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Rich Man’s Daughter Wants All His Children to Get a DNA Test after Rumors 2 of Them Aren’t His

Rita Kumar
Mar 30, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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There were rumors that two of the woman's half-siblings weren't her dad's biological children. Although she turned a deaf ear to such gossip, she was desperate for the truth after one of them visited their dad to discuss his will.


Would you ask your siblings to take a DNA test if they wanted their inheritance from your parents? One Redditor who posted on Reddit's "AITA" forum shared her encounter with a similar genetic buzz.

Posting under stepsiblingwoes, the 34-year-old woman grew up with less than a close relationship with her half-siblings. Their ongoing friction reached new heights after one of her half-siblings wanted to determine the fate of their dad's will.

The woman demanded a DNA test from all her siblings if they wanted a share from their father's estate. | Source: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP)'s dad was a wealthy business owner who always put his best foot forward to help all his seven children, three from his first marriage and four from his second. He had divorced his first wife after she cheated on him with another man.

In contrast, OP's dad kept calm over the issue and his silence bewildered OP.

OP was the firstborn child from her dad's second marriage. Growing up, she was aware of how her half-siblings resented them, and their relationship remained strained for the most part.

However, things took a different turn when "Mark," her oldest half-sibling, visited their dad to estimate how much he would be getting from the estate to ensure all of them would be "treated fairly."


OP's dad was a wealthy businessman who parted ways with his previous wife due to her extramarital affair. | Source: Pexels

OP thought it was unfair, considering how her dad was always fair and square with his children's upbringing. He paid for his kids' education and helped them launch their successful careers, but he was never appreciated by any of his first wife's children.


They constantly accused him of playing favorites with OP and her siblings and begrudged OP's mom for the wonderful things she got from him.

While OP was dealing with the ongoing clashes with her half-siblings, she reminisced about a rumor that had been long gossiped about—that her youngest half-siblings, "Mindy" and "Martin," weren't her dad's but their mom's affair partner's.

While OP and her family mostly shunned away from finding out the truth, Mark's unexpected questioning of his inheritance provoked OP. In the heat of the moment, she suggested "all of her dad's children" take a DNA test before gauging the fate of his estate.


Several rumors had built up around OP's half-siblings Mindy & Martin's paternal roots. | Source: Pexels

Although OP realized that she sounded inappropriate, she asserted she wasn't being greedy since she was financially sound without her dad's inheritance. However, the intense reaction from her half-siblings and their mother kept piling up.


In contrast, OP's dad kept calm over the issue and his silence bewildered her. Her mother argued she shouldn't have said such a thing despite knowing how it would blow up her half-siblings. Eventually, OP began questioning her actions and turned to random strangers on Reddit for a verdict if she was wrong.

OP was left with divided opinions on her predicament. While most of them turned into avid supporters and told her that the paternity test results would prove if they deserved to inherit anything from their dad, the others disapproved it and lashed out at OP. They roasted her online, saying what her dad intended to do with his will was none of her or her half-siblings' concern.


OP's half-siblings & their mom blew up after she asked them to prove their paternity before seeking their inheritance. | Source: Pexels

"A paternity test probably will not matter as he's been treating these kids as his since they've been born," Redditor Wobblingoblin01 stated, adding:


"It's none of your  business who or what he leaves in his will or whether they are or are not his biological children."

User ohialehua joined the discussion and added that since OP's dad raised her half-siblings, he undoubtedly considered them his children regardless of their paternal roots.

"You can claim you weren't being greedy, but I can't see any other reason for the DNA test demand," the person affirmed

People on Reddit argued that OP's dad could've wholeheartedly raised her half-siblings regardless of their paternal roots. | Source: Unsplash


After rummaging through the responses, OP claimed it wasn't the first time her half-siblings and their mom felt entitled to things and irked her dad.

"He's the type of person who'll go silent when angry then blow up like a volcano when provoked to the point of no return. And it's always because of my half-siblings," she explained.

"This might seem like a lie, but we value our father more than the money," she proclaimed and reasoned that she suggested her half-siblings get the DNA test done to put them in place.

OP claimed she valued her dad more than money. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

What would you do if your sibling suggested you take a DNA test if you wanted an inheritance from your parents?

When OP suggested all her siblings and half-siblings take a DNA test before they could go over their dad's will, her half-siblings and their mom were furious. They didn't take her approach lightly and severely condemned her. Even people online asserted she and her siblings didn't have a say in deciding the fate of their dad's fortune. How would you react if your sibling asked you to prove your paternal roots before you proceed with claiming your inheritance?

What would you do if your sibling bad-mouthed your parent and still felt entitled to their money?


When OP's eldest half-brother wanted to know how much his dad intended to set aside for him in his will, OP decided to put him in his place and suggested a DNA test, considering the ongoing rumor of her youngest two half-siblings' paternity. How would you react to your sibling if they felt entitled to your parents' money despite bad-mouthing them?

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