Man Asks Girlfriend Her Preferred Ring, Days Later She Finds It in His Drawer

Rita Kumar
Apr 18, 2022
03:40 A.M.
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It was a jaw-dropping moment when the woman found the engagement ring. She was thrilled and couldn't wait for her guy to pop the dramatic question. But things took a different turn when he told her it wasn't for her.


While organizing her boyfriend's laundry in the drawers, Redditor tattered_veil went through one of those heartbreaks she never imagined after finding an engagement ring there. The 29-year-old found herself at a dead end as she turned to strangers on Reddit for help.

First, the woman filled readers in about her boyfriend of ten years, Don, 31. She claimed Don was a shy person. But his true shades came to light after he confessed a crushing truth about why the proposal ring she'd found couldn't be hers.

At first, OP thought Don had planned a surprise proposal.


The Original Poster (OP) was a working woman whose job kept her away at least a week each month. Sometimes, she'd be gone longer than usual, particularly after she took up a managerial role on Don's insistence.

The truth finally dawned on OP as she realized why Don encouraged her to take up the managerial position even if it kept her away from him for long.

At first, OP couldn't decipher why he was overly involved in pushing her to accept the offer because she almost turned it down as she wasn't willing to sacrifice more of her time with him. But when he said it would help them save for their future and kids, she blindly trusted him and agreed. 


OP's job kept her away from Don longer than usual. | Source: Pexels

OP took up the role and assumed it would help Don have some time to himself. Don had several hobbies and loved to spend time with his friends while OP was away. Though he worked, OP claimed his hours and pay were much better.


Six months later, Don suggested they start their lives and discussed a lot about marriage. For a moment, it was too good to be true when he asked OP to check engagement rings online.

On the day of the discovery, OP found a proposal ring in the drawer while stowing Don's laundry. It was the one she told him she liked from the online catalog. OP was thrilled and guessed it was for her. But Don had something else going on in his mind.

OP was thrilled when she found an engagement ring in Don's drawer. | Source: Unsplash


OP excitedly revealed to her best friend of seven years, "J," that she found Don's proposal ring. Shortly after, J told Don and prompted him to confess a crushing truth. As it turned out, the ring in question was intended for J and not OP.

The air was now clear after J admitted to hooking up with Don for three years behind her best friend's back. Even Don agreed that he loved J because "she was there for him more."

The truth finally dawned on OP as she realized why Don encouraged her to take up the managerial position even if it kept her away from him for long. Before she could get over what was happening, Don and J suggested OP and J's cousin, "M," move out as they wanted to make it their home. However, their idea backfired after M kicked them out.


Don admitted to OP that he was having an affair with her best friend, "J." | Source: Unsplash

Meanwhile, OP found herself dealing with the disturbing truth of her best friend and boyfriend's love affair. She blamed herself for ignoring the red flags just because she loved Don and blindly trusted him. 


Although OP felt she was better off without them, she couldn't hold back her tears and the agony that haunted her. She turned to the internet for an outside view and guidance on what she needed to do. After reading her post, people anonymously raced to give their insights and help OP deal with her plight.

OP was crushed & turned to the internet for guidance. | Source: Unsplash


Several people who comforted OP through their comments stated that her ex-boyfriend and friend stirred drama with their affair. Redditor DrFunkdubious wrote:

"My only advice to you, which should be obvious, is to make sure you cut him and her out of your life and don't let him or her get back into your life once they do break up."

While some felt sorry for OP's decade-old relationship's traumatizing end, others, like Redditor Bannanahatman, found her plight relatable.

"OP, get help, talk to people. This will cause deep wounds, and you need people to talk to. Please see a counselor and begin lifestyle improvements," the user asserted.


People on Reddit sympathized with OP & offered her some insight. | Source: Unsplash

Some people asked OP why Don would want her to choose the ring or discuss his future with her when he loved her best friend behind her back.


"I think he wanted me to pick out the ring for her. We have similar tastes. Which makes it even more painful," OP admitted.

While OP claimed she felt in charge of herself following the dramatic end of her love story with Don, only time will tell how she navigated things ahead from there.

OP guessed Don could've asked her to pick the ring since her tastes matched her best friend's. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP would reconcile with Don if he broke up with her friend and regretted cheating on her?

After Don revealed that he was in love with OP's best friend and that the engagement ring was for her, OP was crushed. She broke up with Don and cut her friendship with her best friend. If Don later apologized and proposed reconciliation with OP, do you think she would accept it? Would you?

Do you think OP would be able to move on and never look back at her tragic past with Don?

When Don's affair with OP's best friend came to light, OP felt an outburst of mixed emotions like numbness, anger, and calmness. Although she felt confident about moving on, she couldn't get over it quickly and sometimes broke down. However, only time will tell how OP manages to move on after the emotional episode. How would you handle a similar situation? Would you get back at your partner for betraying you, or would you move on without turning back?


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