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In Front of Husband during Easter Dinner, Woman Calls Mother-In-Law a ‘Burden’ on Her Marriage

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 17, 2022
03:40 A.M.
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The woman wanted to confess her feelings to her mother-in-law but didn't know how to do it. She thought Easter dinner was the best opportunity for it, so she told her that she was a "burden" on her marriage. 


Her mother-in-law's eyes widened after hearing those words because she had never expected the woman to talk to her like that. 

The Redditor shared that her husband was also present at the dinner table when she told the woman how her behavior was straining their marriage.

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Redditor regretfortwo wrote a detailed post about her mother-in-law in the "JUSTNOMIL" forum, explaining what happened at the dinner table on Easter.

Her mother-in-law loved spending holidays with them and disliked it when they invited other people to their house. She craved undivided attention from OP (Original Poster) and her husband.

They invited her for dinner on Easter and planned to confess their feelings to her. However, they had no idea how strange her reaction would be. 

OP's mother-in-law loved spending time with the couple. | Source: Pexels


As they sat at the dinner table, the woman realized how awkward the dinner would be. They ate in silence while her mother-in-law kept smiling and looking at them.

Her mother-in-law's eyes widened, and tears trickled down her cheeks as she asked why they wanted her to move out. 

She revealed everything was going fine until she served the dessert. That's when her mother-in-law said that she had a great time and advised them to host such intimate dinners more often because she loved spending time with them. 

She invited her mother-in-law for Easter dinner. | Source: Unsplash


In truth, the couple didn't like spending time with her, and they had decided to confess their feelings after the holidays. They didn't have a plan for what they would do if she brought up the topic herself.

After hearing her mother-in-law's suggestion, OP looked at her husband and saw his horrified expression. She could tell he was panicking and wanted her to handle the situation.

Following a deep breath, OP let out all of her feelings. She told her mother-in-law that they couldn't host her anymore and would love to find her another place to stay. 

"We will help you move out after we find a good place for you to stay," she said with a smile on her face.


She told her mother-in-law that they didn't want her to stay with them. | Source: Unsplash

Her mother-in-law's eyes widened, and tears trickled down her cheeks as she asked why they wanted her to move out. 


OP explained that her family had stayed with them for two weeks and it created many misunderstandings and problems. Her mother-in-law wanted to stay for more than six weeks, and she was not ready for the issues that would follow.

"That's not a burden on my marriage I am willing to undertake," she said

She took a deep breath and told her mother-in-law her true feelings. | Source: Unsplash


Her mother-in-law started wailing after hearing her words. Her tears smudged her mascara below her eyes while she expressed her disappointment. She said she had never thought OP would think she was a burden on her marriage. 

Since she only blamed OP for everything and kept her son out of it, OP was angry. Her husband also kept quiet the entire time, making her look like the bad guy.

OP remembered all the times her mother-in-law had interfered in their life. She came to their honeymoon unannounced and walked into their room several times while they were getting intimate. They even opted to elope instead of hosting a wedding ceremony because of her nosey nature. 


They got married secretly. | Source: Unsplash

"To be honest, you're already a burden on my marriage," OP finally blurted

Those words broke her mother-in-law's heart, and she started to cry like a baby, screaming in between three consecutive sobs. OP thought she was only trying to make as much noise as possible to show that she was hurt. 


Meanwhile, the couple looked at her in disbelief because they didn't expect her to react like this. Then she interrupted her wailing mother-in-law, saying she always cried whenever she wanted to manipulate others.

Her mother-in-law started crying at the table. | Source: Unsplash


The older woman immediately stopped crying and stood up from the chair. She told OP she was leaving and would cry at home because no one would tell her there that she "was a bad person for being upset."

OP and her husband were shocked to see her stop crying within a few seconds. It made them believe it was all an act. 

An hour later, she sent a message to OP's husband, asking her which side he was on. He told her he was ready to help her move out, but she told him not to bother. 

The man received a message from his mother. | Source: Unsplash


The following day, OP received a message from her mother-in-law, telling her she was ready to move out,  adding:

"I won't miss having to choke down your disgusting food. Do us all a favor and stop making that lemon cheesecake, everyone hates it."

OP revealed that her husband loved the lemon cheesecake and everyone else always requested her to make it. On the other hand, her mother-in-law never liked anything that she cooked.

Her mother-in-law disliked the cheesecake she made. | Source: Unsplash


Following the incident, OP and her husband decided to see a couple's counselor to process everything that happened. OP also posted her story on Reddit to tell others about her mother-in-law's strange behavior. 

"Good for you for putting a stop to her emotional abuse. Your husband has dealt with it his entire life and probably needed someone to show him how she uses guilt to get her way!" Redditor notknees reacted.

Meanwhile, Redditor UnihornWhale said going for therapy was a good idea because it would help OP and her husband. The user also warned OP that her mother-in-law might badmouth her in front of other relatives. 


Other Redditors were shocked at OP's mother-in-law's food preferences. Some people also asked her for the cheesecake recipe, and she updated her post with it. 

She posted her story on Reddit to tell others about her mother-in-law. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP was mean to her mother-in-law?

In the heat of the moment, OP blurted out exactly what she felt, telling her mother-in-law she was a burden on her marriage. This hurt her mother-in-law who started to cry. Do you think OP's actions were mean? How would you have handled the situation if you were OP?

Do you think her husband should have expressed his opinions too?

During the initial conversation, OP's husband was silent. She thought he made her look bad in front of his mother-in-law by not speaking up. Do you think he should have talked to his mother instead of making his wife do it?

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