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Parents Kick Out Sick Young Daughter from Home – She Cries When She Meets Her Mother Again

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 01, 2022
01:00 A.M.
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A woman turned to Reddit after her sick co-worker's parents mercilessly kicked her out of the house. Her co-worker immediately called her for help. 


The woman posted her co-worker's experience in the "insaneparents" sub to tell others what her parents did to her. She shared a bit about the woman before narrating the main story. 

She clicked with the woman pretty quickly, and she opened up about her life problems and struggles soon after becoming friends with her. However, she had no idea her parents would shortly kick her out. 

Source: Flickr / Cangul


Redditor Retro-Mordi recalled becoming friends with a 19-year-old girl at work. She found the girl to be a lovely person who was suffering from many problems simultaneously. 

Once they became good friends, the girl shared everything with OP (Original Poster). She revealed that she was suffering from a liver disease and needed a transplant, so she was on the hospital's list waiting for her turn. 

She was also traumatized from some past life events, and her family always thought she was making things up. They never believed she was genuinely traumatized and needed help. 

OP's co-worker opened up about her life problems. | Source: Unsplash


Moreover, her family members didn't pay much attention to her liver condition. She shared everything with OP since she was the only person who was genuinely concerned for her. 

Something unexpected happened after OP accompanied her friend to her house.

One day, OP received a call from her and heard her terrified voice on the other end. At first, she couldn't understand what happened because the girl kept on crying while talking. 

She received a call from her friend. | Source: Pexels


A few seconds later, OP understood that her parents had kicked her out of the house and weren't letting her in. She kept ringing the doorbell and banging the door, but no one answered. 

They didn't open the door for her even when she begged them to let her take her medicines. OP told her not to panic and immediately drove to her house after hanging up.

She calmed her down and asked her what happened. It turns out her parents kicked her out because they found out she was dating a man of color, and they disapproved of it. 

She immediately drove to her friend's house. | Source: Unsplash


Soon after, OP called the police so they could get into the house and pack her friend's belongings. She had planned to drop the girl at her cousin's place in her SUV. 

But something unexpected happened after OP accompanied her friend into her house. She was helping her friend, who kept crying, put her stuff inside boxes when the girl's mother barged into the room and started yelling at her daughter. 

Shocked at the woman's reaction, OP started comforting her friend by telling her not to listen to her mother. Hearing her words made the woman even more furious, and instead of scolding her daughter, she shouted at OP, asking her what she was doing in her house. 


They had called the police to help them get inside. | Source: Unsplash

At first, OP ignored the woman, but she kept getting closer to her, which provoked her to reply. "Bro, you need to get out of my face right now," OP answered


The woman wasn't expecting to hear the word "bro" from her. She lost her cool and yelled at OP, asking her if she loved people of color. 

OP was shocked after hearing her friend's mother yell. She wasn't expecting the woman to stoop so low and say such things to her. 

She kept crying while her mother yelled at her. | Source: Unsplash


After hearing her scream, the police officer entered the room and escorted her friend's mother outside. The officer requested her to stay outside the room until the women finished packing.

Meanwhile, OP was angry because she felt humiliated by the woman. Her words made her think about her "biracial" child, which only added to her anger. 

A few seconds later, the same police officer walked in and asked OP what happened. When she told him, he asked her to calm down and warned that he would take action if she tried to hit the friend's mother. 

OP felt humiliated. | Source: Unsplash


OP wished she could have taken revenge on her friend's mother that day. However, that was the last time she saw her because her friend sadly passed away soon after her parents kicked her out. 

She died because of liver failure, and her parents hosted her funeral, but OP couldn't bring herself to attend. She felt she would have exposed their evil side during the eulogies because she knew they didn't love her.

"I miss her very much, and she really deserved better," the Redditor wrote before concluding her post. Redditor VestaHearth felt terrible for OP and wished her friend's soul to rest in peace. 

OP's friend passed away soon after her parents kicked her out. | Source: Unsplash


She replied, saying her friend deserved better than what she got, and she felt sad for her. "I know this is a crime, but one should graffiti the words "murderers" all over their house and pics of your friend," Redditor Blubari suggested.

"I wish so bad some kind of justice could be served, but pretty sure the parents are viewed as saints in this stupid backwoods town," OP replied. She shared that her late friend's parents were members of multiple churches, and people respected them, thinking they were pious people. 

She added that if she accidentally met her friend's mother somewhere, she would scream in public and let everyone know what she did to her daughter. 


OP was sad after hearing about her friend's death. | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP can do something to gain justice for her deceased friend?


Some people may advise OP to file a complaint against her friend's parents since she knew how badly they had treated her. Perhaps she could defame them by posting screenshots of her conversation with her friend and writing about what she witnessed at her house when they had kicked her out. She could also get a recording of the phone call that her friend had made when her parents had locked her out. Posting against them on social media might help reveal their evil side. What do you think?

Do you think the girl's parents were criminals?

Despite knowing that their daughter had a severe medical condition, they didn't let her come inside the house to get her medicines. They allowed the girl to enter only after the police intervened. This could help prove how evil her parents were, and OP could use it as evidence. However, some people might think the law might not charge the parents for any crime because they didn't harm her directly. 


Our editorial board strongly condemns the behavior of the girl's parents. We don't advise anyone to follow in their footsteps in any way.

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