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Man Mocks Woman for Damaging His Car, Sees Her with His Wife in Ambulance the Next Day — Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Apr 17, 2022
12:00 P.M.
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A misogynistic man lashes out at a woman in a parking lot for damaging his car and calls her "stupid." The next day, the tables are turned when he sees her beside his wife in an ambulance.


Whether William acknowledged it or not, he had a God complex, which made things a million times more difficult for his wife Gracie, who was a homemaker caring for their house alone.

William and Gracie have four children, so tending to them and the house can be exhausting. When she asked William for assistance, all she got was his ridicule.

"I AM THE MAN OF THIS HOUSE, GRACIE!" he sneered every time. "Looking after the kids and doing dishes is NOT MY JOB. So you should stop whining and get back to work!"

William lashed out at a woman for damaging his car. | Source: Flickr/Rutger van der Maar


But the thing was, he wouldn't stop here. According to William, if something went wrong, there was just one culprit, and that was poor Gracie. 

If there were unattended dirty dishes in the sink that needed to be cleaned, it was Gracie's fault. If their children's toys were strewn about the living room, it was again Gracie's fault. If there was too much salt in the food by accident, Gracie was to blame once again. And if that wasn't enough, William's misogynistic taunts about women being stupider, dumber, and weaker came like adding salt to one's burns.

If it hadn't been for her children, Gracie would have divorced him long ago for his ridiculous attitude. But she didn't want her family to fall apart, so she handled everything as if it were nothing. And one day, finally, William came to regret his actions when he crossed paths with a woman named Miranda Carter…


William was on his way to Subway for lunch that day, about to park his car when he noticed a woman approaching the spot he'd chosen. She was there before William, but his God complex couldn't accept the fact that a woman would park in the spot he had "chosen." So he accelerated his break to get to the spot ahead of her, which he did, but in the process, the woman couldn't apply her brakes in time and ended up rear-ending him.

Gracie was a homemaker tired of looking after the house all alone. | Source: Pexels


William jumped out of his car, enraged, and began yelling at her. "Are you serious? Stay at home if you don't know how to drive, stupid woman!"

"Excuse me?" retorted the woman. "We both know what just happened! You were the one who was rushing, which is why I didn't notice your car! So calm down, and it would be better if you apologized!"

"Apologize?" William laughed. "Hello! You know what, you should be home taking care of your children and husband, not out on the road like this! I will make sure you learn your lesson! I'm calling the police right now!"

"What, but—"


After making a scene, William called the cops, and the woman was issued a parking ticket because his car was indeed damaged.

William lashed out at Miranda when it wasn't even her fault. | Source: Pexels


William was overjoyed that he had the upper hand in the situation and couldn't stop smiling. "Miranda Carter!" he quipped as the cops walked away. "I heard the cops call you by that name! I'll let you in on a little piece of advice. Never, ever think you can win against a man! I hope that makes sense!" he said and walked away to the restaurant.

That night at home, he couldn't stop bragging to Gracie about how he'd taught a "rude" woman a lesson. He had no idea he'd be running into Miranda again!

The next day, William was at work when he received a call from his teen daughter, informing him that Gracie had been rushed to the hospital after fainting in a grocery store.


William dropped everything and dashed to the hospital. Luckily, it was close to his workplace, so he was there before the ambulance arrived with Gracie. As he got out of the car, though, he got the shock of his life when he saw Miranda seated beside Gracie in the ambulance and later assisting an orderly in pushing her stretcher inside the hospital.

"You! What are you doing here?" he whispered angrily.

"I was just—"

"I ASKED WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" he grumbled, louder this time. "What did you do to my wife?"

Miranda was taken to the hospital because she fainted. | Source: Pexels


"Your wife?" Miranda sighed. "No wonder she's in this condition! You better listen to what the doctors have to say."

"Just shut up! I know you did something to her. Is this revenge for what happened yesterday, uh?"

Before Miranda could say anything, a doctor grabbed William's arm. "I'd appreciate it if you could keep your voice down, sir. It's a hospital! Your wife, by the way, had a heart attack, so we admitted her right away. Please complete the paperwork at the reception. Also, I don't like eavesdropping on other people's conversations, but you should be grateful to her for bringing your wife here. We heard from one of our orderlies that she assisted your wife!"


William looked at the doctor and then at Miranda helplessly. "A heart attack? What do you mean?"

"It happened because your wife has been really stressed about something. A typical case of fatigue and anxiety. Just hope she regains consciousness soon!"

A doctor informed William that Gracie had suffered a heart attack. | Source: Pexels


William was filled with guilt. He knew Miranda had assisted Gracie, but he lashed out at her instead of thanking her. He also realized Gracie was in this state because of how tirelessly and hard she had to work to ensure everything was perfect for him and the kids!

That night at home, he realized how ridiculous he'd been all along, and he resolved to make things right. He applied for a leave of absence to care for the kids while Gracie was in the hospital, but he realized it wasn't going to be easy.

The children complained about having burnt toast for breakfast and unpressed uniforms for school. Evenings were ruined by uncooked vegetables and salty soups, and William realized how difficult a homemaker's job was – it was unpaid and the most stressful thing he'd ever done. He realized he shouldn't have been so demanding and begged on his knees for Gracie's forgiveness. 


Fortunately, Miranda arrived with a bouquet of flowers for Gracie that day while he was by her bedside. William apologized to her as well. But unlike Gracie, she didn't let him off the hook so quickly.

William apologized to Gracie. | Source: Pexels


"Don't be sorry, William! Be better! The way you look down on women is pathetic! Prove that you've learned the lesson. Take care of your wife and love her!"

William was embarrassed. "I will, Miranda. I am really sorry about the whole thing. You know what, let me make it up to both of you ladies. How about dinner at our house when Gracie's back home? She's getting discharged this weekend! I promise I'll be cooking and making all of the arrangements! "Here," he said, handing her his address and phone number. "I'm hoping you won't—"

"Well, I'll see. I was just here to see Gracie. Goodbye!" she left without a proper reply to William. But on Sunday evening, she arrived at their house with a bottle of wine at 7 p.m. sharp. "I hope I'm not late," she teased William. "I thought it would be better to surprise you."


"Ah well," William looked around the kitchen. "I wasn't prepared, but it's okay, come on in."

William decided to cook for everyone and failed terribly. | Source: Pexels

That night, William had to prepare dinner for everyone by himself while Gracie and Miranda watched a movie and sipped wine. The dinner was, as expected, a disaster, and Gracie and Miranda didn't hesitate to pull William's leg about how badly he'd done his job. They ended up ordering pizza for dinner.


From that day on, though, Gracie and Miranda became best friends, and they enjoyed the fun of dropping the bomb on William by going on shopping sprees, lunches, and to the movies while leaving him behind to care for the children.

Meanwhile, William had become a much better man, helping Gracie around the house after realizing how hard her job is. Miranda did an excellent job of teaching him a lesson, and William would never again look down on women.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Gender stereotypes must be eliminated. William realized that a woman's job is just as hard as a man's and even harder, and he was wrong to judge women according to a stereotype. 
  • Make amends before it's too late. If Gracie's workload had not been reduced, its consequences could have been far worse. William realized he was wrong and began helping her regularly.
  • You never know who might end up helping you; be kind to everyone. It turns out the woman William mocked and looked down upon, was the same woman who would help his wife.

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