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Adoptive Mother Leaves Newspaper Clippings of Her Daughter's Life's Story to Her before Dying

Stephen Thompson
Apr 08, 2022
07:20 A.M.

An adoptive mother who never hid her adoptee's identity from her gave up some details that shocked the 23-year-old lady. This happened days after the mother's death, as she hoped her offspring would realize the entire story behind her adoption.


In 1998, the Quiñones adopted their 23-year-old daughter, Gabriela, whom they raised with their other offspring. Even though the family explained that they were not related by blood, they never gave her reasons to wish for a better family.

Instead, the adoptive parents nurtured and cherished her. However, following the death of Mrs. Quiñones, Gabriela became exposed to the real truth about her identity.

[Left] Picture of Gabriela Quiñones; [Inset] Picture of Gabriela Quiñones as a baby | Source: youtube.com/user/canal12noticias

[Left] Picture of Gabriela Quiñones; [Inset] Picture of Gabriela Quiñones as a baby | Source: youtube.com/user/canal12noticias


On September 13, 1998, Gabriela was born to a young 23-year-old woman named Alejandra Karina González. González, from Bahía Blanca, Argentina, was new in town. She was searching for her mother, a rural teacher.


Suddenly, during her search, she felt some discomfort, and after noticing a nearby police station, the expectant mom asked to be directed to the bathroom, where her water broke. Instantly, the Arroyo Verde Police Station officers rushed to deliver the baby.

The birth was safe, and after they had cleaned up the healthy baby and wrapped her up, an ambulance rushed the mother and child to the hospital. Baby Gabriela had no birth complications, and neither did her mother. In fact, within minutes of her arrival, she latched onto her mother's breast.



The duo remained at the hospital, and while the people of Madryn celebrated her birth, they were hit with a shocking piece of information: González had disappeared! Although the new mom left her child, she placed a letter beside the baby, asking for help while confessing her shortcomings. The details read:

"Please take care of her and find her a family that gives her love and a home. I can't give it to her and I can't have her with me and I don't want her to suffer from it. Thanks Mom."

Picture of Gabriela Quiñones giving an interview | Source: youtube.com/user/canal12noticias

Picture of Gabriela Quiñones giving an interview | Source: youtube.com/user/canal12noticias


In no time, the city's Defender of Minors, Rodolfo Fernando Blanco, opened an adoption registry for interested families. He got them registered with minimal requirements. They must be residents of the state of Chubut and must possess at least five years of residency in the country.


The Quiñones became interested in Gabriela, and two weeks after her birth, they adopted her. The family already had an older daughter, but it did not stop them from sharing the love between the siblings.


Although Mrs. Quiñones told Gabriela she was adopted, she never shared the intricacies of her birth until death. Mrs. Quiñones's older daughter was instructed to give Gabriela a box containing her history. Inside, the adoptee found newspaper clippings that headlined the first few days of her existence, alongside judicial custody papers.

One of the files in the box included Gonzàlez's husband's name. He was identified as Julio Martini. However, it did not say if he fathered the child.

Gabriela, who shared details from her inherited box via a tweet in February, maintains that the revelation changes nothing, adding that her adoptive family never made her feel any pain.

She was only curious to know the truth and kept her doubts about why her birth mom left her. Thankfully, the handwritten letter showed that González's decision was from a place of love.

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