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Adoptee Discovers She Was Kidnapped and Finds Her Mother Who Can't Recognize Her after 37 Years

Busayo Ogunjimi
Apr 10, 2022
08:00 P.M.
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A woman sought out to get justice after she found out her adoptive mother kidnapped her as a child and lied about her birth mother's whereabouts for years. Find out what happened.


In 2020, the story of how a Brazilian woman identified as Neuza de Jesus Oliveira reunited with her biological mother and siblings in Alto Paraiso, North Brazil, after more than three decades made the headlines.

It was an emotional time for Oliveira, who was kidnapped as a child by her adoptive mother and lied to about her birth mother's whereabouts. 

Neuza de Jesus Oliveira as she reunites with her biological mother | Source: facebook.com/radiorolimfm


After the woman discovered the truth about her history and identity, she reported the case to the police and vowed to get justice. Here are the details of what happened to Oliveira and the reunion with her family.


In the 1980s, when Oliveira was a toddler, she was kidnapped by her adoptive mother, Maria. When the little girl was seven or eight years old, Maria told her adopted daughter an untrue story about her history.


The woman had deceived Oliveira by telling the little girl that her biological father was poor and could not cater to her and her two older brothers. 

According to the woman, the girl's father could only stay with his daughter if he had complete papers. So, Maria told Oliveira that her biological father had asked her to stay with the little girl. 


Naive as Oliveira was, she believed Maria's tale, and they began living together. But as time progressed, the little girl became curious about her origin.

Also, Oliveira felt things were out of place and began asking questions. During an interview, she explained:

"When I was 12 years old, I asked my [adoptive] mother what my biological parents were called. She said, 'Ester and Sebastião.' I also asked my brothers' names, and she replied, 'you have an older brother named Célio and the middle Dione.'" 


After hearing those details from Maria, Oliveira became obsessed with the story. In September 2020, the woman began to make efforts to search for her biological family. 


She shared a post on Facebook regarding children looking for biological mothers and eventually got a reply that changed her life. A random person commented that Oliveira's mom and brothers were alive.


They lived in Alto Paraiso, close to where Oliveira stayed. In no time, she contacted Célio, and after hearing her story of being adopted, he did not believe the story.

Instead, Célio told her the real story about her history. With the information, Oliveira dug deeper and found out that Célio's story might be true. So, she confronted her adoptive mother, who insisted Oliveira was adopted.


Next, Oliveira scheduled a DNA test in Alto Paraiso and traveled to the location. Eventually, the test returned positive, and Oliveira was emotional about finally meeting her birth mom.

Sadly, the woman's biological mom had suffered chronic depression after Oliveira's disappearance and could barely walk or talk. The woman could not recognize her long-lost daughter.

With the poor state of her mother's health, Oliveira was saddened and decided to get justice. She reported the case to the police, and as of late 2020, the case was being investigated. To date, information regarding the case remains unknown.