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Husband Kicks Pregnant Wife Out on the Streets and She Ends up in the Hospital

Rita Kumar
Apr 10, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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The wife was six months pregnant when she sensed her husband was acting weird. When she confronted him, he showed her the disturbing screenshots from her old phone that sent chills down her spine. 


While some friendships lay the foundation stone for an everlasting bond, others could become perfect examples of the "friends turned foes" saga like Redditor throwra_tessx's

The 25-year-old woman shared on Reddit's "Marriage Advice" sub that she was best friends with a girl she'd known since college. All was well between them for over ten years, and there were no pitfalls. 

However, an unexpected incident set alarm bells ringing to the Redditor when she realized that the woman she celebrated as "more than a friend" for years was not what she seemed to be. 

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The Original Poster (OP) and her best friend were at the peaks of their friendship eight years ago when OP met her future husband, 29, in her first year of college. Eventually, friendship sparked between the three of them. 

[W]hen she asked him where he took the screenshots from, he told her they were from her old phone, much to her horror.

OP's friendship with the guy soon channeled into a beautiful love story. OP knew her friend would be happy for her. But what she didn't realize was the woman had also developed untold feelings for her boyfriend. 

Unsurprisingly, this secret fetish laid the groundwork for the traumatic episodes in OP's life years later after she married the guy and fell pregnant. 


OP & her husband were friends with the woman for several years. | Source: Unsplash

OP trusted her friend with everything about her marital issues. And the last thing she trusted the woman with was her pregnancy. OP took the pregnancy test while she was with her friend, and after it came out positive, she told her the good news even before revealing it to her husband. 


The two shed tears of joy because it was a planned baby. OP could tell that her friend was happy, but she failed to decipher that she was faking it. 

Around six months later, OP sensed something was off with her husband's attitude. He was often mad at her for no apparent reason. Her intolerance kept piling up so she finally confronted him. 

Some unsettling details unfolded when he told her he knew "the truth." OP was anxious, and when she asked her husband to clarify, he showed her the "disturbing" screenshots on his phone. 

OP was six months pregnant when she sensed something fishy about her husband's behavior. | Source: Unsplash


OP was shocked when she saw screenshots of what appeared to be chat exchanges between her and another man on a dating app discussing her pregnancy and the possibility of the baby being his. As OP's spouse rummaged through the texts for her, she witnessed several "private" messages.

It was the worst nightmare OP had ever encountered as she had no idea whose account it was with her photos that she never posted anywhere. She speculated someone had stolen them from her phone. 

She jumped to her defense and explained to her husband that she was innocent and the whole thing was fake. But when she asked him where he took the screenshots from, he told her they were from her old phone, much to her horror. 


Before she snapped to her senses, OP's husband revealed that her best friend had "confessed the truth" and told him to check OP's old phone for evidence of her infidelity. The truth finally dawned on OP. She pleaded with her husband and accused her friend of lying, but to no avail.

When OP confronted her husband, he showed her screenshots of her private chat with another man. | Source: Pexels


OP and her husband invited their friend to explain everything. Unsurprisingly, the woman apologized that she didn't want to keep one friend in the dark to save another friend. OP was shocked and engaged in an altercation with her, but she constantly stressed that OP was a cheater.

She claimed to have driven OP to meet "the man" and paid for their hotel stay. For a moment, whatever she said appeared genuine. Moreover, the proof OP's husband gathered from her phone added insult to injury. 

Her husband was fuming and threw a fit. He asked her to pack her things and get out, insisting he wanted a divorce and a paternity test. But when she refused, he grabbed her by the arm and made her pack up and leave. 


Eventually, OP moved to her mom's house and took the paternity test. But even when the results revealed her husband as the baby's father, he still insisted she cheated on him. Their frequent conflicts soon led OP's hospitalization due to stress and, in the bargain, prompted her friend to confess the truth.

In a fit of rage, OP's husband ousted her due to the strong evidence against her. | Source: Pexels


She admitted to using OP's old phone to create a fake profile and message the "other man" while it was just her messaging under OP and her make-believe affair partner.

The woman then conceded that she did it out of spite because she had secretly liked OP's husband ever since they were friends and OP's pregnancy drew his attention away from her. As a result, she was prompted to frame OP. 

OP eventually lost all trust she had in her friend. However, she admitted that even she could've been fooled had she been presented with similar fabricated proof of infidelity against her husband. 

Although OP's husband regretted accusing her of cheating and pleaded with her for forgiveness, she took time to get over everything he said and did to her. She revealed:


"He has apologized for what he did, and I forgave him because it was something that affected us both."

The friend admitted to framing OP for infidelity. | Source: Unsplash


OP surmised that although they would take time to get over the bitter episode, they would work hard to amend things before their baby's birth. 

"Now we are focused on that. We're preparing her room and buying things for her. And for now, that's working. Our relationship is slowly getting back to how it was before," she declared.

In the end, OP reconciled with her husband after he apologized to her & they prepared to welcome their baby. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP should've set boundaries with her friend after marriage, no matter how close they were?

OP had cherished her friendship with the woman for years, even after getting married. However, OP realized her friend had secretly developed feelings for her husband only after she admitted to framing OP for infidelity. How would you deal if your friend did this to you? Would you forgive them or cut ties with them altogether?

Would you forgive your husband for doubting your fidelity?

When OP's husband showed her the screenshots of her alleged chats with an affair partner, he was already convinced that she cheated on him. He failed to verify the accuracy of such falsified claims. How would you react to your spouse doubting your loyalty when you're 100 percent faithful to them? Would divorce be the option, or would you reconcile with your partner after they regret accusing you?


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