Schmalbeins's mother lost contact with Miller and moved on with her life.


She got married to someone else, and they started a family together. However, Schmalbeins noted something interesting from the love letters.


Miller was communicating with his mother around the same time he was born. Schmalbeins started to wonder about his paternity and set out on a quest to uncover the truth.

With the help of his neighbor, Ralf, and a translator, Leonie Jakobie, Schmalbeins discovered Miller was eagerly waiting for a response from his mom. A letter stated: "I am waiting for a letter from you Dear, I think you have forgotten me? As I did expect one from you."



Another emotional sentence expressed: "Still love me, Darling, I always love you, and I dream every night of you, Darling." Sadly, Schmalbeins's mom never read these words of longing and affection, but thankfully he did.

Last year he visited Liverpool, England, to track down Miller, his suspected birth father. Schmalbeins hoped to find out more about him and meet potential relatives so he could make sense of his past.



Decades ago, people sent letters to get messages to their loved ones, and many of these notes contained declarations of love and other important news.

Anthony Trapani, 81, was stunned when he found his deceased wife's old letters. He discovered a hidden letter from 1959 that revealed something life-changing.


Trapani had a son named Samuel Childress, and the child's mother sent a letter to inform him. However, she received no reply because his wife intercepted the communication.

In 2015, Trapani had the opportunity to reach out to his now-61-year-old son and explain what happened. Thanks to the letters, many truths could come to light for Trapani and Raimund, albeit decades later.

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