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Pregnant Mom Lives Upside Down for a Week So Her Unborn Twins Have a Chance to Survive

Lois Oladejo
Apr 16, 2022
02:00 P.M.
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Motherhood comes with many responsibilities and peculiarities, and for this expectant mom, it was no different. However, she decided to save her twins' lives even though it required a dramatic change: living upside down for a week.


Young Taylor Davis, who was already a mother to three kids, did not know that her fourth pregnancy, including her fourth and fifth kids (twins), would be very different from what she had ever experienced.

Taylor had premature deliveries and was cautioned by her doctor of the complications that may arise. Still, she chose to give the babies a fighting chance to live.

Taylor Davis holding her twin girls, Avery and Emersyn in her arms. | Source: facebook.com/GolisanoChildrensHospitalofSouthwestFlorida


With the help of the dedicated staff in Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida, her supportive husband, Mike, and the twins' will to stay alive, the Davis family walked away with their babies, safe and sound.


Taylor was no stranger to childbirth. So when she became pregnant for the third time, the expectant mom knew that it was necessary to visit a doctor.


In October 2021, after a regular checkup, the doctor revealed that her cervix was shorter than normal. This is not a peculiar case, as many women suffer such conditions, leading to premature births.

Immediately after the diagnosis, Taylor was advised to go on bed rest at the hospital. However, while she was preparing for it, the pregnant woman went into labor and was rushed to Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida.



As soon as Taylor landed at the hospital, they rushed her to the delivery room in the ER. This was because she had dilated and was soon to deliver her first twin, Avery.

She believed her pregnancy was 22 weeks gone, but the doctors explained that her ultrasounds showed 21 weeks and three days.


They explained that if she delivered too early, her babies may die or become vulnerable to many long-term health conditions, including blindness and autism.

Despite the possible dangers, Taylor and Mike considered giving their babies a chance to live, and their faith in the twins made them vow to save their lives. While recalling the moment, Taylor said:

"My husband and I were like 'No, we're gonna do everything we can to save them.'"


The determined mother began with an attempt to delay their births. First, she went into a Trendelenburg position, where her head was tilted down. According to her:

"My hospital bed literally went to a complete tilt, where my head was all the way down. It was terrible…I ate upside down, I slept upside down. I went to the restroom on a bedpan upside down. I did not touch the floor for almost seven days."

A week after her admission into the hospital, on October 29, Taylor gave birth to Avery through the natural method. The baby weighed one pound and had suffered a blood infection from being in the birth canal for a long time.


Avery survived; the hospital staffers intubated her. This was a miracle to Taylor, who remained unwavering and ready to receive her other twin.

It took three more days before the second twin arrived. The doctors stitched the pregnant mother after Avery's birth, leaving the placenta inside until her water broke. Emersyn arrived on November 1 via C-section.



After the birth of her babies, Taylor developed an infection called chorioamnionitis. She also suffered from sepsis and a severe blood clot.

Despite her condition, Taylor was worried to death about her girls. She constantly thought of how much they endured as they were stuck with needles, and not seeing them as they were kept in NICU was disheartening.

Thankfully, Mike and a nurse, Jullian, communicated with the mother, who seemed proud to receive updates on their health.


After spending about 137 days in the hospital, the twins and their mother were discharged. Their story was shared in March through the hospital's Facebook page. 

Taylor was excited to join her family and has been committed to enjoying motherhood instead of getting choked up with her job.

The mother of five hopes that her story inspires other mothers, mentioning that they should fight for their premature twins irrespective of how soon they are born.


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