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60-Year-Old Woman Welcomes Her First Twins after Being Told She Can't Have Kids

Titi Dokubo
Apr 08, 2022
02:00 P.M.
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Age is a significant factor for women who want to start a family. For Claudette Cook, age was not on her side, but she and her husband had faith, and now they are parents to twins.


When the doctors told 51-year-old Claudette Cook from Alabama that she was too old to have children, she decided to prove them wrong.

Claudette Cook, who had just met her husband when the doctors broke the news, trusted God to perform miracles, but she had to wait for years to welcome her babies.

Claudette Cook holding one of her babies | Source: News



In 2006, Cook met her husband in church, and soon after, they decided to settle down and start a family. Their quest to start a family took them to the hospital, where they received shocking news.

The following year, the couple met with doctors who informed them that Cook was too old to get pregnant and she would never have children.

Claudette Cook and her husband at the hopsital | Source: News



Cook and her husband would not let the doctors dictate what their lives would look like, so they decided not to give up on being parents. She said:

"Age is not a number with God."

Cook revealed that she was healthy and in good shape and told God she could do it no matter how hard it was. They started exploring various assisted reproductive technology methods, including in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Claudette Cook speaking about her pregnancy | Source: News



In early 2016, their efforts produced results as Cook found out that she was pregnant. When Cook and her husband found out she was pregnant, their joy knew no bounds.

To add to their excitement, they found out that she was carrying not just one but two babies. The couple said the news was so fantastic that they could not believe it.

The couple kept looking at the ultrasounds while Cook's husband never stopped taking pictures. While Cook was ready to carry her babies to term, something happened.

Claudette Cook and her husband at the hopsital after her delivery | Source: News



At eight months pregnant, one month before her due date, Cook went into labor and had to be taken to the hospital. To avoid complications, the doctors opted for a C-section.

Her firstborn Isaac came out in no time, followed by his fraternal twin brother Isaiah. The boys weighed five pounds each, and Cook was proud to be a first-time mother.



Cook, who had waited for this moment all her life, revealed that she cried. She had watched TV and seen women welcome their babies, and suddenly, she was holding hers. Cook said:

"Everything changed just in that moment when they were born. Your life changes."

The excited couple had healthy baby boys, and Cook was doing fine after delivery. The couple said the power of prayer and faith made their joy possible.


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