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Hearing About Inheritance, Estranged Mom Knocks on Door of Kid She Abandoned 9 Years Ago

Rita Kumar
Apr 05, 2022
08:30 P.M.
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The Redditor's mother raised her in a web of lies about her father and manipulated her into believing that whatever she told was true. But things took a different direction 10 years later. 


Is it acceptable when parents kick their children out to teach them responsibility and be an adult? 24-year-old Redditor Bright_Skies_Ahead dealt with this dilemma when she was 15 after her mom ousted her for similar reasons.

Fast forward to ten years, she never heard a word from her mom and had no idea what she was up to. But one day, her estranged mother unexpectedly knocked on her door.

After her mom kicked her out nearly 10 years ago, OP had cut ties with her. | Source: Flickr


For 15 years, the Original Poster (OP) lived in her mother's lies about her dad. OP's mom often filled her in that her dad didn't love her or want her in his life. She also convinced her ex-husband that OP wasn't interested in seeing him. OP blindly believed whatever her mom told her until she kicked her out.

For a moment, what her mom said didn't add up to OP, especially pondering how her mom had driven 12 to 14 hours "just to see her."

After OP was ousted, her dad took her under his wing. OP moved in with him and soon realized that her mom had manipulated her into thinking that her dad had no interest in her after they divorced.


For the next ten years, OP grew up under the care and custody of her dad. While all was well, her dad's days were numbered after being diagnosed with cancer. And by the time they found out, it was too late. OP's dad eventually passed away, leaving all his money and most of his things to her.

OP's mom kicked her out when she was 15 years old. | Source: Pexels


After splitting the legacy between her dad's siblings, OP assumed the dust had settled. However, it wasn't until she heard her mom knock on her door that the nightmare began. 

OP had relocated states away three years ago and had cut ties with her mom ever since she'd abandoned her. She couldn't decipher why her mom was excited to see her after all those years. She sang praises about OP's good looks and lifestyle and then was upset about going no contact for 10 years.

OP ignored her mom's comments and curiously asked how she got her address. OP's mom told her she'd found out from her dad's sister whom she visited after his passing to see if she could retrieve "something" she'd given him when they got married. 


For a moment, what her mom said didn't add up to OP, especially pondering how her mom had driven 12 to 14 hours "just to see her."

OP's mom unexpectedly knocked on her door after 10 years of no contact. | Source: Pexels


Everything appeared normal that afternoon. But things took a different turn after OP's mom suddenly started talking about her dad. She regretted not being in the will and doubted if she was there, and was still not contacted for the declaration.

OP interrupted and explained to her mom that she was not included in the will. But she told her she was welcome to take anything she wanted from the handful of discarded furniture and other items nobody wanted.

The mom was livid when OP told her this, but she maintained her composure and asked OP what she got in the inheritance. OP frankly revealed that she got all the money her dad had left. 


OP's mom was fuming. She unexpectedly flipped and felt entitled to the money. She told OP it was unfair, and her dad should've given her some of that money since he never paid child support. The conversation intensified when OP's mom requested reimbursement for raising her.

When her mom discussed the will, OP told her she was welcome to take the discarded stuff if she wanted. | Source: Pexels


The truth finally dawned on OP as she outright denied her mom's request. She reminisced about the check her mom received every month before ousting her and was sure it was her dad's child support.

The situation escalated when OP finally stepped up and asked her mom to leave. The woman was furious, but OP stood her ground, asserting it was "her house, her rules," and asked her to get out.

The mom argued, but OP was unmoved and felt her mom shouldn't have brought up money if she genuinely wanted to visit her. She turned to Reddit's "JUSTNOMIL" forum for an outside perspective.

OP's mom requested reimbursement for raising her. | Source: Pexels


Fellow Redditors who read OP's story offered her insight into the plight, saying she needed to respect her father's wishes and not give in to her mom's emotional threats. The post's top-voted commenter RichBoomer stated:

"Giving her any money would disrespect your father's wishes. He would have included her in his will if he wanted to leave her anything."

As the discussion surged, more people weighed in that OP's mother didn't deserve to get even a dime from her.

"Don't give her a penny! It is a parent's responsibility to take care of you until adulthood! Any expenses they incurred are part of taking care of you, and you don't owe her that money back!" user irishprincess2002 proclaimed.


People on Reddit told OP that it was her mother's responsibility to raise her. | Source: Pexels

Eventually, OP's mom blew up with texts and calls on her phone. OP was frustrated, and she thought the only way to stop her would be to give her what she wanted.


"If giving her the money will shut her up and leave me alone for another 10 years, then I might just do it," she asserted. But people on Reddit advised her against it, saying her mom would come back for more once she knew her trick worked.

As OP hadn't updated on how she navigated through her plight, it's still guesswork if she gave her mother money from her inheritance or not.

After their altercation, OP's mom blew up on her phone. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think it's acceptable when parents kick their teenage children out to fend for themselves?

OP's mom kicked her out when she was 15 so she would learn to be responsible. But several people on Reddit argued that it was her responsibility as a parent to take care of her daughter until adulthood. Hypothetically, if you were OP's neighbor/relative when her mom ousted her, how would you have reacted?

Is it acceptable when parents feel entitled to their children's inheritance?

When OP's mom visited her after ten long years of abandonment, she pretended she had come to check in on her. But when she inquired about the will and OP's inheritance, OP realized that her mom was there for the money and not her. In the process, OP ousted her mother when she demanded reimbursement for raising her. What would you do if your parent required a refund for raising you and felt entitled to your inheritance?


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