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Couple Sees Unknown Baby in Bedroom at Night – Years Later Recognizes Him as Their Then-Unborn Son

Rita Kumar
Apr 01, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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When the couple saw the baby in the doorway, they vaguely assumed it was their only son who was trying to scare them. But after they looked closely, they realized it was not what they thought. 


Sometimes, specific incidents or encounters might have more than meets the eye. Reddit mom VenusValkyrieJH found herself dealing with something similar on the night she was with her husband in their bedroom.

The couple was lying on their bed watching TV when the woman saw a child standing in the doorway. She initially surmised their only son Connor was trying to scare them and alerted her husband, Chris. However, little did she know that the eye-deceiving encounter was not what she thought.

Initially, OP thought the baby at the doorway was her son, Connor. | Source: Shutterstock


When the Original Poster (OP)'s husband turned and looked, the child slowly walked into their room. For some reason, OP felt weird and found the situation unexplainable and unique.

A few months later, OP fell pregnant and welcomed a baby boy named Liam. Nothing seemed weird until Liam turned two.

OP and her husband anxiously watched the boy appear in front of them near the bed. After looking closely, they realized that the child was not their son. They gaped in horror as the boy made it to the foot of their bed.

The couple anxiously watched the baby entering their bedroom. | Source: Unsplash


He then wobbled in with his head slightly tilted back. His curls bounced, and his diaper squished as he reached nearer. The couple couldn't decipher what was happening. Then the boy reached the end of their bed and crouched, much to their bewilderment.

Curious and confused, OP and her husband got up and looked down. But nothing was there…the boy had mysteriously disappeared!

OP was stunned and asked her husband if they'd just seen "a ghost." She then joked that if they had another baby with curls, they would know he had visited them before his birth. They laughed since they weren't trying for a baby at the time.


Then they checked on their son, who was asleep. They let the strange incident slide, thinking it was nothing to worry about.

By the time the couple checked further, the baby had mysteriously disappeared. | Source: Pexels


A few months later, OP fell pregnant and welcomed a baby boy named Liam. Nothing seemed weird until Liam turned two. He often wobbled into his parents' bedroom with his head slightly tilted back and curls bouncing.

The sight struck OP like a splash of ice water as she was reminded of the mysterious baby she encountered with her husband a couple of years back.

Amid OP's doubts, more mysterious incidents started to pile up. For instance, once, when Liam was away from OP at his grandparents' place, he visited her in her sleep. He went to her and smiled at her, wearing a red shirt and with his hair trimmed.

OP often felt Liam's presence even at times when he'd be away. | Source: Unsplash


When OP picked her kids up from her mom, she was stunned when she saw Liam's hair cut short and wearing a red shirt too. She couldn't believe her eyes and asked her mom if he had worn it the previous day. To her surprise, OP's mom told her he did.

OP was thrilled by the strange coincidence. She looked at Liam and asked him, "Did you go see momma yesterday in momma's dreams?"  Little Liam, who was four, stared at her with big blue eyes and nodded his head, much to her surprise.

Eventually, OP realized she wasn't alone in this kind of experience after sharing her story on Reddit's "Glitch in the Matrix" sub.

When OP picked her kids up from her mom, she was stunned to see Liam in a red shirt & trimmed hair. | Source: Pexels


Some Redditors shared similar encounters about dreaming of their future child. "Ever since I can remember, I've had dreams about my future daughter," one of the users wrote and added:

"Her age varies (ranging from me being pregnant with her to her teen years), but it's always the same girl. This gives me hope I'll actually get to meet her one day :)."

"Amazing how this is a thing. I've occasionally had visions of a curly-haired boy at various stages of life- never even considered it might be a future kid of mine.," admitted Redditor thestoplereffect.

People on Reddit shared similar stories of encountering their unborn child. | Source: Unsplash


As the discussion surged, some people asked OP if she would stop experiencing the unique encounters with Liam someday. "Do you think his ability will fade as he grows older? Or do you think he'd be able to retain it?" user nukedtown questioned.

OP responded that it was unpredictable as she felt Liam was more inclined to the world as he grew older. "But as a parent, I'm really trying to raise my kids to be aware that reality isn't as black and white as we think it is," she stated.

"Our son, I guess, travels astral, and even stopped to see us before he was born," she concluded and claimed that the fact that her husband was with her when they saw their baby before he was born was mystifying.


OP surmised Liam could have astral traveled. | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP jumped to conclusions about her future baby after witnessing the mysterious toddler in her bedroom?


One of the commenters on Reddit posting under Coregasmo felt OP's story was genuine until she jumped to a conclusion about her unborn baby visiting her before birth. However, OP asserted that she and her husband weren't trying to have their second child then but had hopes of conceiving again since they were young. How differently would you perceive a similar situation if you were the mother?

Do you think Liam could've astral traveled like how OP claimed he did?

After narrating her story on Reddit, OP concluded that her son Liam astral traveled and stopped to visit his parents before he was born. Considering the endless talks about cosmic journeys, do you think OP's claims could be valid?

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