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Natascha McElhone Lost Her Husband While Being Pregnant with Their 3rd Son - Is She Dating Someone Now?

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 08, 2022
06:00 A.M.
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Losing a spouse is painful, but becoming a widow while pregnant is heartbreaking. "Truman Show" star Natascha McElhone knows it firsthand, and she has shared details about the tragedy.


Natascha McElhone and her husband, plastic surgeon Martin Kelly, were a match made in heaven. They met during their teenage years and tied the knot in May 1998.

McElhone and Kelly expanded their family shortly after exchanging "I Dos." Their first son, Theodore, was born in 2000, while Otis joined the brood in 2003. Unfortunately, life had a tragic fate prepared for them.

Natascha McElhone in "Designated Survivor" in January 2017 | Source: Getty Images


Natascha McElhone got pregnant with her and Martin Kelly's third son in early 2008 and was due that October. The couple celebrated their tenth anniversary, but McElhone had to stay in Los Angeles for work, and Kelly returned to London. 

After performing a late-night surgery, Kelly went to the family's $2.5 million home and called his wife. He told her he couldn't wait to see her again and was excited about an upcoming baby scan. 

McElhone confessed Kelly's message was full of joy. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be the highest high turned into the lowest low: Kelly died of a heart attack minutes after leaving that "lovely last message" for his wife. He was 43.


Natascha McElhone and husband Martin Kelly on September 23, 2004 in London | Source: Getty Images

Kelly's friend, Neil Randhawa, called McElhone to inform her about her husband's passing. She heard the news on her way to her trailer, and she dropped the phone and fell to her knees.


McElhone needed help to get back up. She returned to her trailer and called Randhawa again. The actress knew she had to tell her sons, but she didn't want to. She explained

"I remember looking out of the window and seeing them chasing after each other with huge squeals of delight and thinking, 'I'm about to shatter their world.'"

Natascha McElhone and husband Martin Kelly on February 24, 2002 in London | Source: Getty Images


She told them, and it was "awful." McElhone was devastated, but she coped with her loss by writing letters to her dead husband. She gathered all the letters and released a book, "After You: Letters of Love, and Loss, to a Husband and Father."

[Natascha McElhone's] children didn't spend too much time with their father, but they share some similarities.


Coping with Kelly's loss while raising two young boys and a baby was challenging. McElhone had difficulty sleeping because her thoughts would "gallop away." Even two years after Kelly's passing, she frequently thought that what happened was ridiculous.

She wasn't sure how to approach parenting after Kelly's death, so she initially tried to compensate for his absence by mimicking his role of "clown" in the family.


However, McElhone noticed that she couldn't be the "straight man" and the clown at the same time because it got her sons confused. Eventually, she stuck to her role of mother, knowing she couldn't fulfill both roles.

The actress' children didn't spend too much time with their father, but they share some similarities. In 2009, McElhone said Theo loved chess and science like his dad, Otis had contagious energy, and Rex looked like Kelly. 

Nowadays, it is unclear if Natascha McElhone is dating. She pointed out that she wouldn't talk about it even if she found someone, though.

As of 2016, "it's just me and the boys […], but that could change," said the actress, adding that she was good at finding happiness and was looking forward with hope. What a resilient family!