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Woman Stumbles upon the Photo of a Homeless Elderly Man, Realizes It's Her Father

Lois Oladejo
Apr 11, 2022
04:20 A.M.
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A young woman who had been searching for her father found him unexpectedly. This happened after she stumbled upon a Facebook photo of a homeless older man.


Annie Bryant's case is an example of a sweet coincidence. As a young lady, she had always been interested in knowing her history. Annie was raised by her mother but often wondered who her dad was.

Finally, after many years of unanswered questions and attempts to locate her dad, the young woman gave up. But in 2015, a few months before Christmas, she received the best news. Annie connected with her dad and vowed to keep their relationship.

[Left] Ray "Brickhead" Bryant when he was homeless; [Right] Ray Bryant and his daughter Annie Bryant sharing a warm hug after reuniting for the first time. | Source: News



Annie's dad, Ray "Brickhead" Bryant, was an absentee father. So, she never had the chance to connect with him while she grew up. The last time Annie saw him was when she was a baby. Sadly, her mother ended their relationship a few years later. 

Following the split, Ray had some problems with the law. As a result, he lost his job and later became a homeless man. Ray left no hint of his whereabouts or permanent home address throughout this time.

This made finding him a bit challenging. However, Ray never knew how to face his daughter, so he lived without the possibility of reuniting with her.


Annie Bryant talking in an interview. | Source: News

On the other hand, Annie wanted to locate her dad. Sadly, the only detail she had grasped onto was a photo of her and her mother.


Behind the printed picture was a short note directed to Ray. Her mother shared details of the venue where the image was taken, adding that she loved him so much.

As she grew older, an intuitive Annie wanted to know about her dad. She asked relatives, but nobody gave vital information.

Annie's father, Ray "Brickhead" Bryant. | Source: News


These doubts remained until her teenage years. That was when Annie decided to search for her absentee dad.

Unfortunately, the mission was futile, leading the young lady to back down on her quest. Instead, she focused on her life, and at age 22, she was already a mother, living in Devon.

The two older women who opened a GoFundMe account for the homeless man. | Source: News



Despite backing down in her investigations, she constantly rummaged through thoughts of meeting her old man one day. Annie also wondered about his physical traits.

Miraculously, before the festive season in 2015, fate brought them together! Two older women who had taken an interest in an elderly homeless man had tried to find him a home.

Annie Bryant and her father, Ray Bryant sharing an emotional hug. | Source: News


So, they opened a GoFundMe page and shared other details about the homeless fellow on Facebook, tagging Annie Bryant. Coincidentally, he was Annie's dad! The 22-year-old dropped a comment on the post that read:

"That's my dad, I've never met him before but I hope you achieve what he needs thanks for your help to give him a warm home."



In no time, the duo reunited. First, they spoke over the phone, which was overwhelming for them. Then, Ray got emotional when he heard his daughter's voice after twenty years.

The pair kept in touch until she traveled to Ezo Cafe in London, where she saw him for the first time. They shared a pleasant hug and could not stop holding each other.

After their first meeting, they pledged to maintain their relationship, and Ray talked about moving from the Nando's car park. The grandfather also aimed at getting a permanent shelter with the amount generated from the fundraising.