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Man Kicks Out Pregnant 16-Year-Old Daughter from Home – Contacts Her 14 Years Later

Rita Kumar
Mar 28, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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The woman's dad initially apologized to her for what he did. But moments later, he disclosed the second part of his dying wish, and in an instant, the woman's seething temper reached boiling point.


One woman shared her predicament on Reddit's "AITA" forum and asked random strangers if she had wronged her father by not honoring his dying wish.

The Redditor's relationship with her dad had always remained bitter for years. With her ailing father at death's door, any hope of redeeming their relationship landed on the rocks after he made an unexpected request.

OP's relationship with her dad had always been frictional. | Source: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) wished to remain anonymous on the subreddit and declared that her dad was a "terrible person." However, her resentment escalated when he kicked her out at 16. OP was pregnant at the time. Since then, she went no contact with her dad but remained in touch with her three younger brothers.

OP's dad disclosed the other part of his "dying wish." But after listening to him elaborate on it, OP lost it completely.

Around 14 years into their estranged relationship, a lot had changed in their lives. While OP looked forward to starting a new life with her fiancé, her dad was dealing with his downfall.


OP's dad kicked her out when she was 16 & pregnant. | Source: Unsplash

After his work shut down, he relied on financial support from his sons. But his difficulties swelled with time after they stopped sending money.


Conversely, OP got engaged to her fiancé, who earned the same as OP and loved to give the illusion that he made more money than her. Their engagement ring and the flashy vintage car he got from his dad were proof on social media.

While things were falling into place for the Redditor with her newfound life, she was unsettled when she found out her mom contacted her daughter on Facebook asking if she'd like to meet her grandparents.

OP lost it, and when she confronted her mom about it, she learned about her dad's terminal lung cancer. However, she was unmoved and demanded proof.

During their conversation, OP's mom revealed that her dad had terminal lung cancer. | Source: Pexels


OP's mom sent her a photo of an official letter declaring her dad's lobectomy with the schedule. Since the procedure was carried out by the National Health Service (NHS), OP was relieved that it was free of charge.

While discussing her dad's condition with her mother, OP learned about his "dying wish." It turned out that he wanted to fix things with her and meet his granddaughter.

After pondering her dad's request, she decided to speak to him on the phone, but she refused to forgive him when he apologized for "growing apart."

Then OP's dad disclosed the other part of his "dying wish." But after listening to him elaborate on it, OP lost it completely.


OP discussed her dad's "dying wish" on a phone call. | Source: Pexels

OP's dad proposed meeting her so that he could apologize "properly" in person and meet his granddaughter before he died. But since OP lived around eight hours away, he asked her to send him money for train tickets and their hotel stay.


He told OP he wasn't sure when he would come but would keep the money safe until then. OP laughed and outright refused. She didn't let him talk to her daughter too.

OP's dad yelled at her for declining his request, so she immediately hung up. As time ticked by, OP found herself trapped between her brothers and fiancé after they hounded her with questions for giving her dad the cold shoulder.

"Between my brothers and fiancé, I am beginning to doubt myself," she asserted as she asked random strangers online to pass verdict on her plight.

As part of his final wish, OP's dad asked her to send money so he could travel to her & apologize personally. | Source: Pexels


A hefty majority of Redditors supported OP and told her she wasn't wrong. Redditor hockeypup, in their top-voted comment, stated:

"Sounds like he just wants money. If he really wanted to meet your kid, he could pay his own way or ask you to come to him, not ask for money and he'd "keep it safe" and get to it eventually."

Others were outraged with OP's dad for seeding money into mending his relationship with OP. "If he hadn't asked for money, it would be a different thing," user jedergutenameisweg reflected.

Some Redditors wondered if OP's daughter was willing to meet her grandparents. | Source: Unsplash


Then the person asked OP if her daughter genuinely wanted to meet her grandparents. In response, OP said, "No. I've told her bits and pieces. She doesn't have the full picture, but she knows enough, and she told me she doesn't want to see them unless I trust them, and I don't."

In the end, OP revealed her fiancé sided with her after she told him about her dad's monetary request.

"I forgot to tell him about the money element the first time, so he thought at first I was saying they couldn't visit to see us, but now I've told him about the money...he's firmly back on the team, never speaking to them again," she clarified in the thread.


OP's fiancé sided with her after she revealed her dad's monetary request to him. | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Would you honor an estranged relative's dying wish after they request you send them money to meet you?


Although OP readily agreed to mend her terms with her dad after realizing he was diagnosed with cancer, his dying wish seemed questionable to her, especially after he asked her to send him money to meet her. What would you do if an estranged relative did the same to you? Would you honor their dying wish, or would you ignore it?

What would you do if your estranged relative/parent contacts your child instead of talking to you directly?

When OP discovered her mother had contacted her daughter on social media asking if she wanted to meet her grandparents, OP was fuming. She told her mom to talk to her and not to her daughter. What would you do in a similar situation? Would you let it slide and let your child build a bridge to mend your fractured relationship with your parents/relatives?

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