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Man Gets Home Earlier and Notices Stranger’s Car Driving Away from His House

Rita Kumar
Apr 04, 2022
08:30 P.M.
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The man sensed something was fishy about his wife's unusual behavior but let things slide for a while. But one day, the soul-crushing truth unfolded in their bedroom after he came home early to surprise her.


Sometimes, feeling betrayed by our loved ones can leave us in bits and pieces. And by the time we bring ourselves together to face it, it would be too late and over, pointed out Redditor EvergreenOP21's story.

The devoted husband's soulmate whom he trusted blindly had been keeping him in a web of lies for years and he knew nothing about it until coming home early on the fateful day of the encounter. In the process, he was dealing with an outburst of painful emotions as he shared his trauma on Reddit's "Surviving Infidelity" forum.

OP arrived home earlier than usual on the day of the incident. | Source: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) and his wife were in their mid-30s and happily married for ten years. OP claimed these were the best days of his life. Eventually, OP's wife told him she wanted to go back to college to pursue her master's degree.

The couple thought it was a great idea, but gradually, OP noticed distinct differences in his wife's behavior. At first, he thought she was occupied with her studies. But with each passing day, OP realized his wife stayed out later than usual.

Unmoved by her response, he hurried to their bedroom while his wife tried to block his way.

Sometimes, she'd be engaged in doing some project or studying at her college library. Occasionally, she would "forget" something and hurry to get it back even if it was too late. As time ticked by, such instances started gnawing at OP's peace of mind and signaled something was fishy.


OP assumed his wife was preoccupied with her studies & missed noticing the red flags. | Source: Unsplash

OP verified his wife's excuses to decipher any inconsistencies but found nothing. So he thought he was being paranoid.


On a Saturday morning, he checked his emails on the home computer he shared with his wife and noticed she'd forgotten to log out of her email.

As he hovered over to log out for her, he saw tons of emails from an unfamiliar sender. Since OP couldn't recognize the guy, he checked his wife's Facebook and Instagram accounts to see if they were friends. But they weren't. After surfing the internet, OP found out the guy was his wife's college professor.

The man was in his 50s, married, and had three teenage children. OP rummaged through their emails and didn't find anything suspicious. He sighed some relief and thought he was again being unreasonably doubtful.


While everything seemed normal after that, the real nightmare sparked when OP returned home early to surprise his wife for dinner at a new place that had just opened.

OP was busy checking his mail when he found his wife's email account was still logged in. | Source: Unsplash


He spotted a car pulling away from his driveway as he drove down their street. When the vehicle passed by him, he recognized the driver as his wife's old school professor. Confused about what he was doing there, OP anxiously hurried inside his house. He found his wife wrapped in a towel in the kitchen.

OP's wife was shocked due to his uninformed early arrival. She trembled as she asked him why he was home. But OP had his questions that he needed answers to.

He asked his wife what her professor was doing there and why she was in a towel. She tried to cover up, saying he was "overreacting and nothing happened." Unmoved by her response, he hurried to their bedroom while his wife tried to block his way.


When OP hurried inside his house, he saw his wife wrapped in a towel. | Source: Pexels

A few seconds later, the messy sight of their bedroom served the heartbreaking truth to OP. He was livid and threatened his wife he would contact the professor's wife if she didn't confess everything.


OP's wife broke down and blurted out about having an on-off affair with the guy for three years starting from the semester she left his class. She later claimed that she was "brainwashed" by him since he was "in a position of power," although he wasn't her professor anymore.

A week later, OP couldn't muster himself to deal with the trauma anymore. He packed all his stuff while his wife was at her parents' place. "I feel like a zombie. None of this even seems real," he expressed as he turned to random strangers on Reddit for advice.

OP's wife admitted to having an affair with her college professor. | Source: Unsplash


As a result, people who rummaged through OP's predicament online commonly suggested he bring the matter to the professor's wife's notice. The post's top-voted commenter, brianmcg321, asserted:

"She's an adult and made these choices on her own...Keep the divorce proceedings going, and be sure to contact the professor's wife."

"I would go nuclear on the professor once the divorce is finalized. Get as much evidence as possible," user killer_kamatis insisted.

As the discussion surged, some like Redditor DareAffectionate5100 comforted OP, saying he should part ways with his wife. "Keep moving forward. I know that down the road in your life, you will have a good woman for you better than your cheating soon-to-be wife," the user proclaimed.


People on Reddit asserted OP should part ways with his wife. | Source: Pexels

Eventually, OP hinted to readers that he wouldn't keep the truth to himself. "I'm trying to focus on the good things I have in my life. I have a lot to be grateful for. I'm not going to leave his wife in the dark," he resolved.


Although OP's wife and her family contacted him non-stop, begging for an apology and a second chance, he blocked them on everything and booked an appointment with his therapist.

"I contacted a divorce attorney...I know it will take time to heal, and I know I deserve better," he concluded.

In the process, OP contacted a divorce attorney to navigate through his dilemma. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Would you overlook the red flags of your spouse's infidelity like how OP did after checking his wife's email exchanges with her professor?

After OP found out that the sender of the emails on his wife's account was her professor, he was relieved mainly because the guy was in his 50s, married, and had kids. He didn't suspect anything and trusted his wife, assuming she was in touch with the professor regarding college matters. Would you trust your partner in a similar scenario, or would you confront them to explain?

Would you advise OP to inform his wife's affair partner's spouse about their infidelity, and what consequences would it have if he told her?


In one of his comments, OP asserted that he wouldn't keep the professor's wife in the dark and that he would bring both their spouses' infidelity to light. While OP contacted a divorce attorney to proceed further, it's still guesswork how the professor's wife would react to the situation. How would you deal with your partner cheating on you if you were the professor's wife?

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